6 Games To Help Get Over Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Boy, howdy, that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game sure caused a ruckus on the internet, eh? In fact, the writing was on the wall when long-time studio leads at Rocksteady Studios bailed long before the game’s launch. Relatively obscure characters that, despite two movie outings, failed to capture any buzz certainly were a death knell to the game.

But that doesn’t begin to explain the problems with the entire product; you can read our more in-depth analysis for that. Now, instead of whining about it, we’re gonna do something productive. So, buckle up cause we’re about to give you 6 game recommendations to help you forget that mess.

Which Games Are Better Than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League?

Today’s list stems from one drive: gaming legacy. All of our picks are objectively better than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. They’ll help you get over that colossal gaming fumble that should serve as a lesson to the big wigs that chasing trends ain’t the way to go. Especially for a studio that’s primarily known for single-player experiences. Now, let’s begin!



Sifu blows Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League out of the water.

Sifu is one of the most fun, intense, and highly engaging games in recent memory. The pure adrenaline rush style of gameplay, the combat-centric movement, and the combo variety are just sublime. There’s no question Sifu, despite an indie game, is heads and shoulders above Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The free-flow style combat is definitely Arkham Batman-inspired, and yet, Sifu brings its own twists on it.

Sifu is a test of skill that will test your muscle memory and how closely you observe the screen. It’s got that classic NES-era vibe of beat’em up brawlers. However, instead of copy-pasting the formula, the devs modernized it and the result is a bloody good time. Sifu pushes the players to survive as long as possible, but there’s a nifty gimmick that makes dying in-game a blessing and a curse.

You start as a fledgling martial artist who’s on a quest for revenge. Along the way, you scrap using your fists, any temporary weapon you pick up, and using the environment to deal with waves of enemies. However, if you die, there’s an amulet on the protagonist that will revive them. The revival causes aging, but it also grants wisdom and new combos. Pretty inspired, huh? Better than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s shoot purple orbs.


Sleeping Dogs Infinitely Better Than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Sleeping Dogs is one of the most criminally underrated games ever and easily surpasses Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Next, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and tell you about one of the most fun games of 2012. Sleeping Dogs is the game we’re talking about, and it is absolutely bonkers. The sheer breadth of its game design, the complexity with which you can complete missions, and how it moves you with its story are beyond epic. You play as an undercover cop who infiltrates the Chinese triads in Hong Kong to bring them down.

His loyalties are tested, and he has to do things that blur the lines between moral and immoral. The feels hit like a truck when you bring down criminals, and they look at the protagonist, Wei Shen, as the culprit after spending time bonding with them. That’s riveting stuff, but that’s not all that makes Sleeping Dogs such a great game better than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. The side activities and secondary missions are a delight on their own.

Even better is the combat that clearly borrows from the Arkham Batman games, but in a unique, devastating twist. The environmental finishers alone are brutal and utterly satisfying to pull off, much like the ones in Arkham Knight. There’s even a morality system that rewards you for taking the pacifist route or embracing the brutality. Besides, anything Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has can’t possibly top the karaoke in Sleeping Dogs.


The Borderlands Series (1,2,3, Pre-Sequel, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands)

The Borderlands Series.

Boy, howdy, y’all are in for a treat today cause we’re giving you a treasure trove of alternatives to forget Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. This next entry is a mammoth one, encompassing a whopping 5 games from the Borderlands series. Specifically, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These games are the ultimate co-op looter shooter experiences for players, with solo, too.

The cartoonish aesthetic mixes brilliantly with the dark humor that’ll have you rolling. You’ll find the satisfaction of shooting enemies in the face as you rush in with your weapon of choice and your character’s unique action skills. The diverse selection of abilities creates plenty of play styles and builds. You can pair up with 3 other teammates to complement your partner’s characters and compensate for weaknesses. The games are just so much fun.

The Borderlands series will give you plenty of challenges to overcome; there’s loads of replay value in every game, too. Seriously, some of the rare and powerful weapons unlock in subsequent playthroughs, so prepare for the long haul. The devs behind Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League take notes: the Borderlands series is how you hook players. Nothing seems forced, and Every character’s playstyle should feel unique, not generic.


The Batman Arkham Games (Origins, Asylum, City, Knight)

The Batman Arkham Games.

What better way to forget the horrible taste of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League than with its worthy predecessors? We’re talking about the best superhero game franchise to exist and do right by Batman. Yep, the Batman Arkham games, including Arkham Origins, plus the Batman Arkham Trilogy. These are the definitive Batman gaming experiences that elevate the legacy of the dark knight, and every single one’s vibe is different.

In Arkham Origins, you see a younger, more visceral, and angrier Batman go at it against the criminals. That’s when he learns of a bounty put on his head. What follows is a masterful tale of bringing down the elite assassins coming after him, with a plot twist that’ll leave you speechless. Following that, you have the borderline horror-themed Arkham Asylum, where Joker orchestrates his escape by trapping Batman with all the inmates.

Then, we get to Arkham City, the brilliant masterpiece that sees Bruce pushed to his limits and a true test of his resolve. The combat, the freedom of traversal, and the detective work tying into the Batman mythos bring a sense of satisfaction like no other. Finally, in Arkham Knight, it’s damage control central, as Scarecrow takes center stage to plot his revenge against Batman. It’s an emotional finale that’s better than the Suicide Squad send-off for Batman.


Spiderman 2 (2023)

Marvel's Spiderman 2.

We’re nearing the end of our list of games better than Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and we thought it appropriate to bring the true successor to Arkham. Ironically, it’s a Marvel game that does it: Spiderman 2 (2023). The hugely successful prequel saw Sony’s first-party line-up skyrocketing to success. There was a lot of hype surrounding the sequel last year; our review of Spiderman 2 (2023) shows it more than delivers.

This time around, players step into the shows of both Peter Parker, the original Spiderman, and the newcomer Miles Morales. The action is much more fluid, especially the traversal. You’ll see the improvements from the first game, including several. new additions to combat. The symbiote powers add a new layer of strategy. There’re tons of new storylines that showcase the iconic characters from the Spiderman mythos.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League does a lot of things to experiment and make the game feel bloated. It feels unnatural, and come on? Harley using web-swinging? That’s a little on the nose. It makes everything feel like a cartoon. Whereas in Spiderman 2 (2023), the movement feels completely authentic and natural. Do yourself a favor; if you’ve not played Spiderman 2 (2023), course correct immediately.


Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2.

Finally, we’re closing our list of games infinitely better than the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League with Helldivers 2. Yeah, this one’s a no-brainer, really. Helldivers 2 is consistently shaking up the gaming charts, giving mainstays a run for their money. It’s not because Helldivers 2 punched above its weight class but rather played to its strength. Helldivers 2 is mostly there for the co-op experience, but its core gameplay offers so much more.

The true genius behind Helldivers 2 is the progression mechanic: the free battle passes. In addition to giving players more freedom, they also save a huge chunk of change. We’re of the opinion that the free battle passes in Helldivers 2 should be the norm in the gaming industry. Helldivers 2 is also great because the gameplay loop is so exciting. In particular, the inclusion of really unexpected friendly fire opens the door to a more tactical play style.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League feels more like a cartoon in comparison to Helldivers 2. It’s harsh sounding, but hey, we gotta call out what we feel are flaws. Plus, Helldivers 2 is much more rapid-paced, and its outlandish stratagems offer plenty of loadout customization options. In fact, we’ve gone and made up our own tier list of the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2 if you wanna take a look. Helldivers 2 just outclasses Rocksteady’s latest offering.

Final Thoughts On Games To Help Get Over Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Well, that was certainly cathartic, but we’re glad to have a great list of alternatives to Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. So, then, how many of them have you played, and how would you rate them above what we got with Rocksteady? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments below; we look forward to the fireworks.

Now, we can move on to better games that are coming in 2024. In fact, we’ve got quite a selection of games to play before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comes out. It’s one of the hype beasts to look forward to in 2024. Anyway, that’s gonna do it for today; until next time, happy gaming!


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