Dragon’s Dogma 2 An Unsettling Encounter Walkthrough

An Unsettling Encounter Dragon's Dogma 2 Walkthrough
An Unsettling Encounter Dragon's Dogma 2 Walkthrough

An Unsettling Encounter is a pretty short main quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 located in Vernworth. The quest will be unlocked after you have finished Disa’s Plot quest.

As you escape the castle after finding intel on the queen, it seems you have to return as per the orders of Captain Brant to find information regarding the Minister. Captain Brant suspects that a deal is being worked on with Battahl without consideration of its effects on the people of Vernworth.

How to Start the Quest

Wait till night and head to The Stardrop Inn in Vernworth. Talk to Captain Brant who will be inside the inn already. Brant explains that a spy of his saw a suspicious package being delivered to Allard who is The Minister. Brant suspects that the package has some linkage to Disa’s schemes so he wants you to search Allard’s chamber for it. After the conversation ends, you can accept the An Unsettling Encounter quest.

An Unsettling Encounter Walkthrough

Note: Stay out of sight of the guards and if a guard notices you, try to run away instead of spending time fighting them.

Sonia – An Unsettling Encounter
  • Head to the Vernworth castle and just as you enter it, a guard named Sonia will call you and ask you to follow her. Follow Sonia to The Guardhouse from where you will need to proceed alone.
  • Enter The Guardhouse and go to your right to enter the hallway. On the opposite end, you’ll notice an entrance and if you go through it, then you will find stairs leading up to the second floor where you need to be.
  • As you reach the top, go right and after a few steps, a cutscene will ensue. In the cutscene, a guard asks Allard to go to the regentkin as he has summoned Allard. Allard ponders why the regentkin is calling Allard at this time and after badmouthing him, Allard tells the guard to ask Wilhelmina to await Allard in his chambers if she calls.
  • After the cutscene ends, wait for Allard and the guard to leave the room. Enter his chambers immediately after and search it. Do not waste your time looking through the whole room as there is nothing of interest in the room itself, except a secret door on the left wall. Enter the secret room through the door and find the Battahli-Crested Letter.
The Battahli-Crested Letter – An Unsettling Encounter
  • As you exit the secret room, another cutscene will start which shows Sven unsuccessfully trying to to delay Allard’s return to his chambers. To not be caught, you will have to jump through the windows and into the Vernworth Palace Courtyard.
  • Now you need to return to Captain Brant and deliver the letter. However, as you head back, another cutscene will start in which you encounter Wilhelmina. Yes, the same character that Allard discussed with his guard. Before the conversation can further continue, it will be disrupted by a guard who Wilhelmina will stall and send away so that you do not get caught
  • As you leave her, you will be rewarded with a Myrmecoleon Card. Now just head outside the castle and back to the tavern to deliver the letter. You can go the same way that Sonia brought you through, to make things easier.
Wilhelmina – An Unsettling Encounter

You will be rewarded with 5500 Gold, 1200 XP, and a Ring of Accrual for completing the quest.

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