Helldivers 2: Beginner’s Guide + Tips and Tricks

Helldivers 2 graced consoles on February 8, 2024, gaining instant traction with third-person shooter game enthusiasts. Offering a chance to embark on a galactic frenzy where you get to take on lethal threats to humanity as the last line of defence, Helldivers 2 promises an exciting playthrough.

If you’ve just boarded the hype train, you will find a learning curve, which might be a tad bit discouraging. However, instead of throwing your controller across the room, you can read through our Helldivers 2: Beginner’s Guide with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to climb to max level in the game in no time.

The key to cracking the game is prioritizing your targets and managing your bullets. At the same time, you want to target enemies from a higher vantage point and use the objects in your terrain as a smoke screen of sorts to throw the enemies on your tail a curve ball.  

Tip #1 for Cracking Helldivers 2: Prioritize Your Targets

Helldivers 2 Enemies

As a soldier on the frontline, you’re gonna be dealing with all kinds of mind-boggling alien threats. Beginners might find it overwhelming to stand their ground against wave after wave of enemies. So here’s an insider tip to help you out.

Go for the targets that are quick on their feet and are likely to close the distance between you in a matter of seconds. Aside from the obvious reasons why you should go for the fast ones, doing so gives you an advantage against the slow creeping threats as well. Once you’ve taken care of the small hitters, you can catch a breather and reload your guns while heavy hitters like the Hulk make their way to you.

Tip #2 for Playing Helldivers 2: Don’t Reload

Helldivers 2 Beginner's Guide

Speaking of reloading, try not to reload your weapon. Unlike other third-person shooter games, a reload in Helldivers 2 doesn’t reuse the remaining ammo in your clip. Instead, the ammo will be simply discarded. So, if you value your resources, only reload once you have completely run out of ammo. However, with heavier weapons, you might want to make the hard choice since reloads take longer in this case. And you wouldn’t want to be caught with your pants down in the middle of battle.

Tip #3 Playing Helldivers 2: Bullet Management 

Helldivers 2 Beginner's Guide

On that same note, learn to manage your bullets. Don’t become trigger-happy and waste your bullets. When you’re switching from one target to another, lay off the trigger. Amateurs like to keep firing, wasting precious ammo. But skilled shooters know better. This way you’ll avoid running out of ammo in the heat of battle and can last a lot longer in the field.

Tip #4: Steady Your Aim

Helldivers 2 Beginner's Guide

Since Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter game, you aren’t getting anywhere with a lousy aim. Contrary to popular belief, the dot in the middle of your screen doesn’t direct your aim. Instead, your bullets are being fired in the direction of the circle around the dot. Bearing that in mind, you’ll find that your aim is not the most accurate while walking around. A quick workaround for this is crouching down. You’ll find your aim much more stable in this position.

Tip #5 Playing Helldivers 2: Go for the High Ground

Helldivers 2 Beginner's Guide

The key to surviving the unforgiving landscape of Helldivers 2 is going for the high ground. Now you can gain some ground on foot, just make sure to beware of your surroundings and any enemies making a B-line for you. On the bright side, if you do get taken down while trying to gain some traction, you can redirect your pod to higher terrain upon redeploying and basically just rain down hell.

Tip #6: Animation Interruption

Helldiver's 2

For the last tip, use your terrain to your advantage while playing Helldivers 2. When you’re being chased by an enemy, try to walk through bushes or hide behind rocks. Doing so creates an animation interruption, forcing your targets to stop for a second and reassess their surroundings. You see, the enemies in Helldivers 2 are not exactly the smartest. They will need to run up to the obstacle to locate you again. And in the heat of battle, a second can be all you need to go from winning to losing.

With that, you’re ready to take on wave after wave of deadly Terminids and Cyborgs. For more Helldivers 2 guides, make sure to stay tuned to ESN.

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