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There have been several reports suggesting a major development on Sony’s PlayStation side, and they are not particularly good. It looks like Sony has already started taking drastic and immediate measures to ensure a bump-free ride in the years to come. This move seems to be one of such measures, with rumours coming about of a PS5 Pro coming soon.

PS5 Pro
A concept PS5Pro design, not a real design.

It has been reported by CNBC that Sony is possibly preparing for the launch of the PS5 ‘Pro’ version this year. Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based games consultancy Kantan Games, while speaking with CNBC’s correspondent, stated: ‘There seems to be a broad consensus in the game industry that Sony is indeed preparing to launch a PS5 Pro in the second half of 2024.’

This news comes shortly after IGN reported that Omdia Senior analyst George Jijashvili mentioned the expectation of the PS5 Pro’s release in late 2024. These are not the only times PS5 Pro’s name has surfaced in recent discussions. During a 2022 conference, Marek Maciejewski, Director of Product Development Europe at TCL Europe, showcased a slideshow detailing plans for compatible TVs with gaming consoles. Surprisingly, he mentioned the PS5 Pro with a slated release date of 2024, along with possible specifications for the PS5 Pro and other consoles. This revelation was also noted by Insider Gaming‘s reporter Tom Henderson, who shared the picture on his X handle and broke the news.

PS5 Pro

It is being suggested that the launch of the ‘Pro’ version could be attributed to the announcement of perhaps the most anticipated game of the decade: Grand Theft Auto VI, aiming to fully utilize the potential of a high-performing console to power the upcoming title. While there may be a connection between these events, it might not be entirely accurate.

PS5 Pro

According to a report by Mint, speculation arises that GTA 6 (VI) could face a delay due to the underperformance in sales and revenue generated in the current fiscal year. Financial strategies and management indicate a potential postponement of the release date to the next fiscal year, FY26, commencing in April 2025. These predictions and assumptions suggest a delay in the game’s release which would be an unfortunate turn for fans who’re already seeing the 2025 release as a very long time away.

Given the magnitude of Grand Theft Auto VI, a smooth environment is essential for Rockstar Games to focus on marketing and building hype around the launch. However, this remains speculative, and the game may still be released as planned. One thing is clear: GTA VI is not the sole reason for reports of the sudden release of the PS5 Pro in 2024.

Another speculated and reported reason, which might indeed be the actual cause, is the financial aspect.

Trying Times For Consoles:

It has been reported at the start of 2024 that Sony is already anticipating low and slow sales of their current generation console, missing their sales margin for the upcoming fiscal year. They are taking various measures in this regard. The release of the Pro version is to increase gamers’/public interest back in their console, self-publicizing through hardware to regain lost sales. Pitching the console as THE ‘console for GTA VI’ will surely catch people’s attention.

As reported in CNBC, it is not the first time Sony has done this. They did the same for the PS4 console as well. To stay in the news amidst expectations of declining sales numbers, they launched the PS4 Pro to maintain interest among the public and gamers alike.

It is not just Sony; in fact, all the major game console manufacturers and the gaming industry as a whole have suffered a steep decline in sales and consumers after the pandemic. It looks like every big player in the gaming industry is taking action to counter the effects. One of the measures is multi-platform tactics used by both Sony and Xbox. And for Nintendo, they are reportedly delaying the launch of their new device to seek some stability in sales among other rumours about providing a big lineup of software release titles for their next system.

All of this chaos in the sales could be seen as a reason why they are rushing to release the ‘Pro’ version of the PS5. On top of all that, it is also being reported that the prices of the previous consoles like PS4 Pro and PS5 will not be going down upon release. It is, according to the policy Sony seems to be following, “…optimize sales with a greater emphasis on the balance with profits.”

What a PS5 Pro Launch Means For the Industry:

The launch of Sony’s new console amid the downward slope of sales after the pandemic will not only be a booster shot for the sales and finances of Sony but for the whole industry as well. It will bring back the buzz around the games and the consoles, giving a chance to other console manufacturers to hike up their sales and profits as well.

Overall, the beginning of 2025 will surely be a fun time for gamers, game creators, and console manufacturers. However, for PS gamers, the launch of the PS5 ‘Pro’ will come with its own challenges apart from all the fun and excitement. This is due to reports indicating that prices will not be coming down for older consoles, which in other words means the price of the new PS5 Pro.


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