World of Warcraft Worldsoul Saga Announced at Blizzcon 2023

World of Warcraft the Worldsoul Saga

Blizzcon 2023 has given its share of surprises to fans for its many modern titles including Diablo IV, Hearthstone, Overwatch2 and also its main MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This time the news doesn’t come with a single expansion however as the dev team have come up and shared their whole vision for World of Warcraft for the foreseeable future. They have announced a full plotline that doesn’t span a single expansion but will be a whole story that is going to be covered in the next three expansions coming for the MMORPG title from Blizzard Entertainment.

The news drop started with Chris Metzen reminding Blizzcon attendees that next year 2024 will be the 20th anniversary of the game, and such an occasion wouldn’t call for just another expansion as history has included year after year. The next expansion would be the 10th one for Warcraft, and to get something new out for everyone, the foresight of the newest story has to be something as deep and lush as the oldest tales of Warcraft themselves are. Hence, the World of Warcraft Worldsoul Saga will carry on the torch as well as unravel some of the oldest mysteries and forgotten tales the world has and has never known.

World of Warcraft The Worldsoul Saga:

World of Warcraft Worldsoul Saga will be covered with the next three expansions coming to the game. The first and the next upcoming one is named World of Warcraft The War Within. The second expansion that will follow War Within will be World of Warcraft Midnight. Finally, the third and concluding expansion which will follow the Worldsoul Saga to its conclusion will be called World of Warcraft The Last Titan. Chris Metzen covered some basic plotlines for each of the next three expansions and what their stories will hold. The first expansion The War Within however got a big look with a full new Cinematic also released during Blizzcon, and as always, Blizzard Entertainment showed some great quality with their cinematics to hype up fans and players for what is coming ahead.

We’ll go through each of the expansions one by one to cover all that we know of the next story from the announcement at Blizzcon 2023.

“A storyline that in almost every way feels like the culmination of the first 20 years of our storytelling.”

-Chris Metzen at Blizzcon 2023.
World of Warcraft The War Within

The War Within:

As explained by Chris, the expansion will take players into the heart of Azeroth, deep into the subterranean parts where new races and new cultures await. He mentioned two new kinds, the Earthen and the Nerubians. Players will once again have to take up arms against the dark forces coming for the Worldsoul that will mark the beginning of the long new epic coming to World of Warcraft.

After an overview of all that the Worldsoul Saga will include and a little about the first and other two expansions, we come back to the beginning of the forgotten new tale. The Cinematic for what lies in the heart of Azeroth is shown that will begin The War Within.

The cinematic hints at what lies ahead in the newest expansion as well as the rest of the Worldsoul Saga.


This expansion’s story will take players back to Quel’Thalas in the Old World where the forces of The Void have come to conquer the Sunwell’s Light. Players will interact with Elven Races and their people for Unification and a stand against the shadowy enemy. Chris also notes an indirect small spoiler, “It is Azeroth, things may not go to plan. Things may spiral, wildly, out of control.”

The Last Titan:

What comes after Midnight will lead players to the concluding expansion of the Worldsoul Saga, where the oldest tales of Azeroth are once again revived and relooked. Players will head to the Old World once again, this time to Northrend. Amidst the Ice in Ulduar, the Titans wait and will come to Azeroth, and with them their untold story. As Chris put it;

“You will uncover a vast conspiracy, one that stretches throughout the history of the world, one that will challenge everything you think you know about the Titans, their intentions and the true nature of Azeroth itself.”

Chris explaining The Last Titan Expansion’s story.
World of Warcraft The Titan's Sword

The next story of the World of Warcraft is thus given a big reach and Blizzard has promised to give fans a tale truly worth being a part of. They’ve also shared that fans won’t have to wait forever for it to conclude. The beginning of the Worldsoul Saga is already up for preorder and the rest are being made as we speak so Warcraft players can rest assured that they have some great content coming for the next few years to the almost 20-year-old famous title.

To preorder The War Within and to get a look at the World of Warcraft, check out the official website. Players can already check what’s in store for The War Within and everything new coming to the game over at the website. The world beneath Azeroth is full of new places like Hallowfall and Azj Kahet, with a new race, the Earthen, all of this was also given an overview look at Blizzcon and is available to watch. The Pre-purchase also comes with an Edition that gives Early Access to people who buy it so they’ll get to experience the beginning of the new saga first.

It is going to be a long journey to the end of the Worldsoul Saga so there is plenty, and I mean very plenty, of more stuff and more content of all kinds coming in the future.


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