Día de Muertos 2023: The Latest Pokemon GO Event now Live


The newest event Día de Muertos, which is based on the Cultural Heritage of Mexico is now live in Pokemon GO. The event brings about many special Pokemon with special looks, bonuses, Raids, Mega Pokemon, and much more.

The event is based on the Mexican Event held in real life to honour family members and the beloved departed. As it is a theme that is also shared in Pokemon, the event comes with many special spawns for Pokemon that have a similar background to the event, such as Cubone and Marowak, Ghost Pokemon, and cempasúchil crowns.

The Event is currently live during its time from November 1st at 10 AM till tomorrow November 2nd at 8 PM. This gives players a small opening to make the most out of the two days to get some special-themed Pokemon!

Día de Muertos Pokemon GO Event

A New Día de Muertos Look:

For the first time in Pokemon GO, Cubone and Marowak are getting special crowns that are spawning in the ingame overworld. Players also have a chance to get Shiny variants of Cubone and Marowak with the same look if they are lucky enough to find them.

As players would know from the description of Cubone and the story of losing its mother back in Gen 1, it is a very lonely Pokemon that misses its departed mother. The Skull it wears on its head is the skull of its mother whom it honors by wearing. Sometimes it cries at night making the skull shake. A gloomy story but one that helps Cubone get stronger and eventually evolve into Marowak.


Día de Muertos brings some brand new normal spawns already happening in the game.

The Pokemon that are available to catch right now in the game from the overworld are Sunkern, Sableye, Roselia, Duskull (also with the special cempasúchil crown including the look for all of its evolutionary forms), Drifloon, Litwick, as well as rarer spawns that include Cubone with the cempasúchil crown, Yamask and Phantump. All of these Pokemon have their shiny forms available in the game as well so players could get super lucky with many random shiny finds.

Moreover, players who are playing from Latin America or the Caribbean will get a big boost to all these spawns so they can make the most out of their cultural Día de Muertos event by playing Pokemon GO.

Additionally, Lures and Incenses are also giving a ton of special spawns for the duration of Día de Muertos. The Pokemon lured in by Incenses and lures include Sunkern, Sunflora, Houndour, Sableye, Roselia, Duskull with the cempasúchil crown, Drifloon, as well as the rarer Orange Flabebe and Cubone with the cempasúchil crown.

The same as with normal spawns, players in Latin America and the Caribbean also have a big boost to these special spawns.

Field Research:

Special Field Research is also available to all players that give encounters with Sunkern, Drifloon, Litwick, Cubone with the cempasúchil crown, and also for Alolan Marowak. All of these come with their shiny forms as well if players are lucky enough to encounter them.

Día de Muertos Darkrai


A whole lineup of Raids is also here to start out the month of November. There is a new Mega Evolution Pokemon making a return as well, another Legendary, and a new Pokemon for each star raid.

The 1 Star Raid Pokemon available right now is the event-exclusive Cubone wearing the cempasúchil crown. Players can get a shiny one as well after managing to defeat one during Día de Muertos.

3 Star Raids bring four different Pokemon that include Umbreon, Hariyama, Azumaril as well as Bombirdier. This last Flying Type also has its Shiny form available from raids if players are lucky enough to encounter one after clearing out the raid.

The 5 Star Legendary Raid is bringing back Darkrai, the ghastly Dark-Type Legendary Pokemon. Its shiny form is also available, which players can check only after defeating it in raids and encountering it.

For the Mega Raid Pokemon for Día de Muertos, Mega Banette is making a return. Coming with many unique bonuses when it is Mega Evolved, it is a worthy opponent in Raids and a very strong Pokemon to catch if players can manage to defeat it. It also comes with its shiny form available for the Día de Muertos event duration.

Stickers and Accessories:

As with all exclusive events that come with Pokemon GO, the Día de Muertos is also bringing some unique event-themed clothes and stickers for Pokemon GO players. The signature Mask Accessory from the previous Día de Muertos event in Pokemon GO is making a return, as well as a few new additions that are available to check and purchase from the ingame Accessory Shop.

Players can get stickers as they normally do by spinning Pokestops, receiving and opening gifts, or by simply purchasing them from the ingame Shop.

Día de Muertos Showcases:

For the event duration, Showcases will also be live till tomorrow for Duskull. Be sure to look out for any Huge Duskull you find!

There is plenty of enjoyment to get, special events to participate in and bonuses to take advantage of in Pokemon GO. The next event named Festival of Lights themed around the Indian Festival is almost here as well in Pokemon GO so fans can dive right in right now to get their November started. For more on Pokemon GO, check out their official website.


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