5 Games That Deserve Remakes Like Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII)

From the ground up!

Remakes like Final Fantasy 7.

Square Enix has struck gold with Final Fantasy 7 on current-gen consoles, and there are tons of games that deserve remakes like it. With the second installment coming real soon, we’ve even primed ourselves with games to play before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It’s just a great time to be a retro gamer and see the modern takes of classic gaming franchises.

Which Games Deserve Remakes Like Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 7 was one of the most beloved games from back in the day, and other remakes like it deserve proper time and resources. For today, we’ll narrow down our picks to the top 5. It’s much easier that way, plus we can dive into more details about today’s selection. So, without further ado, let’s roll!


Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins is one of the best games of all time that deserves remake

Kicking things off for us, we’ve got the most immersive and intriguing roleplaying game ever, Dragon Age: Origins. This game’s phenomenal in every aspect and is the perfect RPG. The character-driven storytelling, the choices and consequences, and the high fantasy lore fit the world like a glove. Dragon Age: Origins manages to subvert expectations at every turn by incorporating an unrivalled player agency.

The scope of the game’s level design is beyond epic; now, imagine if it got remakes like Final Fantasy 7. You get to traverse through wide sections of maps with points of interest and questlines that can drastically alter the narrative. Every companion your recruit offers insight and brings a unique perspective regarding the player’s actions. The romance and dialogue are already some of the wittiest, charming, and endearing in all of gaming.

The plot doesn’t even need to change in these kinds of remakes like Final Fantasy 7; only slight alterations and more cinematics will do. Perhaps adding more character creation cosmetics and more spiced-up visuals and animations. If you somehow can play Dragon Age: Origins now, you’ll notice its graphics and combat haven’t aged well. Imagine today’s version of Dragon Age Origins on current-gen hardware and with gameplay polish.


Parasite Eve – OG PS1 Games That Deserve Remakes Like Final Fantasy 7

Parasite Eve is one of the most underrated series of video games that deserve remakes like Final Fantasy 7.

Next up on our list of games that deserve remakes, like Final Fantasy 7, we’ve got Parasite Eve. Most of today’s gamers might not even be aware of this one, but trust us, Parasite Eve is a top-tier mix of cosmic horror and RPG. What’s more, Parasite Eve belongs to Square Enix; it’s not that far stretched to think of the possibility of remakes. You’ve got reliance on exploration with inventory management, but threats lurking around everywhere.

The plot is so sci-fi and yet has elements of dark fantasy, too. Not to mention a kickass female lead character who can hold her own and is smart enough to ask for help when she’s out of her depth. Plus, she’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. What’s not to love? Parasite Eve deals with combat in RPG sequences, but that can be more fleshed out in newer ways if Square Enix does decide to go down the remake path.

But for the love of all that is holy, Square Enix should never ever change the iconic soundtrack of Parasite Eve. You can do whatever you want in remakes like Final Fantasy 7, but some things are better left intact. The monsters and scares that were mostly pixels can benefit from current-gen technology. Resident Evil remakes the Dead Space remake, or even the upcoming Silent Hill remakes are proof that Parasite Eve will succeed.


The Legend Of Dragoon

The Legend Of Dragoon.

It’s such a shame that The Legend Of Dragoon, one of the most impressive RPGS from Sony’s first-party library, is not getting a second outing or remakes like Final Fantasy 7. Seriously, the level of innovation in this one was legendary back in the day. Besides, it was such a unique mechanic at the time to deal additional damage and chain attacks together. It made players utilize every skill tactically to decimate foes without losing a turn.

The Legend Of Dragoon had meaningful dungeon exploration. Everything felt so cinematic before it was even a thing. Now’s the perfect opportunity for Sony to dust off this treasure and give it to Blue Point games. Can you imagine a Demon’s Souls-like remake for The Legend Of Dragoon? Oh, we just got chills! Seriously, why isn’t this a thing yet, Sony? Get with the program, and take our money!

We realize that not everything will pan out, and some games will not be hits like the remakes of Final Fantasy 7. Case in point, Sony laying off 900 people across its studios is sad, but we’re willing to bet that Sony’s marketing strategy and push for exciting exclusives will rope in fans, new and old, for The Legend Of Dragoon remake. You get to use dragon forms, for crying out loud! What more do y’all want?


Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden.

For our runner-up choice for games that deserve remakes, like Final Fantasy 7, we’ve got Ninja Gaiden. The Ninja Gaiden games star, Ryu Hayabusa, who’s a master shinobi and also a one-man demolition army. Before Team Ninja became famous for Nioh and Dead Or Alive games, the Ninja Gaiden series was their main title. The I.P. has been dormant long enough and is due for a comeback, so let’s talk about that.

The Ninja Gaiden boss fights aren’t traditional. Yes, the bosses are powerful, but so is Ryu, and he can easily cut them down if you’re skilled enough. Plus, the enemy A.I. in Ninja Gaiden is relentless; you’ll need to finish enemies quickly; otherwise, they’ll overwhelm you. To that end, Ryu’s arsenal, movesets, and ninpo abilities make for a masterclass in hack-and-slash style gameplay. You’re darn right Ninja Gaiden deserves remakes like Final Fantasy 7.

Ninja Gaiden is a series that showcases Ryu Hayabusa’s stoic character. The man is unphased whether he faces scientific experimentations gone horribly wrong, demonic entities, or entire militaries. Now, imagine what’s already been achieved and take the way of the remake route. The possibilities are just endless, not to mention with the Ninja Gaiden Mater Collection reigniting interest, it’s a great time for a remake to wow everyone.


Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen and Souls Reaver

Legacy Of Games: Blood Omen and Soul Reaver.

We’re capping off our list of favorite games that deserve remakes, like Final Fantasy 7 with the Legacy Of Kain series. This includes both the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver games, and both are rightfully deserving of their acclaim. You see, before the Legacy Of Kain games, there was nothing like them, nor has there been since their inception. The Shakespearian eloquence of the dialogue and the grand narration explaining the plot are sublime.

The puzzle-solving elements of the original games still deserve massive appreciation for their ingenuity. Really epic traversal, mind-bending dimension-hopping, and intuitive combat have already been achieved in gaming. See the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart from Sony’s PS5 as an example. Imagine the potential in a gothic dark fantasy backdrop of Nosgoth with that level of technology. We’re getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Out of all the games that deserve remakes, like Final Fantasy 7, Legqacy Of Kain is the most wanted. It’s not one or two or even a trilogy, but rather 5 games encompassing the most intriguing time-travel story in all of fiction. Themes of philosophy and morality give you pause, and you wonder how many layers of deception are there. It’s riveting stuff, and needs to be modernized for the newer audiences. The opening theme alone is fire!

Final Thoughts On Games That Deserve Remakes Like Final Fantasy 7

Well, that was certainly a trip down on the nostalgia express, but we’re glad that you joined us for it. So, then, those are our picks for classic games that deserve remakes, just like Final Fantasy 7. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us if there’s a game we’re missing.

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