Assassins Creed Mirage Ending Explained and Critiqued

Baghdad from the view of Basim

Assassins Creed Mirage’s ending tried to tie down a couple of different loose ends but it was difficult to understand for some fans. The ending had the task of handling the link between Assassins Creed Valhalla and Mirage while simultaneously trying to conclude Basim’s blood-stained path of revenge. Ubisoft explored Basim’s backstory in Mirage who was initially introduced in Assassins Creed Valhalla as a cunning and mysterious member of the Hidden Ones. Fans of Valhalla were anxious to see how a kind-hearted pickpocket transformed into the sly Basim that they were previously familiar with. Let’s go over the ending and unravel it.

DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers for both Assassins Creed Mirage and Valhalla.

March to Alamut:

After Basim’s mentor Roshan killed the Head of the Order Qabiha, Basim was frozen due to the revelation from her that he is meant for something more which the Hidden Ones are hiding from him. Qabiha tells Basim about a hidden Isu chamber underneath Amalut after which Roshan warns Basim from trying to enter the chamber.

Roshan’s actions and Qahiba’s last-minute revelation take over Basim’s mind with anger. With the added motivation by Nehal, Basim marches to the Hidden One’s headquarters at Alamut to try to uncover his true identity. Basim returns to Alamut to find that it is under siege by the caliphate forces as the protection of Alamut has been removed due to a deal made between The Order and Muhammad ibn Tahir. Basim is quickly knocked unconscious by the attacking forces but is rescued by a member of the creed, Nur. Nur has been fatally wounded so Basim has to leave the cave and fight against the insurgents alone.

After assassinating the intruders, Basim heads down to the entrance of the secret chamber. Nehal shows Basim how to open the chamber, which is weird at first considering the hidden ones have been trying for years to gain access to the chamber but failed. During this moment, instructor Roshan intervened to stop Basim from entering the chamber. Roshan was already wounded, and Basim taking advantage of her injuries was able to defeat her. Before losing consciousness, Roshan revealed that she was only doing this to protect Basim and the Hidden Ones from the unknowns inside the chamber.

The Isu Chamber:

Basim, disregarding Roshan’s comments cut his hand and used his blood to open the chamber, entering it with Nehal. Inside, they find similar artefacts to the one they witnessed being used by the Order. Fans of the franchise would recognise these to be Isu artefacts hidden inside an Isu chamber. After further investigation, Basim stumbles upon a pod inside a chamber. Inside the pod, we see Nehal struggling to break free. It is revealed that Nehal doesn’t exist and is part of Basim’s consciousness that was locked away. This also means that all of the actions shown to be committed by Nehal were performed by Basim himself. Nehal uses an Isu artefact which shows a hologram of a jailer beating a prisoner. The prisoner is Loki (Basim) and the jailer is Odin. Odin jailed Loki for the poisoning of Baldur. Basim realises that the Djinni that has been haunting his life is the representation of the torture which he received when he was trapped. Basim decides to finally free Nehal, and hence completes his reincarnation as Loki.

Loki Reincarnated:

After exiting the chamber, Basim discusses what he saw inside the chamber with Mentor Rayhan. Later, we see that Basim calls his eagle Enkidu who rejects Basim scarring him, to further emphasise that the innocent Basim we once knew has transformed into the cunning Loki. While the reincarnation process is not directly explained in Assassins Creed Mirage, it was introduced in Assassins Creed Valhalla. The Isus created a supercomputer called Yggdrasil that was able to store the Isu’s essence and later perform a reincarnation by mixing it with the human gene pool. Loki was one of the nine members of the Aesir Isu who uploaded their consciousness before the supercomputer was destroyed.

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