PULSE Explore & PULSE Elite Headsets’ Features Revealed

PULSE Elite and PULSE Explore

Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore, the latest PlayStation wireless headset and earbuds bring next-gen 3D audio clarity and enhanced gaming performance.

PlayStation Gaming Audio has never been Better

Pulse Explore headset launches on December 6, 2023, and PULSE Elite earbuds on February 21, 2024. In comparison to Sony’s competitors, PlayStation has outshined in the department of additional gaming peripherals for their console. When it comes to Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, that focuses more on controller design, such as their Xbox Design Lab, but no dedicated headphones. Even Nintendo hasn’t ventured into this field. Sony stays unique with more and more accessories to enhance users’ gaming experience, including their latest PlayStation VR2 for VR Gaming, and the upcoming handheld remote play device, PlayStation Portal.

Noise Cancelling with AI

PULSE Elite is Sony PlayStation’s latest wireless headset with the ability to give out lossless audio and AI-enhanced noise rejection. It will be able to filter out background noise better than its predecessor, Pulse 3D. Adding a retractable boom mic has been one of the best improvements to the Pulse Elite. This was lacking in the preview version, as players struggled to communicate among friends during online play. Sony’s first set of wireless earbuds designed for gaming, the PULSE Explore, is more portable and powerful at the same time. These also include AI-enhanced noise rejection ability just like the PULSE Elite.

Next-Gen Gaming Audio – Planar Magnetic Drivers

Both audio devices come with planar magnetic drivers, used mostly in high-end audiophile headphones, giving them both a studio-like audio spectrum. These Planar Magnetic Drivers give less harmonic distortion and, a faster transient response time than other drivers.


PlayStation Link – Innovative Connectivity

PlayStation Link is PlayStation’s latest wireless audio connection. It will deliver lossless audio and low latency, and switching between multiple PlayStation Link-enabled devices a breeze. Both audio devices come with a proprietary PlayStation Link USB adapter that can be connected to the PlayStation 5, PC, MAC, and mobile phones through Bluetooth. Switching both audio devices between attending a call from a phone and heading back to gaming on the PlayStation 5 will be seamless with PlayStation Link. However, PlayStation’s latest handheld device, the PlayStation Portal, can directly connect to both audio devices without the need for a USB adapter. Both Audio Devices will each come with a PlayStation Link USB Adapter.

PULSE Explore

PULSE Elite Phenomenal Battery Upgrade

Pulse Elite headphones will have a fantastic 30-hour battery life, a big upgrade from Pulse 3D which had just about 13 hours per charge. Also, they will have a 2-hour battery from just a 10-minute recharge. This can be effective during long hours of online play and need to get back into action quickly. The headset will come with a charging hanger. This unique charger can be attached to desks and tabletops. It can also be mounted on a wall, but additional mounting hardware (screws, etc.) is not included.

Pulse Explore earbuds will have just about 5 hours of battery life and an additional 10 hours through their proprietary charging case. The charging case has a slim, sleek design complimenting the design of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Portable. It has the same charging light construct we have seen in PlayStation DualSense controllers.

PULSE Elite Charging Hanger


Pulse Elite will cost 149.99 USD|149.99 EURO|129.99 GBP|18,980 YEN.

Pulse Explore will cost 199.99 USD|219.99 EURO|199.99 GBP|29,980 YEN.


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