Nintendo Switch Oled Super Smash Bros Bundle Announced

Nintendo Switch Oled Super Smash Bros Ultimate bundle

Amidst Black Friday deals and much more coming from Nintendo since the start of October, the company shared many new bundles including the older Nintendo Switch model as well as Nintendo Switch Lite and the latest Oled. To add to the Oled lineup alongside the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle, they have now announced a new Nintendo Switch Oled bundle that comes with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and a 3-month subscription for Nintendo Switch Online.

A previous leak was proven true and accurate with the announcement of the newest Oled bundle from Nintendo, and this is the latest Nintendo Switch Oled now coming to retail stores on 19th November.

As shown, the bundle includes an online membership, a digital download of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate videogame title and a Switch Oled system. The joycons come with the signature style of the Super Smash Bros. title, with a full black theme for the Oled dock. The whole box bundle will cost the same as a normal Nintendo Switch Oled system; $349.99 USD.

This is not the only new bundle as there are many refreshes for this holiday season. The previous announcement of Part 2 of the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also came with news of a box bundle that comes with the DLC included, the second part being available as soon as it is released in December and the first part ready to be played. A new bundle of Nintendo Switch Joycons with the Super Mario Party title for the Switch is also announced and available from November 10. There are many other bundles and offers as well coming on November 19 as Nintendo is looking to provide ample new bundles for their current console which has been a massive success for the company since its release more than 6 years ago.

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Hints of news are also surfacing with rumours of Nintendo’s next console, the successor to the Nintendo Switch coming next year. These bundles covering all of Nintendo’s Switch systems could also look to be a hint that the company is looking to push their current system out as much as they can before the conclusive run of their current console. They would most probably be looking to shift their focus afterwards to the next system and its marketing. The industry is waiting and so are fans of what Nintendo come up with for their future console that’ll carry on their impressive run as one of the most successful videogame companies.

Check out the link over here for all the latest Black Friday offers and deals from Nintendo. Many Switch titles will be getting big discounts of up to 50% off at select retail stores so fans and interested customers can look to get the best deals for the Nintendo Switch.


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