Twomad Dead At 23 – Jameskii Alleges Twomad Threatened Murder

Twomad Dead 23 - Jameskii TwoMad Threats TwitchCon Is Twomad Alive? Twomad Cause of Death Who Is Twomad and what did he do? Overwatch Hammond Twomad OD

Twomad dead? You read that right. The former YouTuber and Overwatch Content Creator has been reported as deceased, according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiners Website. With a longstanding history of YouTube success, and millions of followers on YouTube and X (Twitter), Twomad’s irony-filled skits declined as allegations of SA crept up with restraining orders in place. Things took a turn for the worst as Jameskii spoke up about Twomad’s history, death threats at TwitchCon, and alleged attempts at murder.

Twomad Death, Jameskii Twomad Allegations, Is Twomad Alive? Twomad Cause of Death – Summarized

  • Muudea Sedik, Twomad, died on February 13, 2024, and was found at his residence by Law Enforcement for a Welfare Check.
  • According to Law Enforcement, Twomad allegedly died of a drug overdose (OD). The drug in question is yet unknown, nor is the actual cause of death.
  • Twomad’s Autopsy report is done, yet the cause of death remains a mystery
  • Twomad became popular for his Goodnight Girl meme, Overwatch videos, and YouTube skits, treading on the thin line between mild comedy and gibberish.
  • Twomad’s career took a dent when allegations of SA’ and harassment surfaced from Osu! Player Goldibell.
  • Following his death, Jameskii spoke up, stating that Twomad attempted to harm him on multiple occasions, and threatened his life on multiple occasions, among other crimes.

Is Twomad Still Alive? Twomad Autopsy Report – Cause of Death Still Unknown

Twomad Dead 23 - Jameskii TwoMad Threats TwitchCon Is Twomad Alive? Twomad Cause of Death Who Is Twomad and what did he do? Overwatch Hammond
Twomad OD

Is Twomad Still Alive? Sadly, no. Former YouTuber and Overwatch Content Creator, Twomad, has unfortunately passed away at the ripe age of just 23. According to alleged reports, Muudea Sedik, who went by the name Twomad online, had not been heard from friends and family for the past few days.

It was officially confirmed that Twomad died on February 13, 2024, at his residence in Los Angeles by Law Enforcement, following a welfare check. Police found illegal substances at Twomad’s estate, which seem to be the cause of his death. The Coroner’s Report for Twomad’s death was published on the County of Los Angeles’ Medical Examiner’s Website.

Who is Twomad And What Did He Do? – Twomad Dead

Who is Twomad And What Did He Do?

Twomad, also known as a Muudea Sidek, was a YouTuber who paved his way to YouTube stardom in 2017 for creating competitive Fortnite and Overwatch videos. As Overwatch declined, the content creator shifted his content to comedy skits, the viral Goodnight Girl meme confusing, yet mildly funny Zoom Call Pranks during the Pandemic and spurring trouble among BTS fans, among other controversies.

While his content was relatively entertaining in the beginning, his content shifted to rather gibberish and irony so deep that it blurred the lines between his persona and his real identity. It was unclear if Twomad was joking or if he was being serious.

Charlie or Charles Christopher, better known as Moist Cr1TiKal, stated that Twomad rapidly went down a really dark path after starting to experiment with substances. According to Charlie, “A switch flipped in him”

What did Twomad Died From Exactly? What Did Twomad OD On?

According to reports, the cause of death is yet to be confirmed, but it’s suspected that Twomad died from a drug overdose. The drug in question? Unknown. Police found recreational substances at his home, which seem to correlate with his cause of death.

However, the cause of death is yet to be confirmed as Toxicology Tests take a fair bit of time to produce results. A detailed autopsy report is yet to be released, confirming the official cause of death. Investigations regarding his death are still ongoing and foul-play is out of the picture.

Twomad Died Playing Overwatch 2 As Hammond – Twomad Dead

Twomad Dead
Twomad Overwatch 2
Twomad Overwatch 2 Hammond

According to Reddit User u/IssAHey, Twomad’s Discord Status showed that he was playing Overwatch 2, correlating to the time of his death. According to the Reddit User, Twomad was playing as Hammond in Overwatch 2 with 1 Kill, 0 assists, 54 deaths and 13 mitigated damage.

Osu! Player Goldibell Speaks Up On Twomad’s Death

Things quickly devolved and Twomad’s reputation took a massive hit as allegations of SA surfaced when Osu Player Goldibell came forward a year ago, and stated that Twomad attempted to proceed to contact her using 6 burner numbers. All-the-while, TwoMad denied these allegations.

While most of the internet celebrates TwoMad’s death, making memes and showing the extreme side of apathy the impact of allegations and accusations can have on an influencer’s life, Goldibell stated she was trying to process his death and sent well-wishes to his family.

Twomad Dead – Jameskii Speaks Up on Twomad’s Alleged Attempts At Murder

After the declaration of Twomad’s death, Jameskii, YouTuber and Content Creator, had some strong words to say. Jameskii alleges that TwoMad had attempted to intentionally injure pedestrians and passengers while taking illegal substances behind the wheel.

Other Internet Personalities like RubberRoss, known for his animations, spoke up about the incident, in Jameskii’s favor, citing that Twomad had threatened to harm Jameskii at TwitchCon. Knowing his address and on route to Vegas, Jameskii feared for his life and stayed over at Rubber Ross’s Hotel Suite while waiting for Law Enforcement. 

Twomad rose to YouTube and Internet Stardom with a sheer knack for irony. With all that fame and attention, millions of followers, subscribers as his audience, Twomad was unfortunately unable to handle the attention. Twomad is a prime example of what Internet Stardom can do to a person’s mental health and life choices if handled incorrectly. It’s extremely easy to amass an audience in 2024.

Many celebrate Twomad’s death due to the allegations that trailed behind him. Memes surface on the internet, users, condemning followers that grieve his death. All-in-all, it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances and events, as we lose more YouTubers and Content Creators to the darker side of fame. It gives a bleak reminder of former Twitch Streamer and Content Creator, Etika, who suffered his own set of mental health struggles, ending his life in 2019 at the age of 29.

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