The Witcher Season 2 Coming To Netflix This December

The first season of the Witcher was a hit with fans and a huge success for Netflix. And it was obvious that a second season would be in the works. Well, Netflix has finally released a teaser trailer for the new season. Showing its release date to be at the end of the year at […]Read More

Wonder Egg Priority And Its Disappointing Special

Wonder Egg Priority started in early 2021. Starting off with its first episode on the 13th of January. It became a darling of the anime community. Focusing on issues of youth and mental health made it the talk of the town. And its animation and music were nothing to laugh at either. With so much […]Read More

Tokyo Revengers And The Hinata Problem

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Starting in March of 2017 it was serialized by Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine. And with its success in the manga industry, it was ultimately given a tv series adaptation. The tv adaptation is being done by Liden Films. And not only a […]Read More

Valorant: Devs Say Killjoy Is Still Quite A Stong Agent

When Killjoy first appeared in Valorant, she hit the future earth with a boom. Everyone loved Killjoy because of her personality and neon aesthetics. At the same time, players were also annoyed by her seemingly overpowered kit. After her first appearance in the scene, she has been nerfed down quite a bit. Players who main […]Read More

Apex Legends: A New Glitch Is Causing Reverse Kills

Like every other big multiplayer franchise, Apex Legends is no short of bugs and glitches. We see these bugs and glitches often in multiplayer games. These bugs can be funny and entertaining as well as annoying to the point that you would want to quit the game. For instance, You have brought the enemy down […]Read More

PUBG: Unlocking Son Heung-min Cosmetics & Skin

For grabbing the attention of players, collaborations between franchises and famous personalities are becoming a thing in the gaming industry. The popularity of these collaborations is increasing day by day in fans. Recently, Warzone added Rambo and Die-hard skins. Fortnite is having a collaboration with Neymar Jr. to make an appearance. This tells us how […]Read More

Warzone: Latest XM4 Buffs Make It Even More Deadly

Call of Duty: Warzone is thriving as the days are passing by. Its player base is ascending on daily basis and the community is getting bigger. With this increasing hype, it receives consistent patch updates to keep the game balanced and make it the best experience for players. On July 2nd, Warzone received a new […]Read More

Odd Taxi The Anime You Didn’t Watch But Should

Odd taxi just ended this week. And with a small 13 episode long season it seems unlikely to have another season coming out. Odd taxi is a crime thriller anime that began on the 6th of April and ended on the 29th of June with its 13th episode. In a world filled with anthropomorphic animals […]Read More

Apex Legends: Rumors Of An Unreleased Legend

Apex Legends is currently in season 9 and we have got a hint regarding an upcoming legend. Recently, a new patch went live along with the Genisis collection event in Apex Legends. This event also introduced the revenant heirloom. They restored the King’s Canyon and World’s edge for this event and Apex players who have […]Read More