Pokemon GO: Full Guide on Mega Evolution and Mega Energy

Pokemon GO

Mega Pokemon are one of the most popular and useful things to have in Pokemon GO. Aside from just looking very cool, Mega Pokemon come with many unique features that help out Pokémon GO players in Battles, Raids, catching Pokémon and much more. People who are freshly starting the game might wonder how to obtain Mega Evolutions in the game as there is no basic tutorial to go through Mega Evolution. We’re here to give new players all the info they need on Mega Evolution and Mega Energy in Pokemon Go.

For the most basic of information, Pokemon Go Mega Pokemon are obtained by Mega Evolving certain Pokémon by using Mega Energy. Similar to how candy works in the game, Mega Energy is also accumulated in the game and is obtained in mainly two ways.

The first way is by participating and completing Mega Raids. The second way is by completing special Research Tasks.

Pokemon GO Mega Raids:

Mega Raids are one of the most prominent gameplay aspects of Pokemon Go. Just like normal Raids, these raids hold Mega Pokemon that are not randomly chosen. Each Mega Raid comes in a new event and is always listed in the notes on Pokemon GO’s official website’s News pages. Mega Raids are one of the strongest raids to do in the game and require a strong team and a few good players battling out together to defeat the Mega Raid Pokemon.

By participating in Mega Raids with other players and clearing them out, Players can obtain the Pokemon that can Mega Evolve as well as some Mega Energy. This is the main way to gather it, by consistently battling in multiple Mega Raids until you have enough Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve your Pokemon.

Research Tasks and More:

Players can also obtain Mega Energy from some rare Field Research tasks as well as from Special Research Tasks. This basically allows you to just complete the required task to get some extra Mega Energy. This allows players to get energy without the need to look and participate in Raids so it is fairly convenient. However, Special Research Tasks are limited and cannot be redeemed constantly so players who already obtain Mega Energy in this manner can’t do it again. Field Research Tasks that give Mega Energy are also rare and exclusive to special events that are ongoing in the game, so players need to find and clear out the Field Research to obtain Mega Energy in that manner.

It is also another thing to note that there is no window that lists all of the Mega Energy that you have accumulated. You can only do that it by checking a Pokemon that can Mega evolve. Just click on that Pokemon from your Pokemon List and check its window, it will have Mega Energy mentioned as well as how much is required for it to Mega Evolve.

Pokemon GO Mega Raquaza

Mega Level Bonuses:

Mega Evolution gives many benefits to players in Pokémon Go. The main bonus is a boost to the CP of the Pokémon, making it much stronger by giving it much better stats. This allows players to get an edge in Battles. Other than that, Mega Evolved Pokémon also give certain bonuses to similarly typed Pokémon in Raids. For example, Mega Blaziken gives a boost to Fire and Fighting Type moves when it is participating in Raids. Hence it is not only limited to the player that has Mega Evolution, as whole raids and other players get benefit out of a single Pokemon if it is Mega Evolved.

Mega Level is of three types, Base Level, High Level and Max Level. Every Pokémon has a Mega Level that starts from the Base level when they Mega Evolve for the first time. It is based on this level that players get bonuses.

More bonuses aside from the ones listed above covering Raids are:

  1. Getting extra Candy and XL Candy from catching similar typed Pokémon during the Mega Evolution Period.
  2. Getting a reduced amount of Mega Energy Cost to Mega Evolve.
  3. Many other bonuses that are specific to certain Mega Pokemon

As mentioned in the third point, Mega Pokémon all have different bonuses coming for them, so it is recommended you always check up on the Mega Pokémon that you want to obtain. Niantic always gives information about newer upcoming Mega Pokémon and all their bonuses as well as information on whichever Mega Pokemon is currently obtainable in the game as a Mega Raid Pokémon.

As you get the hang of Mega Raids and consistently battle and try out Mega Pokemon, you automatically start getting bigger bonuses and gaining knowledge on how Mega evolution works in Pokémon Go.

There are many cool things and cool evolutions in the game. Mega Raquaza was a part of this year’s Pokemon Go Fest and brings a really cool way of Mega Evolution, as well as some strong fighting power. Many Mega Pokémon that are in the mainline Pokémon videogames are still unavailable but are slowly being added. The game might even break when Mega Lucario is added, a fan-favourite Mega Evolution of Lucario that almost everyone wants.

For more on Pokémon GO, check out their official website over here. The Día de Muertos 2023 event is also ongoing right now and has Mega Banette available in the game. The special Festival of Lights event is also coming in just a few days whose information is available over here.


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