DOTA 2 Newest Upcoming Hero Unveiled at The International 2023

DOTA 2 New Hero Unveiling

We have a very strong streak of brand new unveilings at The International on the big Grand Final Day, and this year it’s looking to be no different.

As soon as the two Grand Finalist teams are decided, we go to a small break where the cosplay contest is occurring. After the winners are decided, we shift to the DOTA 2 Short Video finalists. Right after the winning video, “Chemical Rage” is played, a special video is showcased that doesn’t seem to be one that was available to view in the Short Film tab.

Here is the video showing the brand-new Hero, the Ringmaster, coming to DOTA 2 next year.

A weird commentary of an individual who seems to gather children, but has a hard time because people look for them? So heroes are easier targets? Easier to catch and Easier to train?

DOTA 2 Axe captured

A tanky hero like Axe, just getting stuck and pulled into another dimension through a weird-looking puppety kind of door? Interesting indeed. A pleasant look regardless as the next big yearly update is also imminent. Fans can’t wait. Valve also came and signified their move from focusing on yearly TI Battlepasses in exchange of better updates and more content for all DOTA 2 players, so there is surely to be big stuff coming ahead.

For more on DOTA 2, check out their official website. If you’d like a full coverage of the three days of DOTA 2’s The International, we have you covered, with a link over here to the article covering Day 1, here covering Day 2, and over here covering the final day. Champions have been crowned and it has been a pleasure covering everything this weekend.


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