8 Classic Xbox-Exclusive Games That Should Get Remakes

Xbox-exclusive games that deserve remakes.

Y’all Xbox gamers are gonna love today’s list of the best Xbox-exclusive games that Microsoft should do remakes for. Yep, we’re gonna mix it up from the different Xbox eras and pick what we feel like are the best options. Some are gonna be obvious no-brainers, but others are those that didn’t get the love they should’ve. We’re championing this cause since we still believe healthy competition is the best way for us gamers.

It’s about darn time, Microsoft puts its foot down to fight back in the console gaming space. Heck, we’re dead set on the idea that Microsoft needs to turn up the aggression to win players over. So, with that in mind, we’ve got a bunch of Xbox exclusives that need the modernized bells and whistles treatment.

Which Xbox-Exclusive Games Deserve Love From Microsoft In The Form Of Remakes?

So, with Xbox barely making a dent in sales in comparison to PS5, it’s obvious something’s gotta give. A huge part of the competition’s success is thanks to games that are system sellers which Sony’s secured strategically. Case in point, Helldivers 2, a PC and PS5-only game surpassed a whopping 8 million copies. One of the sure-fire ways Microsoft can turn things around is through Xbox-exclusive games, the ones that could do well with remakes.

The question is, which classic titles are best suited for this type of undertaking? After all, games that deserve remakes like Final Fantasy VII, need clear direction. One that’s appealing to gamers, and isn’t bogged down by moronic decisions like WB Games insanely embracing the live-service model. Well, to make things easier, we’re gonna highlight 8 great games that Microsoft should consider.


Crimson Alliance – One Of The Underrated Xbox-Exclusive Games That’re Ready For Remakes

Crimson Alliance is one of the best Xbox-exclusive games that are ready for remakes.

Kicking off our list of dope classic Xbox-exclusive games that we wanna see remakes for is Crimson Alliance. If you’re not aware of it, we forgive you, it’s a little indie gem from back in the day from Xbox Live Arcade. Anyway, if you’re into top-down co-op action with hack-and-slash-style fun gameplay, you’ll love this one. The story ain’t winning any awards, though, so don’t go in expecting a captivating narrative, it’s not. But Crimson Alliance makes up for that with awesome game design and incredible polish.

Crimson Alliance is more of an action dungeon crawler with fantastic co-op implementation, but it’s not an RPG. That might seem like a downgrade to many, but trust us, it works out really well for Crimson Alliance. You get three characters to choose from, and you get one for free but gotta pay for the other two and additional levels. A scummy move, we know, maybe don’t do that Microsoft when you make remakes of Xbox-exclusive games. That’d be great. Back to the game mechanics, Crimson Alliance is gonna hook you with its trio of protagonists with distinct playstyles.

You get the traditional close range tank and heavy hitter, the spellcaster who shoots powerful magic but is a glass canon. However our favorite is the Assassin Lady who mixes both of those up, and her stun-lock ability is hella fun to use. The use of the environmental throwables is a neat little touch, too. This gives a strategic element into how you with enemies. Oh, and you don’t level up, you find better gear and improve your equipment using gold. Crimson Alliance is at its most fun when you’re with a buddy in co-op mode. It’s one of the prime Xbox-exclusive games that’re ready for remakes.


D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Bizarre, Spooky, Absolutely Bonkers, And Fun

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is one of the surreal Xbox-exclusive games that deserve remakes.

Are y’all looking for Xbox-exclusive games with quirky antics and wanna see what their remakes would do to top the original? Well, we’ve got one such gem for you, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. This marvelously bamboozling, and utterly over-the-top game makes much more sense because of its creator. His name’s Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as SWERY, and his resume is all about the outlandish games. So, what does D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die offers? Well, it’s a murder mystery with time-travel and anime-style style characters who’ll leave you speechless.

The protagonist is a private eye, he’s suffering from amnesia due to the trauma of his wife’s murder. Slowly, players get the ability to unlock pieces of their memory by going into the past and figuring out who the murderer was. Look, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die was a game that relied on the gimmick of the Xbox Kinect. Yes, yes, we know, it was a dark time, indeed, but once again Microsoft, ya listening? Maybe don’t force something that people don’t want, capeesh? We can do without the motion sensor element of the gameplay.

What’s really satisfying with D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is the storytelling structure and character interactions. You literally do the whole Telltale routine of exploring the environment but done in a much quirkier way. The surprises that D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die throws at you will leave you laughing and stunned. There’s a wacky dark comedy with sinister undertones that gel so well. Too bad the story ended on a cliff-hanger, maybe if Microsoft resurrects it, that can change. So, this is one of those Xbox-exclusive games we badly want Microsoft to consider for remakes.

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Conker Live & Reloaded – Third Time’s The Charm!

Conker Live & Reloaded is one of the more daring Xbox-exclusive games that we want remakes for.

If the dark edge of D4 wasn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’ll prefer the dynamic squirrel with a sailor’s mouth instead. Conker Live & Reloaded was Microsoft’s attempt at the reboot of the Conker franchise after they bought Rare from Nintendo. Sure, the attempt, though, valiant, didn’t exactly please the entire fanbase, but nonetheless, we think it’s still worth pursuing. So, that’s why we believe Conker Live & Reloaded is among the prime Xbox-exclusive games that should get remakes. It’s the adult version of Ratchet if he was a squirrel, not a wombat, and he was a trigger-happy drunkard.

Conker Live & Reloaded brought something so outrageous to gaming that it stirred up a lot of attention. It was unapologetically crass and bold in its toilet humor, the language and symbolism for risque content made it stand out. But it wasn’t just shock value that Conker Live & Reloaded was going for. No, the incredible action-adventure platforming gameplay was well-thought-out with fantastic level design, too. Bit of a trivia Conker Live & Reloaded is an upscaled reboot of Nintendo’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The remake was considered mild to the original.

However, we’re willing to bet, Microsoft can really bring the thunder here. All they gotta do is bank on the remakes of the Xbox-exclusive games like Conker Live & Reloaded. Giving them another chance with a proper marketing push, and something more innovative along the lines of Psychonauts 2. That’s a winning recipe right there, folks. Microsoft can even push for an anthropomorphic mascot that way. Cause let’s face it, Master Chief ain’t gonna cut it alone; no offense to Halo fans, but it’s true. New and old IPs are needed to bolster Microsoft’s ranks.


Killer Instinct – The Fighting Game Community Is Gonna Explode With Joy If It Happens

Killer Instinct.

The Xbox brand needed diversity to attract gamers with different tastes. Gambling on a fighting game, though risky, was definitely the right call to make. Xbox-exclusive games that should get remakes might seem divisive, but none can deny Killer Instinct was awesometacular. Killer Instinct has eye-catching comic-book-esque visuals with spectacular character designs. The super unique button-mashing gameplay with combo-breaker and counter-breaker in-depth mechanics felt easy to learn. With seasonal updates, the amount of content in Killer Instinct’s current state is really impressive.

It wasn’t just the cool graphics and smooth animations that set apart Killer Instinct from other fighting games. There is a genuinely amazing roster of fighters in Killer Instinct, each with a distinct look and combat style. Every fighter’s movement, attack patterns, signature Ultra Combos, and Ultimate attacks are a spectacle. Now, imagine if all of that was on previous hardware, what a new Killer Instinct would look and play like? Mind blown, right? Now if only Microsoft got off his lazy hindquarters and took charge to make a new Killer Instinct a reality. There’s real money to be made here, if they’re willing to take some risk, here.

Seriously, the thought is just making us salivate. This would be a real game-changer and attract the fighting game community from all around the world. Let’s not pretend that fighting games are surging in popularity these days. Tekken 8’s innovative Special style, or Street Fighter’s accessibility and world-tour mode, and even Mortal Kombat 1 with its invasions are treading new ground. It’s only fair Microsoft one-ups the competition and reintroduces itself in a big way. That’s why we feel like Killer Instinct is one of the prized Xbox-exclusive games that deserve remakes.


Blue Dragon – One Of The Most Popular OG Xbox-Exclusive Games That Deserve Remake

Blue Dragon.

We just love everything Japanese devs are doing these days, and Western gaming studios can learn a thing or two. There’s one classic Xbox-exclusive title that’s more deserving of remakes than other games, Blue Dragon. This one’s just one of the most beloved OG Xbox games, doubly so, because its main artist is the late Akira Toriyami. He’s the brains behind anime classics like Chrono Trigger, and the fan-favorite Dragon Ball anime, too. So ya know the man’s work is kind of a big deal. Blue Dragon is included in the same category, too.

So while many so-called corporate mainstream reviews criticized Blue Dragon for being generic, we found it amazing. No, really, Xbox was venturing into deep waters by tapping a third-party studio with the lead, Mr. Final Fantasy himself. The use of shadows as a critical part of the plot and gameplay was bloody genius. Not only that but the exploration aspect of Blue Dragon is really superb, too. So what if it’s not reinventing the wheel? Sheesh, entitled much? Not every game has to be a genre-defining MVP of the year, ya know? We’re fine with Blue Dragon hitting all the right beats.

So, if you’re an RPG buff and you’re looking for a hidden gem to play in the genre, Blue Dragon is it. Now, with the advancement of hardware and game development, maybe it’s the perfect time to revisit Blue Dragon. Not only is Blue Dragon a popular title in Micosoft’s back catalog, but it’ll do wonders today. The Xbox-exclusive games that deserve remakes are sorely lacking on the RPG front, maybe this could kick off the new wave, too. Give the people what they want, they’ll buy your games. It’s a revolutionary concept, (sarcasm) so big-wigs, get to it, already!


Jade Empire – A Timeless Masterpiece Without Equal

Jade Empire.

Microsoft’s always had a great relationship with EA, and its popular studio Bioware. One such result of this collaboration was the masterpiece that is Jade Empire. We’re fanboys of this wonderful Xbox-exclusive title and think games like Jade Empire not getting remakes is a crime. Whether it’s the immersive soundtrack and martial art-centric story themes, or the satisfying style-based combat Jade Empire dazzles like no other. You play as one of the 7 pre-defined versions of the Spirit Monk. Each one has a distinct look, and alignment, as well as fighting style.

Every version of the Spirit Monk has different techniques and unique weapons that provide a lot of variety. Jade Empire is also an RPG that excels at delivering a wonderfully entertaining narrative with the gameplay. The side-quests have enough meat on them and variety that it never feels dull. Magical attacks that players can use with the Spirit Monk that’s compatible with it. Oh, and did we mention that in Jade Empire players have a morality system? Don’t worry, it’s not as simple as the Paragon and Renegade system, but more mature in a way. There’s the open pam and closed fist, both are relative to your Spirit Monk’s alignment.

If you thought that was it with Jade Empire, what more it could possibly offer to top it all? Well, prepare yourself for a mindblowing bomb-shell. Jade Empire also gives the option to players to romance NPCs. It’s not as refined and polished as the steamiest dating simulator romance games but it ain’t half bad either. So, now we’re seeing the jaw-dropping potential of Jadeo Empire on current-gen. It’s up there with the most beloved Xbox-exclusive games getting their due with remakes.


Battletoads – Remakes, Not Reboot The Original Xbox-Exclusive Games


Now, for our runner-up choice of Xbox-exclusive games that should get remakes, we’re going with Battletoads. Before y’all start rambling about Battletoads having its shot, we know~ but we still are pushing for it. Why, you ask? Well, it’s cause the concept and premise are such an evergreen one. Plus, it’s riffing on the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and still manages to stick out in comparison. That speaks volumes of the longevity of Battletoads. Anyway, that’s enough gushing and talk about it. So, in short, Battletoads is a side-scrolling beat’em up with co-op.

Three-players can play Battletoads together in a rapid-paced melee brawling session to beat up waves of enemies. Granted the previous outing of Battletoads wasn’t as great as everyone hoped, but it was still pretty solid overall. If there’s gonna be remakes of Xbox-exclusive games like Battletoads Microsoft needs to look at the problems of the previous iteration and not repeat them. The storytelling needs a massive overhaul, after all, there are a dime-a-dozen beat’em ups flooding the market. With a unique plot and character-centric personalities, Battletoads will shine brighter.

Another thing to improve upon is the platforming challenges and obstacle variety in the gameplay. The original is beloved because it was new at the time, but the previous remake attempt lacked that originality. So, getting some veterans of the platforming genre game designers to come on board will do wonders. As an example, Microsoft could tap Mr. Castlevania himself Koji Igarashi-San to come on board for the next chapter of Battletoads. Could you imagine the reaction from the gaming community if that ever happened?! We’d be screaming and jumping for joy, how about you?

[Honorable Mention]

ReCore – One Of The Finest Xbox One-Era Modern Day Classics


Another one of Xbox-exclusive games that should get fast-tracked in the line for remakes is ReCore. It got bashed upon release, but for us, ReCore was one of the most amazing games from the Xbox One line-up. The visually stunning desolate sci-fi desert backdrop was jaw-droppingly stunning. Not only that, but it’s platforming was really outstanding, too. Not surprising, given the creator of Mega Man was among the game designers. Exploration is tied to the storytelling, but also, you get rewarded for it, too.

ReCore also stars a protagonist that you wanna root for. Her name’s Joule Adames and her design’s pretty unique, too. She easily can stack up against the hottest and coolest female heroines. She’s not the stereotypical girl boss, there’s no pandering here or agenda-pushing that causes fumbles like the worst female characters in video games. Anyway, in ReCore, there’s combat that requires third-person shooting, choosing the right ammunition, timely dodging and traversal, and finally, the use of her sentient mechanical companions. It’s always a thrilling time.

There are loads of puzzle-solving elements in ReCore, too that spruces up the gameplay variety nicely. You’ll find yourself captivated by the story, the fun gameplay, and the presentation. The world itself is filled with an awe-inspiring allure, that you wanna know what it’s hiding. ReCore exudes a vibe that very few games can match. There are hidden dungeons with thematic challenges that’ll test your reflexes and muscle memory. The setting is too good to not revisit. Which is why we’re making the case for ReCore to get a reimagining, like other Xbox-exclusive games in need of remakes.


Perfect Dark – Stealth-Action, FPS, Femme Fatale? Sold!

 Perfect Dark.

We’re capping off our list of exciting Xbox-exclusive games that we’re pushing to get remakes for with Perfect Dark. Yeah, yeah, we know it’s in the works, but the lack of a reveal window is disconcerting. Besides, what little we saw of the gameplay way back when, a lot has changed since then. Microsoft became a power player in the industry scooping up studios like Bethesda and Activision left and right. Maybe Microsoft should use the resources and talent on hand to give the best version of Perfect Dark possible. Like seriously, they better not flub this up, or we’ll chew’em out, too.

Anyway, what’s Perfect Dark all about is the question on everyone else’s minds, and rightfully so. It’s been overhyped by the community, after all. Well, to sum up Perfect Dark, think, a female mercenary with a charming personality and witty one-liners. A killer with a killer body, but also, her targets are really corrupt corporations and her job is also espionage. Need more? Settle in~ Turns out, Perfect Dark has plenty of surprises waiting for the heroine Joana Dark. You see, those mega-corporations are in league with extraterrestrials. Yep, we’re not kidding, there are aliens, and they’re planning an invasion of Earth.

So, yeah, expect to have some pretty head-scratching randomness thrown your way. You’ll traverse huge building complexes with the latest cyber security and persistent patrolling guards. The thing about remakes for projects like Perfect Dark is that it is one of the most revered Xbox-exclusive games. If proper care and attention to detail isn’t there, there will be backlash. Just look at the abysmal state of WB’s Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League. It’s on discount already cause nobody’s paying for that crap. Nuff said.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap of our list, folks; all neat and tidy with the best Xbox-exclusive games that need remakes. Now, the ball’s in Microsoft’s court; it’s time for them to put up and deliver or shaddup and pack it in. Seriously, though, it’s a great time to be a gamer. Seeing so many classic franchises that’ve already got modern-day reimaginings is a treat. We hope this trend doesn’t fade away anytime soon, but that’s just us. So, what’s the verdict for today’s list? Tell us about it in the comments below, and also bring up your favorite OG Xbox game we missed.

In case you’re one of those pacifist gamers who’re ok with Xbox exclusives making the jump to PS5, to you we say… meh, we respectfully, disagree. We’re more of the mindset that exclusives give the incentive to buy a console. Well, that’s our hot take rambling for today, and we’re gonna make like a banana and split~ Until next time, happy gaming, y’all!


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