Mega Garchomp Raid Day Coming to Pokemon GO

Another Mega Evolution of a fan favourite Pokemon is making its way to Pokemon GO this November 11th. Mega Garchomp has just been announced that will be available for 3 whole hours from 2 PM to 5 PM during Raid Day in the game.

Mega Garchomp is seen as one of the most powerful Mega Evolutions, with its Attack stat in Mega Evolved form a whopping 170. Its Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense stats also get a big boost although lowering its speed just a little bit. Mega Garchomp is also seen by many as one of the coolest-looking Pokemon that gets a great look after Mega evolving as the Garchomp line is loved by many. Its addition to Pokemon GO will certainly bring much anticipation and participation by players as they will surely want to add it to their roster.

Mega Garchomp Raid Day Info:

Mega Garchomp’s Raid Day debut is on Saturday, November 11 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM Local time throughout the world. Players can look to plan out a get-together to team up and hit the Mega Raids at their local gyms for the event.

As players would know, Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO brings with it many unique bonuses and more and so Mega Garchomp will be bringing out some worthwhile bonuses with it, such as boosts to Dragon and Ground Type moves, a boost to the catch-rate and the candy gathering rate of Dragon and Ground Type Pokemon, and much more.

There are also a few Event Bonuses for Garchomp’s Raid Day that you’d want to know about.

Remote Raid Pass Limits will be increased on Raid Day from 12 PM onwards to accommodate 10 Remote Raid Passes for each player.

Moreover, players will be able to get 5 free Daily Raid Passes instead of the usual 1 Per Day on Raid Day by spinning Gym Discs.

Also, The Shiny Version of Garchomp will also be available from Mega Raids and will have an increased chance to be so.

This is the perfect time and chance for players to get Mega Garchomp for their Pokemon roster. They will be able to obtain all the items that’ll allow them to clear and participate in multiple raids during Raid Day between 2 PM and 5 PM. Mega Garchomp will be a formidable foe however, so players will have to prepare a strong team, recommendedly one that has Ice Type Pokemon as Garchomp is super weak to Ice Attacks. The 170 Base Attack Stat For Mega Garchomp is very scary, and it might pose some one-hit K.O.s as if it’s completely normal, so think up about what to bring to Mega Garchomp Raids. After you acquire it, you can do the same to your opponents.

Gather up plenty of Mega Energy by doing as many Mega Garchomp Raids as you can and you might even be lucky enough to grab a Shiny Garchomp.

Event Exclusive Ticket for Purchase:

There will also be the option for a purchasable Ticket for $5 in Pokemon GO that will basically give you 4 bonuses during the event.

The bonuses are the following:

  1. Players will get 8 Raid Passes on top of the 5 that will be available for Mega Garchomp Raid Day. They’ll be able to get a 14 in total on November 11.
  2. Players will get 1.5 times more XP from Raid Battles.
  3. Players will get 2 times more Stardust from Raid Battles.
  4. Players will get an increased chance to get XL Candy from Raid Battles

Players can purchase this ticket for themselves as well as purchase it as a gift for their friends. They’ll need to be added ingame and be at least Great Friends in order to gift the ticket.

Regardless even if players don’t buy this ticket, they’ll have plenty of bonuses active for Raid Day that’ll help them get as much out of it as possible. Increased shiny rate, bonus raid passes, if you’re a Pokemon GO player then do consider joining in.

Additional Event Boxes:

Additionally to all of this, Pokemon GO will also have a box giving 2 Premium Raid Passes and 3 Remote Raid Passes for 595 ingame currency Pokemon GO coins. The Pokemon GO webstore will also have a special box if players want to check that out.

For more on Pokemon GO, check out the game’s official website. For more on Mega Pokemon and a full guide to how they work in the game, check out our other article. There is also an upcoming Festival of Lights event that itself is bringing many exclusive stuff that players would want.

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