The Finals Open Beta – One of the most-played Shooters on Steam

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The Finals Open Beta has made its mark as a solid rival to all popular free-to-play FPSes as it is currently one of the most-played games on Steam.

Slaying the Charts

It has been a crazy month for all FPS games with their season releases. But, The Finals Open Beta is out with potential to dethrone the competition. Currently, making it the 4th most-played game on Steam at the time of writing. With over 113,000 players peaking at 360,000 just as of today. The Finals’ open beta in its first 24 hours, shot up to the top 10’s most played games on Steam. Reaching a peak of 143,000 concurrent players. The game has taken the FPS genre by storm, and players can, as of now, try it out. Truly one of the hottest FPS releases in the gaming industry.

The Finals is a new title from Embark Studios, created by ex-DICE developers. The game is a beast of its own. A first-person team-based shooter with a map being a city block arena surrounded by a stadium jam-packed with bleachers. It is truly unique and original. Players who know the Battlefield destruction engine will be blown by The Final’s version of it. Buildings will collapse as they lose structural integrity due to the use of destructive weapons and explosives. As buildings collapse, so does the map layout change which alters the atmosphere completely.   

The Finaly Gameplay

Money in The Bank

There are, as of now, two game modes for players to try out, Quick Cash, and Bank It. Quick cash focuses on players fighting over the same cash vaults. In Bank It, players collect coins around the map and bank their cash at designated locations. Weapons are not from the asci-fi world, they are basic real-world weapons that can be personalized with attachments, skins, stickers, and badges.

Rig up your Contestants

Players can create 6 different avatars (aka contestants) with 3 main variables, small, heavy, or large body types. All different body types have their strengths and weaknesses. They can be set up with different styles, emotes, load-outs with different specializations, weapons, and gadgets. This level of detail, yet in a simplified structure, makes creating personal contestants a breeze. As players continue to play and score points, they can use them to unlock more weapons and equipment to explore different methods of playstyle.

The Finals Player Customization

However, due to The Finals being in its beta phase, not many options are available yet. Embark Studios has purely launched it to test the waters on server performance. Expectedly, with The Finals’ launch, players can expect a huge variety of equipment upgrades and more game modes. For instance, an all-time standard death-match mode.

A few things that can get annoying is the waiting time after losing a battle in a gunfight. It takes players 15 seconds to get back on the map which can be frustrating, causing immense stress to your sanity. they have the option of reviving their fallen teammates, but that also takes longer than expected. It will leave them vulnerable and open to attacks while reviving dead players.

What outshines in The Finals, is Embark Studios’ effort in creating a stunning FPS with a genre of its own. The game design, match options, player customizations, and the game score all create a fresh new FPS. It is not some copy of any other FPS in the industry.

The Finals Open Beta is currently available on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The Beta is playable until November 5, 2023.


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