Nemestice; DOTA 2’s New Heavily Controversial Battlepass

Not so abnormal is the regular revenue generation from one of the biggest companies in the videogame industry. Valve today released a new event for their popular title DOTA 2 named ‘Nemestice’, but the real twist alongside it was a brand new Battlepass that normally withheld the few previous months of The International. Since this […]Read More

Apex Legends: Devs Do Not Want To Change Valkyrie For

When season 9 of Apex Legends was about to release, there were a lot of rumors and stories about the new upcoming legend regarding name and abilities. Players had different thoughts on what the legend will be like and the skillset of the particular legend. Respawn launched Valkyrie at the start of season 9: Legacy, […]Read More

Apex Legends: Seer Is Far Different Than Bloodhound

There were a lot of rumors about a new legend joining the Apex Legends. Fans kept guessing for a long time before the official confirmation. Respawn has confirmed recently that there is going to be a new legend in season 10. With the confirmation of the new legend, the devs have also started to confirm […]Read More

Apex Legends: Top Rank Player Exposed

Online gaming is a lot of fun and players enjoy spending multiple hours on games like Apex Legends. Players test their skills by playing ranked and try to get good by playing more and more. But some do not want to do all the hard work as other honest players do and they cheat to […]Read More

Valorant: Riot Promises More Content

Riot recently released episode 3 of Valorant and with that, they launched Agent KAY/O. This was fresh new content for players and they were excited. Fans were waiting impatiently for the new agent with news additions and changes that were gonna come along with the agent. Now, these are the only moments and events in-game […]Read More

Apex Legends: Response To Seer Being Overpowered

Apex Legends season 9: Legacy is about to end and the new season: Emergence is almost here. This season is a very special installment to apex legends. The devs are really looking to shake things up with the release of this season. This season has a lot of new and unique stuff. players are definitely […]Read More

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Coming In December

The Jujutsu Kaisen anime series began on the 3rd of October of last year. And ended on the 27th of March of this year and with Studio Mappa giving it their all for this series, ending on such a high note with endless possibilities. With the series garnering a huge amount of fans by the […]Read More

Sonny Boy And The Return Of Studio Madhouse

Studio Madhouse has been flying under the radar for some time. And while it has always been known to anime fans as a legendary studio. Producing some of the most memorable anime of all time like Hunter X Hunter andOne Punch Man. But in the past few years, Studio Madhouse has been going under the […]Read More

The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf is Coming In August

As fans of the Witcher series are ecstatic to learn that the second season will be coming in mid-December. But fans will also be glad to know that the second season is not the only Witcher content coming out. The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf is an animated movie coming to Netflix on the 23rd […]Read More