100 Of The Most Iconic Video Game Soundtracks (60-41)

Howdy, fellow gamin’ music connoisseurs, are y’all ready for part 3 of our list of 100 of the most iconic video game soundtracks? We’re in the smack dab middle of our rankin’ and today it’s all ’bout figurin’ out which ones fit here. It was a tough call, but we can safely say our picks that make up the numbers have incredibly immersive, downright eargasmic tunes.

Bet y’all weren’t expectin’ that lingo, eh? But, what can we say, we’re different, like that. They’re all great tracks today; straight out of a diverse bunch of genres like the greatest action games of all time, or the best action-adventure games from the PS1 era. The point is, it’s a healthy mix, to keep y’all guessing.

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Which Video Game Soundtracks Have The Most Iconic Vibes Worthy Of Being In The Top 100?

We’re not beatin’ ’round the bush here, folks. Let’s kick off our party straight away. Finally, we’ll reveal our picks for the 100 of the most iconic video game soundtracks from 60-41. It’s an excitin’ time to be alive, oh, and we’re includin’ modern and retro hits, too. Now, you’ll never know which ones we got heh… Here we go!


GTA San Andreas – Main Theme Is Catchy, Heads-Bob Worthy, And Iconic

GTA San Andreas is one of the most iconic video game soundtracks.

GTA has many licensed iconic video game soundtracks throughout the years. However, the main music track synonymous with GTA San Andreas is perhaps our favorite of all time. Why? Well, that’s ‘cause it embodies the nature of the game’s thematic setting. It’s got a fun loop, too, that’ll have you involuntarily bobbin’ your head to it.

Another thing to note is that the visuals slowly depict a few central figures in the game, while some don’t appear. It’s a neat little touch that only makes us curious ‘bout learnin’ more what else is in the game. Rockstar is known for hidin’ several easter eggs in their games.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Air Buster Is One Of The Best Modern And Iconic Video Game Soundtracks Ever

Final Fantasy VII Remake has several iconic video game soundtracks.

The ‘Air Buster’ Theme in Final Fantasy VII Remake gets you like a jumpscare which turns into an epic showdown. It’s one of those iconic video game soundtracks from today’s era that trumps the nostalgia factor of the original. Like seriously, the fight in the original felt like, okay, yeah, this might help us learn ‘bout the game and all, so it should be relatively easy.

And yet, when the Final Fantasy VII Remake brings this fight, phew wee~ is that encounter intense! Seriously, most of it has to do with the visuals, specifically its intimidatin’ design. But then the Air Buster theme kicks in, and you’ll be goin’ dang in! Now, let’s kick its tin hide! Such is the power of this theme.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) – The Main Theme Just Exemplifies Spidey’s Heroic Roots

Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) Main Theme is one of the most iconic video game soundtracks.

Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) knocks it out of the park by perfectly selecting the main theme for Spidey. The heroic tune is such a wonderful melody that shows off Peter Parker’s selfless nature. The musical score inspires and captures the vibe of the game, that no matter how much he’s down on his (Parker) luck, he can’t afford to stay down.

The lives of his loved ones, and the general public at large are dependin’ on him risin’ to the occasion. Plus, nothin’ beats the thrill of swinging through the skyscrapers of New York while listenin’ to Spidey’s main theme. Some people think it’s repetitive, we never felt this way, actually.


Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows – Act 2 Song 3 Just Gives A Dark Edge To Spidey

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows has some of the most iconic video game soundtracks.

The Act 2 Song 3 song in Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows just exemplifies how Spidey’s dark turn would feel like the sense of a musical score. Similar to how Insomniac nailed the heroic iconic video game soundtracks in their game, Activision brilliantly do the same for Spidey’s dark and downright spooky story in Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows.

Sorry fanboys, but not sorry. As much as we love Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in our review, it fails to do the threat of the symbiote justice. Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows, though? Yeah, it’s dark, mature, and really is perhaps one of the most original depictions of his arch-nemesis, Venom. The theme for when Spidey goes dark is full-on edge-lord.

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Street Fighter II Guile’s Theme Is Timeless, Prideful, And Absolutely One Of The Most Iconic Video Game Soundtracks

Street Fighter II - Guiles' Theme is one of the most iconic in the history of video game soundtracks.

Street Fighter II Guile’s Theme is the best comeback theme in the history of the Street Fighter franchise. No joke, almost every theme is retro and iconic, but Guile’s theme just eclipses others to be the jump ahead of the other soundtracks in the game. You see the military base in the background, and it almost gives off a Top-Gun vibe.

Whenever you’re in a tense match, and you hear this theme, it’s like you found your second wind. The button-mashin’ adrenaline rush this piece of music delivers will have you hooked from the start. Truly, if you’re a long-time Street Fighter fan, you’ll see that this theme is the stuff of legends.


Chrono Cross – Prisoners Of Fate Is One Of The Most Emotional Beats In All Of Fiction, Not Just Video Games

Chrono Cross has several iconic video game soundtracks.

Chrono Cross might be the underrated cousin of Chrono Trigger but believe us, the Prisoners Of Fate soundtrack is next-level epic. The sheer emotion drippin’ from the melody is gonna make you lost in deep contemplation. There are no other video game soundtracks that’re as captivatin’ and iconic as this one, folks. The sorrow, the pain, and tragedy behind the music make it even more depressin’.

But that’s why Chrono Cross’s ‘Prisoners Of Fate’ theme is such a unique gem. The game deserves more love and appreciation. It is often overlooked by its more popular cousin, the ever-green and beloved Chrono Trigger. They’re not directly related, but rather Chrono Cross is a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger.

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Final Fantasy VIII – The Man With The Machine Gun Theme Perfectly Captures The Badassery

Final Fantasy VII has plenty of iconic video game soundtracks.

Look, Final Fantasy games have some of the most iconic video game soundtracks in the history of video games. With Final Fantasy VIII – The Man With The Machine Gun is that track. Seriously, business picks up in the game whenever this beat kicks in, and you know it’s gonna be epic. Seriously, it’s not even the main character, that this theme belongs, to, but it just resonates with us so well.

Players will get an extra kick out of Final Fantasy VIII when they see the guy that this theme belongs to. It’s literally as its namesake, the titular main with the machine gun, and his design is awesome. The pure badassery and cool factor just turn you into a fanboy.


Dark Souls 2 – Majula’s Theme – One Of The Most Iconic And Soul Soothing Video Game Soundtracks

Dark Souls II - Majula's Theme is one of the mos iconic vidoe game soundtracks ever.

Say what you will ‘bout the Dark Souls series, they sure know how to pick music to set the tone and atmosphere. With Dark Souls 2 bein’ the black sheep of the series, it’s fittin’ that it have the best and most relaxin’ theme out of the trilogy. We’re talkin’ ‘bout Dark Souls 2’s Majula theme. It is such an anomaly, too. A place of peace, whereas before and after it, you have deathly traps and enemies everywhere.

Perhaps it is Dark Souls II tryin’ to lull us into a false sense of security, but really, it’s not. Majulla is a place with iconic imagery, and we could talk ‘bout it for hours, but the music is the absolute highlight. It shows us the weariness and invites us to just sit and watch the scenery.


Suikoden II – Her Sigh Theme Will Blow Your Mind With Its Perfection

Suikoden II.

If you wanna pick one track to calm your mind before goin’ to sleep, Suikoden II has loads of them. But Suikoden II’s ‘Her Sigh’ is gonna ram you with its majestic score and enthral you until you finally doze off. The pure chill and awe you feel when this one kicks in, well, it’s just a euphoria. We could listen to this one for hours and still not feel like that’s too much, it’s that great.

The fantasy vibes with a touch of Nordic origins flavor make this one such a powerful piece of music. It’s also undoubtedly one of the most iconic video game soundtracks ever made. There is a sadness in the game that oozes to the surface with the ‘Her Sigh’ theme in Suikoden II. Honestly, this is one of the best JRPGS of all time to lose yourself in.


Okami – Sun Rises – One Of The Most Energetic, Japanese Flavored, And Iconic Video Game Soundtracks

Okami - Sun Rises theme.

Okami is a wonder in itself, but its soundtrack, Sun Rises, is gonna really lay into you and you’ll be a fan by the end. The concept of Okami is just genius, and it shouldn’t be a surprise, really. Considerin’ the man behind it is Hidetaki Kamiya, one of the legendary Japanese video game creators, ever. But really, Okami also easily holds several iconic video game soundtracks, too.

The Sun Rises theme in particular just creates a wave of energy that washes over you. It reinvigorates your interest in the game if it ever waned in the first place. Plus, admit it, obliteratin’ fools with Okami’s powers while Sun Rises theme plays in the background is absolutely dope as hell. 


Castlevania Symphony Of The Night – Bloody Tears – Best Track That Defines The Entire Series

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night - Bloody Tears theme.

If there’s one theme, y’all can count on to showcase the awesomeness of Castlevania games, which one would you pick? It’s ‘Bloody Tears’ from Castlevania Symphony Of The Night for us. Not only is Bloody Tears one of, if not, the most iconic video game soundtracks from the series, but it kick-ass, too. It just empowers the players to venture out into the punishin’ nightmarish abode of Dracula’s castle and slaughter the night creatures.

The powerful score captures the high of overcomin’ a powerful foe. There have been other soundtracks in Castlevania, before, but Bloody Tears just blows them outta the water. Its timeless appeal always makes it a popular and fan-favorite choice. And ya’ know, what? We totally agree with that sentiment, ‘cause we love it, too.


Stellar Blade – Eidos 7 City Theme – One Of The Best Vocal To Instrumental Video Game Soundtracks

Stellar Blade - Eidos 7 City Theme,

No, really, we didn’t expect to include this one, either. But what can y’all do when Stellar Blade’s reviews are beyond stellar… hehe… anyway, its soundtrack is dope-as-hell, too. Specifically, the Eidos 7 City Theme in Stellar Blade is practically ingrained in our minds, now. It’s the one you hear when you explore the city’s ruins, and the vocals just add to the mystique and engross you.

Stellar Blade was already a hype beast before comin’ out. Once you break down the individual aspects of the game, the musical soundtracks are absolute highlights and some of the most iconic in video games, too. Hell, there’s even a K-Pop beat, too, but the Eidos 7 theme is a different beast entirely.


God Of War (2018) – Ashes – Kratos’ Growth And Inner Peace Is Profound In This One

God Of War (2018), Ashes theme.

Whether you prefer the classic games or the new iteration, there’s no denyin’ people love the character of Kratos. He’s the God Of War, the badass spartan who eliminates Pantheons. Yet, the theme we’re goin’ with that best captures his newfound peace is ‘Ashes’ from God Of War (2018). It is perfect! We see Kratos strugglin’ to hold onto the feeling that helped him evolve as a person.

Yet, when you see what he’s gained, the new life he has, lettin’ go becomes easier. The vocals that kick in as Ashes is playing, enhance the emotional impact for Kratos and his new ‘son’. Everythin’ from the presentation to the musical score is perfection. That’s why Ashes is one of the most iconic video game soundtracks ever!


Gears Of War 2 – Armored Prayer Is The Epitome Of The Gears Series Because It Fits The War Element Sublimely

Gears Of War 2 - Armored Prayer theme.

Gears Of War 2 is definitely the peak of the series that we fans never got again. At least we have the OG game and its iconic soundtracks with iconic beats like ‘Armored Prayer’ from Gears Of War 2 to reminisce ‘bout. Seriously, though, the imagery, the seriousness of war, and the powerful character moments in Gears Of War 2 are spectacular.

The moment when we hear Armored Prayer in Gears Of War 2, is the part where the true enjoyment of the story kicks in. There is humanity’s struggle just to survive, but now, is the time to fight back. This is the time to fight back, and it just gives us chills. Gears Of War 2 collection needs to happen yesterday, Microsoft, along with other Xbox exclusives that deserve remakes.

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Bloodborne – Lady Maria Theme Is One Of The Most Intense And Iconic Video Game Soundtracks That’s Like A Dance

Bloodborne - Lady Maria's theme.

Oh, boy, the battle of the iconic video game soundtrack exclusives now, eh? We got a PS4 modern masterpiece in Bloodborne, and its theme, ‘Lady Maria’, is just the most mesmerizing track ever. Seriously, it is a dance, startin’ off slow and risin’ in intensity, first, it feels almost awe-inspirin’ and graceful, fittin’ for Lady Maria in Bloodborne. But then, as you manage to survive by the skin of your teeth, well… let’s just say, the lady drops the ladylike mannerism.

The fight and the correspondin’ music becomes unhinged and chaotic. The vocals haunting;y smooth tune shifts to a more sinister and loud ambiance. It is just the perfect depiction of the character we’re fightin’. Her stance and abilities morph into somethin’ she herself despises, too. Powerful stuff, we tell ya~


Sunset Overdrive – This Is The End Is Gonna Pump You Full Of Adrenaline It’s That Great

Sunset Overdrive - This is the end theme.

Sunset Overdrive is one of the most criminally underrated Xbox exclusives of all time. It’s right up there in the fun factor as today’s modern hits. It’s also why Sunset Overdrive is part of our 8 recommendations for players lookin’ for games like Helldivers 2. We love everything ‘bout Sunset Overdrive, from the gameplay, the humor, and the 4th wall breaking. But the best part without question of Sunset Overdrive was its iconic video game soundtracks. The one that resonates the best with us is Sunset Overdrive’s ‘This Is The End’

This game is pure non-stop fun, and laughs, with a very Tony Hawk-esque vibe and even the music is like that too. The ‘This Is The End’ track just jettisons the tension and raises the fun to new heights. You know exactly what you’re in for when you hear the lyrics, and they match with the entirety of the vibe of Sunset Overdrive.


Batman: Arkham Asylum – Main Theme – Broody, Dark, Sinister, And Fits The Ambience To A Tee

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Main Theme.

Y’all know we love our Arkham games, right? THE REAL BATMAN ARKHAM TRILOGY and ORIGINS! Not the hot garbage that is gonna be Meta Quest 3 crap VR Arkham Shadow. Anyway, in the Batman Arkham video games, the soundtracks have distinct iconic tunes that set every game apart. For us, Batman Arkham Asylum’s ‘Main Theme’ captures the whole spooky, claustrophobic, horror-game-esque vibes down excellently.

You feel what’s it like to play as the Dark Knight. Batman’s indomitable spirit, how he’s unshakable in the face of adversity just makes him all the more cooler. Like, no joke, the creepy track and the sound design in Batman Arkham Asylum’s main theme give hauntingly creepy undertones. It’s just astonishin’ no game’s ever matched this.


Pepsi Man – Main Theme – Yeah, We’re Goin’ There, And It Is Nostalgia Express

Pepsi Man main theme.

Say it with us: PEPSI MAAAAAN! Sorry, not sorry. We just love our nostalgia, and Pepsi Man from the PS1 era is iconic and has great video game soundtracks. The ‘Main Theme’ of Pepsi Man gets us singin’ along every time. It seriously goes along so well with the runnin’ simulatory style gameplay. This game’s chill vibes give you that cathartic experience while also a fair amount of challenge, too.

No joke, some of the later levels take you for a ride, and test your muscle memory, too. Pepsi Man’s main theme is the one thing that you listen to throughout the playthrough, and it is honestly what keeps you goin’. We just love its bold and cringy outspoken way this theme just owns itself.


God Of War II – The Desert Of Lost Souls Is Cinematic Video Game Music At Its Finest

God Of War II - Desert Of Lost Souls Theme.

We’re gonna pick the most memorable track from God Of War 2 from the PS3 days. Yep, y’all know the one, ‘The Desert Of Lost Souls’ from God Of War II, feels like one of the best transition musical scores ever. Imagine you just got out of the underwater or underground section, then one of the majestically top-tier and iconic video game soundtracks plays. You’re left just standin’ there, takin’ it all in.

The pure scope of the level in The Desert Of Lost Souls in God Of War II is mindblowin’ even to this day. Even how you play this one, randomly goin’ everywhere in hopes of reachin’ the next checkpoint was nervewrackin’. Enemies show up and you hope to survive until you get to a save point, it was exhaustion’, but boy, howdy, was it worth it.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Akuma’s Theme – Simply Badass And Heroic, Befitting The Master Of The Fist

Ultra Street Fighter - Akuma's Theme.

Akuma from the Street Fighter series is the most iconic video game character ever, and his soundtracks throughout have been amazing, too. But ‘Akuma’s Theme’ in Super Street Fighter 4 is the best iteration so far. It balances his badass and aggressive nature with his heroic side, which not many might see or even consider a possibility for.

Akuma’s theme surprisingly has a faster pace in Super Street Fighter 4, and a sense of urgency to it. It’s like you know, you gotta finish off your opponents fast and not miss a beat. That’s actually kinda makes sense, too. Akuma’s never been ‘bout defense, more interested in flashy attacks with overwhelmin’ force. This theme just shows it best.

Final Thoughts

Welp, there ya’’ have it, folks, our third part to the iconic video game soundtracks of all time. If you’re not familiar, we’ve got parts 1 (100-81) and part 2 (80-61), too. Now, then, since we got two more to go, we’ll promise y’all the best ones are yet to come. But from the ones we’ve listed so far, how would y’all rate our selection for today? Do y’all think we’re missin’ any others that could take the ranking of the ones we’ve got? Tell us and rant away in the comments section below. We’re honestly lookin’ forward to readin’ the feedback we get from y’all.

Alrighty, that’s gonna do it for today so we’re gonna take off now. Stay tuned for part 4 and then the finale of this video game music ranking. We’ll see y’all next time, so until then, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming, everybody!

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