Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Part 2 Releasing on December 14

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Part 2 Release Date

The news has just surfaced as The Pokemon Company has announced the release date of the second part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk, by the end of this year on December 14th.

Here is the direct Tweet from the company:

This is a fortunate turn as the apparent release window thought by fans and players was more towards the next year, closer towards the end of winter. The news brings the release date much closer than expected so fans can look to dive into the second part of the DLC content for both games next month.

The release will conclude the full DLC content for the latest games in the Pokemon franchise along with the first part, The Teal Mask, which is already available to players who have purchased the DLC in the game.

All We Know About The Indigo Disk:

The Indigo Disk comes as the second part of the DLC and is more inclined towards the Battling Mechanic of the Pokemon videogame series, acting similar to the Battle-Tower content in previous titles. This means that the game offers some strong competition to level up and battle out with other characters and trainers to rise to the top. Obviously, that’s not all, as there is a story and a new area alongside it so this part of the DLC also has much to offer. The Blueberry Academy awaits.

The second part of the DLC also concludes a new Legendary’s story that is also the story of the newest Pokemon anime series, Pokemon Horizons. Terapagos seems to have many different forms and hold much potential strength hidden within it, as well as being the key to the unique dynamic of Terastal Pokemon and Terastalizing in the Paldea Region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hints from the Anime starring the new protagonists Lico and Roy also give plenty of information to go on and hype up the second part of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

The Teal Mask:

The Teal mask has already been released on September 13 and comes with an exclusive new area and story. The Land of Kitakami is a place where the character goes for a sort of School trip, but it quickly turns into something more special as you start meeting some new people and new Pokemon and get to know about the secrets of the area’s folktales and stories.

There is a special trio of Pokemon that are the protectors of the land, as well as a brand-new Legendary Pokemon. Older Pokemon that aren’t available in the base game are also available in this exclusive DLC that have version differences between Scarlet and Violet. Ogrepon wears a mysterious mask and somehow has abilities of many different types in its arsenal, there are brand new Pokemon as well such as new forms of new Paldean Pokemon, new activities, and much more to enjoy just within the first part. This hopefully covers people for the next month or so until The Indigo Disk finally arrives.

A Scarlet and Violet Critique:

The news could be a hint at the deadlines set for the Pokemon videogames as it is very well known that GameFreak has to work fast and get content out in time so that the games align with everything else The Pokemon Company releases such as the TCG, Plushes, Content and Stock and more. It might have been a priority to get the DLC done within this year so that the next year might have something new planned, as the yearly release window is a much-talked topic from the community.

It is a little unfortunate that this window proves to be a burdensome aspect for the newest games as their performance and optimization issues are still something that need to be addressed, with many framerate dips and other performance issues in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is a good question to ask that GameFreak does have the time to get extra DLC content out that directly gives The Pokemon Company more revenue, but can’t properly sit down to fix the many issues that the game still has. The game does run somewhat fine, but it is still not a recommended performance standard for the mainline videogame titles of the biggest franchise in the world, as many other comparisons have been made where other Nintendo games have great graphics and smooth gameplay experiences. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Breath of the Wild are two examples that prove the Nintendo Switch does have the capacity to run games smoothly and give great experiences to players. Hencewise it cannot be an excuse that the games’ poor performance issues are because of hardware limitations rather than not giving time to clean and polish out the game and optimize it better for its exclusive console.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Dev GameFreak

Please know that if you haven’t purchased any DLC yet, make sure you purchase the correct one as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have separate DLC content, although the name and everything is the same, just a few version differences such as which Pokemon are available in each version. So people who own Pokemon Scarlet have to purchase the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet, and Pokemon Violet owners need to purchase the DLC for Violet. If players accidentally purchase the other game version’s DLC it won’t work with their version.

Players also have to progress a little in the game ahead to get to the Treasure Hunt startup to go straight to the DLC content.

For more on the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check out the games’ official website page.


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