The International 2023 DOTA2: Concluding Day 3 Finale.

The International 2023 Final Day

This is it, the final day where the next DOTA 2 Champions are crowned at The International. It has been a long journey this year for the final three teams. Gaimin Gladiators have done it, a winning streak in the Lower Bracket and have made it to their match against LGD today to decide who will go to the Grand Finals where Team Spirit are waiting. Day 1 was entertaining with the Opening Ceremony and the first few close deciders. Day 2 was intense, showcasing some high-tier DOTA 2 once again. Who will be crowned winners of TI 2023 on the final Day 3?

We will all know soon enough, and alongside the matches that decide our champions, there will be plenty of other entertainment for all DOTA 2 fans and viewers who are watching the event online or at the site or are reading our coverage.

Day 3 begins with our first matchup.

LGD VS Gaimin Gladiators:

Game 1:

The draft phase begins. Phoenix is the first pick for LGD, Primal Beast for Gaimin Gladiators. Dazzle, Bristleback, Enchantress and Chen are banned by LGD, Gaimin Gladiators take out Ancient Apparition, Muerta, Chaos Knight and Dark Willow. LGD move on to pick Centaur Warrunner, Shadow Demon, Spirit Breaker and Luna, while also banning out Life Stealer, Spectre and Wraith King. Gaimin Gladiators pick up Grimstroke, Silencer, Necrophos and Alchemist and ban out Weaver, Faceless Void and Monkey King. Fogged and ODPixel are here to cast our first game of our final day.

The International LGDvGG

First Blood comes a few seconds after the minute mark from a full-team Initiation from LGD securing it on Shadow Demon by killing Silencer. A truly action-packed early game as there are plenty of initiations. Albeit a bit slow, Gaimin Gladiators put on the pressure with aggression as soon as Quinn gets some kills going for him at the Mid Lane. LGD gaming try to contest but they do get shut down a little and start getting behind in farm. An aggressive push from the whole team of Gaimin Gladiators turns to a disadvantage when they can’t chase down Luna from a smoke gank and LGD make them pay back by getting a few kills back, including on Quinn’s Necro. This doesn’t make them slow down however, as they come right back and take out Luna in another gank.

The 20th minute starts and Gaimin have some good map control and a gold lead. LGD however do have the Luna farming mechanism going for them and try to keep up and stay relatively even. Alchemist however gives Gaimin Gladiators the edge and they take out Roshan and then the Top Lane Barracks. Close to the half-hour mark a teamfight happens at the Mid highground where LGD put on a good fight and contest Gaimin Gladiators by almost taking out 2. They try for Necrophos as well but Quinn comes back to kill off Luna right in the middle of LGD’s heroes and so LGD are forced to back off; they know Necro thrives off of the buff he gets right after getting a kill. The game does go even now however, LGD get their map back and now try to open up the game. They push, and then with an opportunity found at the Roshan pit at top, they take out 2 of Gaimin Gladiators’ heroes again and now they start to take the lead with the Aegis and a Gold lead for potentially the first time in the game.

The game now slowly creeps into Late Territory, an intense team fight comes at the Dire Highground where Alchemst is caught off too deep down. LGD tries to go on Necro but he proves a formidable and tanky foe, Gaimin Gladiators take a turn and catch them back and the team fight comes out even, Luna managing to cheekily TP out. Another heated initiation at the Bottom middle Jungle where LGD get a 3 man stun and followup. Gaimin Gladiators survive through it and take a step back. Necro is still a menace holding his ground even alone as his team is a little back. LGD try to make something work but can’t manage a kill, and Gaimin Gladiators come to the front again. Luna goes down in exchange of a death and buyback from Gaimin. The game is still very even.

The objective is turned to getting Roshan at the 47th minute for both teams; LGD want it to strengthen their push while Gaimin want it for themselves as it’ll be the ticket to push themselves. A heated team fight begins where Gaimin look like they’re turning out as winners, but LGD clutch kills as well as the Aegis on Luna. It turns sour however because Luna can’t survive and now she doesn’t have a buyback, despite holding a rapier. LGD have to defend, Gaimin Gladiators know this is the chance to take the game as the Bot Lane is open.

They push hard, LGD only have 4 heroes. LGD back off into their fount hoping the game lasts enough for Luna to come back, but Gaimin Gladiators are fast Tower-takers with Alchemist. They quickly take out both Tier 4 Towers and now it’s looking bad for LGD; they have to go out and stop them from taking the throne.

They try to do it, and are successful, taking out 2, even three heroes, but Primal Beast has enough damage, and less than 5 seconds from Luna respawning, the Radiant throne goes down.

Gaimin Gladiators have once again, proven they are on a winning streak with their signature aggressive strategy and are now a single game away from being Grand Finalists of The International 2023. LGD have to make something work in the next game or they’re going home.

Game 2:

Gaimin Gladiators go for CK, Willow, Wraith King, Nature’s Prophet and Akasha the Queen of Pain. LGD secure Muerta, Magnus, Elder Titan, Naga Siren and Pangolier. I could swear I saw sort of a frown on Quinn’s face the moment Pango was picked.

Nature’s Prophet secures First Blood from NothingtoSay’s Pango at the Bottom River rune spawn.

It all comes down to if LGD can last long enough to get to the Late Game. Gaimin Gladiators focus on Early Game again, and it shows once again. Quinn gets the upper hand at mid with the help of a gank and with Pango already a little behind from giving first blood, his game is completely shut down. Quinn on Akasha becomes very active very fast. The first 15 minutes come all in the hands of Gaimin Gladiators once again.

LGD are behind but they need to farm up and survive now. Dyrachyo loses a life to an Ancient Creep by toggling his Armlet off accidentally because well he’s Dyrachyo. No big deal. But then he gets picked off along with Nature’s Prophet at the same location afterwards. Now LGD see just a little bit of room to grow. Naga does make her way to become the highest Networth hero for LGD at the 20th minute. Pangolier however is still struggling with very low farm and no survivability getting picked off constantly. A team fight next to the Dire Tormentor has Naga and other LGD heroes lose their lives and they lose a Bot Barrack as well.

Time hits the 30-minute mark and LGD still are only on the defensive, Naga keeping them alive somehow, Pangolier and Magnus just too far behind. Gaimin Gladiators know perfectly well what they need to do and how to do it to win this. It is turning Late, but can LGD really make it work against Gaimin Gladiators who are super farmed and have a strong lead?

They can’t. Gaimin Gladiators all come into Dire’s Base and take out Naga. LGD don’t have an answer, and Gaimin Gladiators take out LGD and win with a GG.

They’ve done it. A full Lower Bracket run and now Gaimin Gladiators are the Grand Finalists of the International. Their opponents Team Spirit are watching.

So now that we have our final two teams, The International will take just a small break. We’re shown a very intriguing video of the DOTA 2 sisters at the Counselling and Conflict Mediation.

And then the DOTA 2 Cosplay Contest is also underway. Many cosplayers showcase their works and all of them look amazing.

The International Cosplay Contest

The finalists are chosen and four winners are given awards.

The Best Technique goes to Dan as Crystal Maiden.

The International Best Technique

The Best Transformation goes to Chiyunekoo as Skywrath Mage.

The International Best Transformation

The Judges Choice goes to FWIVO as Vengeful Spirit.

The International Judges Choice

And the winner of the Cosplay and the Best in Show at The International goes to Styrogirls as Alchemist! Certainly some amazing work.

The International Best in Show

The DOTA 2 Short Video Contest has a winner as well. But right after the “Chemical Rage” winning video, another special video is played. Axe looks like he’s somehow hit a trap, and gets pulled into another dimension through an amusing-looking circusy-puppety-door.

We’re given a glimpse of the next hero at The International coming to DOTA 2. No hero is safe from the Ringmaster coming to the game next year.

We come back to the panel and it is stacked. Some legendary faces altogether that have seen their share of fame at The Internationals.

Some final words and a little bit of analysis, and it is back to business. The Grand Finals of The International 2023 begins!

Gaimin Gladiators Versus Team Spirit:

A surprise, Yatoro shaved his head! Just like he did the last time he won The International!

Game 1:

Gaimin go straight for bans on all the most successful and meta heroes for this patch and The International 2023. They ban out Bristleback, Spirit Breaker, Magnus and Primal Beast. Team Spirit ban out Chen, Chaos Knight, Kunkka and Bloodseeker. Team Spirit picks Weaver for their first draft pick. Gaimin pick up Muerta. Spirit ban out Nature’s Prophet next. Gaimin ban out Grimstroke and pick a Pango for their second draft. Interesting because a Mid hero isn’t normally picked so early by Gaimin Gladiators. Treant Protector and Puck go to Spirit. Gaimin pick up Lone Druid and Silencer. Spirit choose Beastmaster for their fourth hero draft and ban Terrorblade. Willow and Shadow Demon are banned from Gaimin Gladiators. Alchemist is the final ban from Spirit and their final draft pick is chosen; Tusk. Gaimin Gladiators come up with Gyrocopter for their final draft pick of the first game of the Grand Finals of The International 2023. Cap and SVG cast the first game.

Let’s go!

First Blood comes at Minute 2 to Tofu on Muerta chasing Miposhka’s Treant at the Top Lane at the riverside. The Radiant offlane sees a particular stat as Ace faces the first and second of his bears getting taken out, some premium gold going to Spirit’s safelane. The game does not feel like the typical Gaimin Gladiator match. It’s Team Spirit taking charge, Yatoro amazingly dominating the Top Lane, killing Ace and his bears and the Bottom Lane being hard as well. A team fight starts in front of the Bottom Dire Tower with Quinn ganking, But Team Spirit are waiting. They surprise him back and suddenly they’re on top of 4 of Gaimin Gladiators and three of them are already dead. Muerta tries to escape through the Bottom Portal, but he’s taken down as well. Team Spirit now have the lead as well as the momentum and pressure. Gaimin Gladiators need to work something out.

A teamfight goes even, but Yatoro is in his prime, taking out Ace once again and completely shutting him down at the Top Lane. Now Yatoro can start roaming, and no one on Gaimin Gladiators is safe where he’s around. Aegis allows him and his team to push hard. Another Team Fight at the Top Lane Tier 2 Tower, Gaimin try to hold a defense but they can’t handle the damage coming from Yatoro’s Weaver. Miposhka is showing his skills too as he sits next to the trees right behind the Top Secret Shop and Gaimin Gladiators have no idea they’re being watched. They smoke, and it’s instantly dispelled. Roots come from below and Team Spirit jump right in. 4 almost instantly gone for Gaimin Gladiators.

The Midlaner and the Offlane Carry are both caught once again by Team Spirit. Aegis and Double Damage along with a Skadi is also up for Yatoro. It’s easy push on Mid highground. Gyro is also soon down despite a retreat. A desperate smoke comes for Gaimin Gladiators and it allows them to find Yatoro. But again, it’s Yatoro. A hero is suddenly gone on Gaimin Gladiators, deleted. Pangolier follows soon after, Weaver with a 10+ killing streak. No choice for Gaimin Gladiators but to call GG.

Team Spirit are not your average TI players. They convincingly use the same strategy that Gaimin Gladiators have been using in their Lower Bracket run and show they can do it better. Team Spirit take game 1. Gaimin Gladiators need to bring out their best as just the same usual thing is not going to work in The International 2023 Grand Finals.

Game 2:

Team Spirit are allowed to pick Magnus, Enchantress, Faceless Void, Grimstroke and Pangolier. Gaimin Gladiators take up Primal Beast, Nature’s Prophet, Muerta, Wraith King and Morphling.

This time the game surprisingly looks even despite the draft picks. A teamfight suddenly appears at the Bottom Lane Tower and there’s some good skirmish. Team Spirit make it work for them and handle Gaimin Gladiator’s jumps and take out three of their heroes including Morphling. Game goes slow but Team Spirit look a little in the lead. Morphling does come online, and gets a good kill on Magnus as top, and it changes into some good map control at top. He starts to farm up now. The game goes even after a chase turns in favour of Gaimin Gladiators who manage to take out Void and Magnus both and even Enchantress right after at the Top Lane. It looks like it can be either teams game now. Even Steven entering the 23rd minute. A trial of getting Roshan comes for Spirit near minute 25 and Gaimin Gladiators see it, they come in full speed. Spirit know they can’t do it and instantly get out and smoke up themselves. The fight begins, Morphling thinks he can go deep, but gets instantly taken out of the equation. Gaimin Gladiators now lack teamfight and Spirit are not letting them get out unscathed. They take out 3 and open the game for them.

Void now reaches the highest net worth in the game at minute 27. A team fight intensifies with lots of jumps that started with Magnus pushing in Primal Beast to Spirit. He survives but what follows ends with Morphling and Void down and many others as well. It comes even for both sides. The game turns even as well. The 35th minute comes with another team fight and Spirit come out on top. Tofu does a skillful play with Muerta’s shot and ends up with Yatoro’s Void down. Tips galore. Another team fight at top, high tier DOTA 2. Lots of jumps, Primal Beast almost gets caught, Magnus grabs Nature’s Prophet and drags him towards his team. Primal Beast and Morphling jump in to help. Void Spirit comes and catches them both. Morphling, Nature’s Propet and Primal Beast all taken out and Muerta soon after. Wraith King barely gets out. Void and Pangolier are at the top net worth graph.

A 10k lead develops for Team Spirit. Aegis also on Void. Push begins and top is wiped out. Void dives in catches Morphling cleanly and takes him out, the rest of Gaimin Gladiators all fall soon after. Yatoro’s Faceless Void getting two Rampages diving inside the Dire fount. The crowd is truly entertained. Game 2 to Team Spirit as well.

One more game and Team Spirit will be hailed as champions once again. Gaimin Gladiators have some steep steps to place down.

Game 3:

Gaimin Gladiators pick up Ancient Apparition, Pangolier, Brewmaster, Muerta and Spectre. CK, Grimstroke, Tusk, Dazzle and Spirit Breaker go to Team Spirit.

A lucky First Blood to Spirit Breaker bashing Ancient Apparition’s icy head in at the Bottom Lane. Much needed pickoffs in early game, when Spirit looks like they start building up, Gaimin Gladiators get some much-needed kills. When Gaimin Gladiators look like they’re starting to build momentum, Team Spirit show up. A consequent pick up at top and then mid as well give Gaimin Gladiators a little lead. Now it’s starting to look like it’s going one way. Gaimin Gladiators pick off Dazzle again, their momentum building. Top Tier 2 is gone at 19th minute. The 23rd minute has them initiate from far away and Spirit disable their charge, they catch off and target Spectre for a much-needed kill and then hunt down 3 more. The game again starts to see even ground. 26th minute gives Gaimin Gladiators a team wipe on Spirit and the lead is back to Gaimin. Fight again at the 28th, kills on both sides. Neither side is letting the other get away for free.

It starts to get late and a Spirit Breaker Initiation is perfect killing off both supports and allowing Panglier to be open to a kill as well. Team Spirit are free to take the Mid Tier 2 Tower. The next team fight is a clutch for Spirit, a full team wipe for Spirit, Spirit Breaker and CK taking charge and picking off AA twice right at the start. They almost instantly get a 20k lead. They’re spread and out clear the map for farm as well as Roshan. A team fight similar to this former one and that almost secures it. The Radiant base is open with 4 gone, Pango the unreal hero the only one sitting in the fountain.

Mega Creeps. Immense pressure from Spirit. They’ve won it and are second-time champions of The International 2023!

Yatoro getting cheers after cheers. A fan-favourite veteran of DOTA 2, now a two-time TI winner as well. Team Spirit go in the DOTA 2 history books once again.

And this has been it. Team Spirit have autographs to give, conclusions have to be made, and The International 2023 has to reach its end. There is the Late Game Show for viewers, but for most of us over here, we’ll take our leave. It has been entertaining and a great weekend for DOTA 2 fans.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read all of our coverage of the three days of The International 2023. We’re immensely grateful for your viewership alongside a great and entertaining event for DOTA 2. There is plenty more coming ahead for fans to enjoy in Valve’s MOBA title, so even if we have to wait a year again for the next TI, we’ll still have plenty of new updates and new content coming our way.

Here’s a link to DOTA 2’s main page of their official website. You look to us to cover all the latest news coming to DOTA 2.


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