Pokemon GO Festival of Lights


The Festival of Lights is making its way back to Pokemon GO this November starting on the 7th and is coming with a brand new Gen 10 Pokemon debut, bonuses and rewards, spawns, and more.

As it happened in the previous year, the Festival of Lights event is debuting Tadbulb this time around alongside its evolutionary form Bellibolt from the latest mainline Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. The previous year’s Festival of Lights debuted Pokemon, the fairy type Morelull and its evolutionary form Shiinotic are also included in the upcoming revival.

Currently, Tadbulb and Bellibolt do not have their shiny forms available, but almost all other Pokemon coming to this event will have their shiny forms available ingame.

Here’s the full list of what players can expect from the event:

The Spawns:

More than ten kinds of spawns will be available spawning in the overworld throughout the event. Alongside Morelull and Tadbulb available as rare spawns, the common spawns include the following Pokemon; Pikachu, Vulpix, Ponyta, Magnemite, Voltorb, Chinchou, Mareep, Slugma, Electrike and Litwick. All of the mentioned Pokemon aside from Tadbulb will have their shiny forms available in the game if players are lucky enough to encounter them.

Moreover, Incenses will also bring a big list of spawns throughout the event. Incenses will last longer during the Festival of Lights and will give the following encounters; Hisuian Voltorb, Alolan Geodude, Litleo, Dedenne, Morelull, Tadbulb, Litwick, Blitzle, Slugma, Volbeat and Illumise. Aside from Tadbulb and Hisuian Voltorb, all other Pokemons’ shiny forms will be available ingame as well.

Field Tasks:

Field Tasks will also give exclusive encounters for the event, coming with Tadbulb, Morelull and Darumaka. Darumaka’s shiny form is available too.


Hatching Pokemon from 7 km eggs will give players Morelull, Dedenne, Elekid and Magby including a chance to be shiny. What’s more, is that Morelull hatched from eggs will have an even higher chance of being a shiny than the chance of Morelulls in the overworld in Pokemon GO. So for players looking to hatch a shiny Morelull, they can look to stack up 7km eggs and hatch them as much as possible for the best odds.


Throughout the event, the incense used will last twice as long, unlocking a full list of all the Incense spawns mentioned above. Secondly, players will have a 2x bonus to receiving candy and stardust from hatching Pokemon from eggs.

Timed Research:

Rewards for completing the event-exclusive Timed Research which will be available throughout the event duration include some brand new Avatar items such as shirts and more, as well as more encounters with event-themed Pokemon. Players will be able to complete Timed Reasearch by exploring and catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Some other Avatar items include new poses which will be purchasable ingame.

Pokemon GO Festival of Lights


For Showcases during the event, Litwick and Tadbulb will be the Showcase Pokemon for players wanting to get some exclusive showcase rewards.

Additionally, for players playing in India, there will be some exclusive rewards and an exclusive Collection Challenge giving players bonus XP, Stardust, and earning double the amount of candy from catching Pokemon.

The Indian-themed festival event came last year as the Seasons of Light, revamped again this year as the Festival of Lights. The Pokemon Go community in India is of a considerable size and many players are looking to take advantage of living there. Players can also group up and use the newest addition of Party Play in the game to play together with friends and colleagues.

It’s no big deal if you’re anywhere else in the world either way, as there are plenty of rewards for all that play Pokemon GO in November.

For more on Pokemon GO, check out the popular mobile game’s official website.


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