Eva Elfie’s DOTA2 Gesture Clocks In $25k As Team Spirit Declines

Eva Elfie money refused by Team Spirit

As an update to a piece of previous news about this year’s DOTA 2 event, The International, the adult star Eva Elfie vowed to donate all of her OnlyFans revenue earned during the event runtime to the event’s prizepool a few days ago. She shared a message pointing out how this year’s DOTA 2 event is an apparent streak-breaker with a very low prizepool, the first time in years of continuous growth of the money given to participating teams. This is why she shared her decision to donate all the revenue she earned during the event.

Eva Elfie has now come up and shared that she contacted the winners of the International 2023, Team Spirit, to transfer $25,000 US to them. However, they have politely refused.

Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie shared the news via updates on her Social Media. As she states, her OnlyFans earnings reached $20,000 US on top of which she herself added $5000 US, and went forward to contact the team who won DOTA2’s The International 2023.

She requested that the audience and viewers not judge the team’s decision as they are free to accept or refuse any association with her and the industry she works in, and as such, she would now be looking for a way to use the earned money. She mentions the runner-up Team, Gaimin Gladiators who themselves were on a really good winning streak during the event, going through the whole of Lower Bracket at the event and fighting their way to the Grand Finals. Funnily enough, Eva also jokes that there is another option for spending the money by holding a full DOTA 2 event in her own name. She’ll be taking in a poll on what to do with the $25,000 US.

The International concluded after a whole weekend of the highest tier of DOTA 2 Esports this past weekend, with Day 1, 2 and the final 3rd all holding some prominent matches and some great entertainment for those that watched or joined the event. There was also a brand new revelation of the next upcoming hero, The Ringmaster, for the game as well. The International is an annual event that will be sure to come next year, and maybe Eva Elfie will be there to participate and meet up with all known DOTA 2 personalities ahead as well.

For more on DOTA 2 or The International, check out the game’s official website page.


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