PlayStation Portal Releasing in 10 Days


PlayStation Portal is Sony’s upcoming handheld streaming device that is releasing on November 15. It is meant for Remote Play with the PlayStation 5 and is priced at 200 USD.

PlayStation Portal is cut down to more of an add-on accessory rather than a gaming handheld like Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck because it is only meant for Remote Play. The device is incapable of running anything other than the streamed games from your PlayStation 5. PlayStation Portal promises to solve the typical issues that arrive when streaming games; Small screens, slow/interruptive streaming and poor controls.

The Screen:

PlayStation Portal comes with an 8-inch LCD Display capable of 1080p 60fps. According to early impressions from reviewers, it is a good display that was able to translate games like Astro’s Playroom and Horizon Forbidden West to a handheld form factor well. However, it is a baffling choice to not use an OLED screen for the handheld like PlayStation previously did with PSVITA. This decision might have been taken to keep the price tag of the streaming device low but Sony could have released a pricier OLED variant like how Valve handled their Steam Deck.


Sony promises a seamless streaming experience provided that a strong network connection is provided. Around the announcement of the device, fans were sceptical of the streaming because of their middling experiences with Sony’s PS Remote Play app. However, Sony has been marketing that their remote play device will not hinder players’ gaming experiences as the streaming quality will be top-notch.

Sliced DualSense?

Perhaps, the biggest feature of the PlayStation Portal is that it doesn’t compromise even slightly, on the ergonomics that one is accustomed to when playing games on the PS5. It essentially is an 8-inch screen that is jammed between a DualSense. Hence, it contains all the bells and whistles like haptics and adaptive triggers. From early impressions, reviewers noticed that the input lag during Remote Play feels to be eliminated / inconsequential. However, we will have to wait for the device to be launched for proper latency and input lag tests.

While PlayStation Portal might not be the handheld that fans of PSP and PSVITA have been waiting for from Sony, it can be a great buy for owners of the PS5 at the 200 USD price point who want to play their PS5 games remotely without compromising on the general experience. It has to be seen how exactly PlayStation Portal will stream games better and more consistently than the existing remote play solutions and if first-party Sony games will make use of the technology better.

For those interested, you can preorder the handheld device from the following retailers:

PlayStation Direct – PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player

Walmart – PlayStation Portal Remote Player for PS5 Console

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