Nintendo Switch Oled Mario Kart 8 Bundle for Black Friday leaked

Nintendo Switch Oled Black Friday bundle leaked

Black Friday is almost here and with it comes some chaos and greed, but also some new discounted bundles of favourite videogame consoles and more. One such case is being sourced right now from Dealabs, who are saying that a brand new Nintendo Switch Oled bundle that includes a Mario Kart 8 Digital Code, a 3-month Switch Online Membership and a Neon blue&red Switch Oled system is about to be announced as Nintendo’s main Black Friday deal.

It is rumoured to cost the same as the base price of a Nintendo Switch Oled system, valued at US $349.99. The source states it will be released on November 20.

Alongside this leak, there is also coverage about how there are already a few bundled systems available since the start of October to customers.

Two of them are for the Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch Lite systems that come with Animal Crossing New Horizons preinstalled.

There is also a Switch sports pack that has the system alongside Nintendo Switch Sports in a single box.

And lastly a Switch system with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the 3-month subscription. The only difference between this and the leaked bundle coming is that the new one is the upgraded Oled model.

Nintendo Switch bundles

It’s quite smart to release a bunch of bundles for all versions of the Nintendo Switch a little earlier than others so that the market has plenty of options available from the start. The Oled model will cover the assumed final revision of the Nintendo Switch which has been one of the most successful videogame consoles ever, and potentially Nintendo’s most successful console ever. This would be the perfect manner to conclude their current system’s retail and shift their focus on their upcoming Switch successor.

It’s also being rumoured that this would or could likely be the last bundle for the current Nintendo Switch system from Nintendo, as the Switch Successor system is also rumoured to be coming in a few months next year. This allows Nintendo to get the final share of the market right now during Black Friday when everyone is looking to get the best deals on their favourite hobbies.

Keep your eyes out online for any new announcements coming from Nintendo on their social media platforms, as well as on your email if you’re subscribed to their updates. You might find a great bundle for a great price if you still don’t have a Nintendo Switch or are thinking of upgrading to an Oled model.


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