Free Helldivers 2 Battle Passes Should Be The Norm

Hiya fellow Helldivers 2 gamers, are y’all enjoying your time in the game unlocking the free battle passes rewards? We sure are! After playing the heck out of the game, and understanding how to manage and equip stratagems in Helldivers 2, we realized something. We were blown away by how darn great the battle pass implementation is.

Seriously, we cannot express our appreciation for it enough. So, now, we’re gonna make the case that such a way should be the new standard across the gaming industry.

  • How Do The Free Battle Passes In Helldivers 2 Work Differently?
  • Why They’re A Great Thing For Gamers?
  • Is There Room For Improvement?
  • Final Thoughts On Helldivers 2 Free Battle Passes

How Do The Free Battle Passes In Helldivers 2 Work Differently?

The free Helldivers 2 battle passes offer great value for players.

Alrighty, so we’re not here to discuss the full inner workings of the free battle passes of Helldivers 2, no. Instead, we’re gonna quickly tell you how they’re operating, and injecting something refreshing into the by-the-numbers live service formula.

Here’s the first thing you need to know bout the free battle passes a.k.a the Warbonds in Helldivers 2.

  • Simply progressing and playing the game will allow you to unlock in-game currency that you don’t have to purchase with cash. Also, you don’t have to complete the entire page of a Warbond to move on to the next page. On a side note, if you’re struggling with progression, take a gander at our XP farm fast level up guide for Helldivers 2.
  • Just complete the side-missions, and explore every nook and cranny of every level and you’ll receive your currency rewards. Said currency can be used to purchase the game’s high-end weapons and armor sectioned on the different pages of the Warbonds.
  • Also, the battle passes are permanent in the game and won’t expire. This means you don’t need to grind with a ticking clock in the back of your mind pressuring you that you’ll miss out on anything.

Why They’re A Great Thing For Gamers?

They're great!

So, now you know the highlights of the free battle passes in Helldivers 2, all Gucci in that department. Now let’s take a look at why they’re great for gamers.

  • The lack of an expiration window is a huge load off many gamers who can take their time to enjoy Helldivers 2. There’s no need to rush to unlock everything in one go, and it is a game-changer. It’s perhaps our favorite feature that they don’t expire.
  • The fact that you don’t need to endlessly grind in Helldivers 2 is just amazing. **Cough** Take notes Bungie **Cough**. Instead, just playing normally will reward the currency for unlocking most of the Warbond content. If a particular Warbond page isn’t tickling your fancy, you can move on to the next one without having to 100% it. It gives players the choice to pursue whatever upgrades they actually want.
  • The free battle passes in Helldivers 2 prevent the pay-to-win scenario. Even if you purchase the premium edition, you won’t insta unlock everything. You gotta put in the work and play the game to progress. This might give the premium edition buyers a head start, but overall it’s a level playing field for all players.
  • And, finally, without having to pay a dime you can unlock everything in the game. Just play missions and explore points of interest to pick up the extra currency, rinse and repeat, and eventually viola~

Is there Room For Improvement?

Are the battle passes in Helldivers 2 perfect in every way? No, but they’re a vast improvement over the other prevailing GaaS models. There’s room for improvement, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Most players share the view that the positives outweigh the flaws; the proof is that many players need a fix for servers of Helldivers 2 peak capacity. Basically, Helldivers 2 is thriving because of the dev’s transparency. Anyway, let’s see what can Arrowhead Studios do to improve the gamer experience further.

  • Well, first off, the free battle passes in Helldivers 2 could do well with spicing things up with reward variety. Like, most of the unlockables, through alright, don’t seem anything special. The grind and effort might not feel worth it in the long run if this sentiment catches on.
  • Secondly, the game design makes the single-player experience of Helldivers 2 on higher difficulties nightmarishly challenging. Not impossible, but definitely some form of balancing is in order. Especially because the asking price of some of the high-end battle passes in Helldivers 2, even the free ones can feel ridiculously high.
  • Lastly, we’re gonna cap off our suggestions with the obvious one. We know that grind is built into the core design of Helldivers 2, however, perhaps more story missions that tie into Warbonds and something out of the left field will be the perfect way to keep the buzz around the game going strong.

Final Thoughts On Free Helldivers 2 Battle Passes

Well that sums up our take on Helldivers 2 battle passes, and how they’re better for the gamers all around. But what do y’all think about the matter? Whatever your feelings, concerns, criticisms, and praises for the current state, share it all with us in the comments below. We look forward to the feedback from y’all.

Oh, and if you’re feeling like taking a break from the intense rush of Helldivers 2, don’t worry we totally understand. We’ve got a great list of excellent games like Helldivers 2 you can check out to decompress and enjoy something else for a change of pace. Well, that’s all for now, so until next time, happy gaming!

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