Helldivers 2 New Update Kicked 120,000 AFK Server Squatters

Helldivers 2 new update has pretty much shaken things up and has made the game playable for many. The “AA” extraction shooter from Arrowhead Games Studios has taken the gaming industry by storm with its incredible gameplay and carefully curated live-service model – so well to the point that Helldivers 2 faced a full server cap issue. And you’d be surprised to know what was causing the server capacity issue in the first place. AFK Server Squatters were kicked from Helldivers 2 with Patch 1.000.11 and Patch 1.000.12 raised the server cap to 700,000.

Following suit, the developers were astonished by the number of players trying to play the game, basically DDoSing the server with what is known as the DDoS hug of death. Hence, many players had to be met with unbearable wait times and max server capacity issues for Helldivers 2. The developers kept clear comms and connected with the Helldivers 2 community via the Official Discord. And finally, new Helldivers 2 updates rolled out increasing the server cap from 400,000 players to 700,000

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Helldivers New Update – Patch 1.000.11 and Patch 1.000.12 – Summarized

  • The New Helldivers 2 Update Patch 1.000.12 has increased the Server Capacity to 700,000 concurrent players.
  • Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Helldivers 2, fears that newcomers will break server capacity once again.
  • Earlier, Helldivers 2 Update Patch 1.000.11 implemented a timer to kick AFK server squatters.
  • After Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.11 dropped, the player count dropped to 40,000 concurrent players.
  • Nearly 120,000 Players were AFK Server Squatting in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 New Update Patch 1.000.12 Dropped – Helldivers Patch 1.000.11 Kicked 120,000 AFK Server Squatters

Helldivers 2 AFK server squatters kicked. Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.11 - Helldivers 2 new update - Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.11

Finally, Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.12 finally dropped, which raised the server capacity to 700,000 players. Players are finally having a much more enjoyable experience. The Helldivers 2 dev team also addressed the issue of Helldivers 2 AFK server squatters in Patch 1.000.11

 After the update, the peak concurrent players for Helldivers 2 on Steam dropped from 160,000 players to just 40,000 players. This goes to show that nearly 120,000 Helldivers 2 players were AFK server squatting, preventing other players from joining the game.

Furthermore, with the Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.12 update, The CEO Johan Pilestedt is still concerned that Helldivers 2 will reach server capacity once again as more and more players flock to the incredible live-service and squad-based extraction experience that is Helldivers 2. Of course, more and more players will lean towards the game as many people online enjoy it. With a price tag of just 40 dollars, it’s certain that more players will join the game. But at least the AFK server squatting issue has been addressed, making wait times more bearable.

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Helldivers 2 Light Armor Is The Best Armor But Not for Long

Helldivers 2 New Update - Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.11 - Helldivers 2 Patch 1.000.12 - Helldivers 2 Armor Values - Helldivers 2 Light Armor Best Armor

But there’s still a list of issues that currently need to be addressed by the development team, one of which is the Armor Values not working correctly. While on paper, the armor values of Heavy and Medium armor are different from Light armor, it appears Light armor still offers the same damage resistance, making it OP armor for every player. But that might end pretty soon with a follow-up update.

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That pretty much wraps up our coverage of the new Helldivers 2 updates. Stay tuned for more news, guides, and updates about Helldivers 2 at eSportsNext!

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