Overwatch 2 New Hero Mauga Arriving on December 5th

Overwatch 2 Mauga

A special showcase for Overwatch 2 was a part of the show for Blizzard’s special event where they showed many highlights such as a brand new Expansion coming for Diablo IV, a whole new saga for World of Warcraft that will be covered in three future expansions, new Hearthstone content and much more. For Overwatch, the wide limelight shared was for its newest hero that’s already available ingame for a free trial, Mauga, the next Tank Hero coming to the game with the start of the next season.

Mauga’s backstory and abilities have already been shared by the Overwatch 2 team, and he comes with a big and cheeky demeanour a new character. Surprisingly he is inclined towards Blackwatch instead of Overwatch as his backstory has shown he is good friends with a few Blackwatch characters. The first look for Mauga shows that he’s big, he’s tanky, he can take a lot of hits, and he can hit back with ample, and I mean dual machine gun ample, firepower. He holds some swagger to top it all off as well.

Here is his Introductory Video for Overwatch 2:

Alongside this, his background story was also shared with Overwatch2’s signature style which has been the same since Overwatch’s release. Blizzcon 2023 showed off his Introductory video as well as his official Origin Story which is right here:


Mauga comes with double heavy machine guns, Gunny and Cha-cha, one on each arm, and their usage stacks with each other as one sets heroes on fire with repeated shots and the other takes advantage of this to deal critical damage on enemies that are set ablaze. Mauga also has a special passive ability that gives him bonus health from dealing critical damage from his attacks. This helps him stay strong and healthy as a frontline tank and stacks perfectly with his machine gun weapons.


The two main abilities for Mauga are Overrun and Cardiac Overdrive.

Overrun has him charge and tackle forward and stomp to push enemies up for a short duration. Mauga is unstoppable during his charge as he isn’t slowed down or affected by any barriers and only solid objects can end his momentum. This puts him as the frontline tank that is commended by his other ability, Cardiac Overdrive.

Cardiac Overdrive gives him and his allies a buff that allows them to take reduced damage for a small duration as well as heal from any damage dealt during the same time. This helps him and his team be deadly during fights and helps the same manner of play that Mauga seems to have; hit enemies hard and inflict damage on them to heal himself and stay on top.

Ultimate Ability:

Mauga’s Ultimate Ability is Cage Fight. This makes a circular barrier that traps heroes inside including Mauga himself which doesn’t allow heroes to leave and for the whole duration, Mauga gets unlimited Ammo for his dual machine gun weapons. He can fully use his passive as well as his Cardiac Overdrive ability to stack huge amounts of damage on his enemies and gain ample amounts of heal and bonus health to survive through it all.

His main manner of play is to get close and get as many bullets into enemies who in return cannot sustain the huge critical damage being done to them. Their stance to try to hold their ground would prove very fatal as Mauga is most effective when he’s in close enough range for both his weapons to get hits in and have his passive and Cardiac Overdrive ability heal and protect him. Great offense giving him great defense.

Aside from Mauga, the game’s next season will begin with the new character’s official release in December. Players can look to take him out and add another hero to their roster. The character is certainly looking to interest many players who can’t wait to play him in Overwatch 2.

For more on Overwatch 2, check out the game’s official website. There is also an obvious announcement of a future hero coming next year to the game, so players can pass the time with Mauga for now.


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