How To Level Up Fast and Farm XP in Helldivers 2

Level up fast in Helldivers 2? Are you looking to farm XP in Helldivers 2? We’ve got you covered. Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 is pretty brutal regarding combat realism and the use of stratagems, and it’s pretty hard to rake in some well-needed XP to level up fast in this squad-based shooter. But did you know there’s a way to earn medals, farm XP, and level up fast in Helldivers 2 – all within a single match? It’s Helldive Defense Missions or Defense Missions on the Helldive Difficulty. Here’s our guide to farm XP in Helldivers 2 and level up fast.

How To Level Up Fast in Helldivers 2 or Farm XP in Helldivers 2 – Summarized

To level up fast, farm XP, and earn medals fast in Helldivers 2:

  • Squad up with teammates and play Defense Missions on Helldive Difficulty (Helldive Defense Missions).
  • While Readying Up, select all your Defense Stratagems. These will consist of Rocket Sentries, Autocannons, and Mortars.
  • Strategically place your Defense Stratagems on the high ground but in safe spots.
  • The Mortars, Sentries, Turrets, and Rockets will do most of the work for you.
  • Keep your Defense Stratagems safe and eliminate any enemies that breach the vicinity.
  • If done right, the match will end around five minutes.
  • Place the dropship Terminal and exfil using the dropship.
  • You’ll be awarded with around:
    1. 8 medals
    2. 1000 XP
    3. 4000 credits

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Do Defense Missions on Helldive Difficulty – Level Up Fast Helldivers 2

Helldive Defense Missions Helldive Difficulty in Helldivers 2 - Level up fast Helldivers 2 Farm XP Helldivers 2
Helldive Defense Mission

To level up fast and farm XP in Helldivers 2, your best bet is to start grinding some defense missions on the Helldive difficulty. While this may seem pretty difficult, it’s quite the contrary. All you need to do is to equip some Defense Stratagems, and you’ll be good to Ready Up and launch a match with your friends. 

While Helldive Defense Missions technically last for around 10 minutes a match, expect to shave off more or equal to half of the time using the right positioning, strategically placing your mortars, and making sure they’re protected as enemies swarm in.

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Select Defense Stratagems For Your Loadout – Get XP Helldivers 2

Equip Defense Stratagems Helldivers 2 - Helldive Defense Missions
Equip Defense Stratagems

To level up fast in Helldivers 2 on the Helldive Defense mission grind, you need to go for an all-defense approach. This will help you shave off tons of time, as the sentries and turrets will do all the heavy lifting for you. You could opt to use a rail gun to destroy enemy tanks and speed things up even more. Here are the best Defense Stratagems to use for Helldive Defense Missions:

  • A/M-23 EMS Mortar Sentry (Unlocks at level 20 – Optional)
  • A/M-12 Mortar Sentry
  • A/MLS-4X Rocket Sentry
  • A/AC-8 Autocannon

Start Your Helldive Defense Mission in Helldivers 2 – Level Up Fast Helldivers 2

For the most part, the layout of most of the defense missions is relatively similar. Your best bet would be to place the mortars on the high ground. This ensures enemies have a harder time getting to them. Make sure to spread out your Defense Stratagems, mortars, and turrets, allowing them to target distant enemies with ease. Keep your mortars in safe spots and you’ll be good to go.

A better method to go about placing mortars is to make sure your teammates save a few mortars and place them a minute or two into the match. This will make sure that you’ll have a backup of mortars in the event the enemy team destroys your sentries or turrets.

Place your mortars, rockets, and sentries as shown in the images, and you’ll be good to go. The whole match will be automated for the most part, and you won’t have to do all that much, except protect your Defense Stratagems from any incoming enemies.

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Rewards For Completing Defense Missions on Helldive Difficulty

Level Up Fast Helldivers 2 Farm XP Helldivers 2 - XP Credits Medals
XP, Credits, and Medals after Completing A Helldive Defense Mission (Defense Mission on Helldive Difficulty)

And you’ll wrap up the match in around five minutes or so, shaving off nearly half of the time needed to end the game. All-in-all, this allows you to obtain 8 medals, 1000 XP, and 4000 credits. 

While you get fewer requisition slips and XP for finishing the match, the Helldive difficulty multiplies your net earnings. After you finish the match, activate the dropship Terminal and wait for the dropship to pick you up.

Dropship Terminal - Level Up Fast Helldivers 2 Farm XP Helldivers 2
Dropship Terminal

Unfortunately, you don’t get Samples or Super Credits by doing Helldive Defense Missions in Helldivers 2, but the winnings are pretty sweet; 1000XP, 8 Medals, and 4000 Credits.


That pretty much wraps up everything you need to know about farming XP and leveling up fast in Helldivers 2. All you need to do is grind Helldive Defense Missions and make the most of your Defense Stratagems. Rinse and repeat before the developers patch this method!

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