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Rafi Ahmed

Lists Contributor

Retro(and modern) gamer, proud comic geek, anime connoisseur, and opinionated peach without a filter. I’m bringing you hot takes, recommendations, and what-if fantasy scenarios and championing the gamer cause against corporate greed. You’re welcome!

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali


An individual whose gaming and social preferences are fueled by nostalgia. Giving most of his time to Game Boy Advance titles where it all started for him, his proficiency lies in anything coming from innovation and departure from the norms that directly surmount to just plain old fun. Anything related to Nintendo or Pokémon is enough motivation for him to put his English graduate skills to good use.

Naseer Abbas

Naseer Abbas

Editor – Guides

Naseer is a modern-day Ted in a human skin who relishes in making games easier to play for others while making real life harder for peers to partake in the great social experiment.


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    Rahim is a Tech/Commerce Writer who builds PCs & networking solutions on demand. Whether It's your GPU, CPU, Display, or just an SSD upgrade, expect him to have a well-researched opinion on offer. When he's not helping with tech hardware or writing about it, you can find him playing the latest single-player titles or toying around with Unreal Engine with friends. Interests: PC Hardware, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Game Development, The Witcher (not necessarily in that order)

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