Pokemon Sleep Cooking and Dish Recipes Full Guide

Pokemon Sleep recipes

Pokemon Sleep is slowly getting in the groove with plenty of new content like a brand new area to replace Snowdrop Tundra as the last one, and special events coming with new bonuses and rewards for all that are playing the mobile game/ app. Any player who has given the game a go would know that one of the most essential things about Pokemon Sleep is Dishes. Snorlax is the basis of the game, and the chonky monster loves to eat all kinds of food throughout the week to power up his strength which lands a better score and better Pokemon for players. This is why for players looking to take advantage of this mechanic, they need to keep in mind all the Dishes and Dish Recipes the game has and is adding with new content.

We’ve made a full guide on all players would need to know about Cooking Dishes in this article, with a full Recipe List also provided at the end to conveniently check which ingredients are in the game and which combinations of them get which kind of dish in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep Dishes:

There are two ways in Pokemon Sleep to increase your Snorlax’s Strength, either by giving it Berries which Pokemon that you select in your party regularly gather, and through cooking and feeding it Dishes that you make through ingredients. Berries have their own method within the game, but for dishes, it’s up to players to get them through Pokemon and then use them to cook up tasty food for Snorlax and for your party Pokemon.

There are three basic kinds of dishes inside the game, Curry, Salad and Desserts. The game automatically picks a kind of dish for a week when players start the game and join a new area.

Each kind of these three has different varieties within the game, and each one uses a different combination of ingredients. To give you the full picture, we need to talk about ingredients and how players can gather and use them to cook.

Pokemon Sleep Ingredients:

Ingredients in Pokemon Sleep are the special drops that Pokemon gather alongside berries. While berries directly get added to Snorlax’s basket as soon as you pick them up from a Pokemon, ingredients go to the player’s Ingredient Inventory.

A player has a fixed amount of Ingredient Inventory at the start of the game, but they can upgrade it to hold more Ingredients at one time, and with newer and higher ranking dishes needing a higher number of ingredients, it’s highly beneficial if players can upgrade it to hold more.

It should be noted that players also need to upgrade their Cooking Pot so that it can use more ingredients at one time, as that is the way to unlock higher-scoring dishes.

Ingredients come in different varieties and many different Pokemon get different Ingredients. Rarer kinds of Ingredients also have higher Base Power than common Ingredients. Pokemon can also have multiple Ingredients at one time if they reach a certain level and they have different Ingredients they can pick on their Profile page, below the kind of Berry they find. Players simply have to get the Pokemon on their main party and let them gather Ingredients automatically alongside berries. This is the main basic way to get Ingredients in Pokemon Sleep.

After players have a different variety of Ingredients, they can get to cooking them to make Dishes.

Pokemon Sleep Cooking:

Players can cook three times every day. The time for each meal is fixed at three different variations that are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which is the following:

  • Breakfast is between 6 AM to 11:59 AM every day local time.
  • Lunch is between 12 PM to 5:59 PM everyday local time.
  • Dinner is between 6 PM to the next day’s 5:59 PM everyday local time.

Players need to gather up ingredients and cook within these timeframes each day to cook most amount of dishes in the game in order to feed Snorlax more and get a higher Sleeping score. A player cannot change these timeframes and if one is missed, it can’t be made up for.

When Snorlax hasn’t been given a meal to eat at a specific timeframe, the meal time is shown right above Snorlax. Just simply need to click on Snorlax when it appears to start cooking. After they click on Snorlax, they go to pick Ingredients or use the Auto Cook function which uses random ingredients to cook up a dish.

Using this Auto Cook function is discouraged because it doesn’t allow players to use specific ingredients to get different kinds of dishes.

By picking a different combination of ingredients, players simply need to confirm and the cooking will automatically start. The dish will cook, and players will get a score on the dish based on the number of ingredients they put inside the cooking pot and whether there was an extra bonus or boost to the dish through its level number or not.

Snorlax is then served some tasty food, and his strength is directly increased and shown after he finishes eating. That’s it, that’s how the Dish Function works.

Pokemon Sleep

Dish Recipe Level Boost:

As we mentioned above, the total score of a Dish comes from two different things. The Dish Recipe Level Boost is a fixed boost that a specific dish gets when players cook it multiple times in their game. With every score of the dish, the Level bar fills up and the Dish Recipe gets to a higher level. On every higher level, the dish gets a percentage boost to its total score.

One way to take advantage of this Level boost is to cook the same kind of dish over and over, so its level is increased and the extra percentage boost is higher and directly added to the base score of the dish.

By combining a large number of ingredients to get a dish and by using the level boost, players can consistently get high-scoring dishes that will help them get more strength for Snorlax. Additionally, there is also a small chance of another bonus to the dish, through the Extra Tasty Bonus chance.

Extra Tasty Bonus:

The Extra Tasty Bonus is a random proc that players can sometimes get for their dishes when they cook them in Pokemon Sleep. When a dish finishes cooking, sometimes an exclamation mark appears above the pot and after the score gets set, it suddenly gets a massive boost and multiplies by an amount. This is called the Extra Tasty proc bonus in the game. Players can get this randomly sometimes on their dishes and if they have a high dish level and have used many ingredients, they can get a massive score if the proc happens.

Sunday Cooking and Cooking Pot Bonuses:

On Sundays, there is a special bonus to the number of ingredients the cooking pot can hold and the Extra Tasty Bonus proc also gets a boost.

So for the three timeframes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, players can use more ingredients to cook up dishes and they will also have a higher chance to procure the Extra Tasty Bonus. This is why players should always try to cook dishes on Sundays to get the final day’s high Snorlax Strength converted into a high-scoring Sleep Score just before concluding their Weekly Playthrough in the area.

Cooking dishes is a vital thing in Pokemon Sleep and shouldn’t be skipped, as it is one of the two ways to increase Snorlax’s Strength. More Snorlax Strength means a higher score and a higher score means a bigger variety of Pokemon appearing after a sleep cycle, so it is an essential way to get the most out of the mobile game.

Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep Recipies for Dishes:

For the three kinds of Dishes in Pokemon Sleep, there is a whole variety of dishes players can make. There was an addition of a new ingredient in Pokemon Sleep just a while ago, so with the new ingredient, there are more dishes in the game too. The Valentine’s Day event also saw two new special Dessert Dishes added to Pokemon Sleep.

Here is a full list of all the ingredients in the game and all the different dishes players can cook up;


  • Fancy Apple – 90 Base Power – An apple chosen above others. It has spectacular form and a brilliant sheen.
  • Moomoo Milk – 98 Base Power – Highly nutritious milk. Pokémon that drink it become full of energy.
  • Fancy Egg – 115 Base Power – A nutritious cooking ingredient that goes well with all sorts of seasonings.
  • Fiery Herb – 130 Base Power – The fiery taste of this bright-red herb will wake anyone right up.
  • Bean Sausage – 103 Base Power – A healthy sausage made from beans that Pokémon like to eat.
  • Honey – 101 Base Power – A sweet honey collected by Pokémon.
  • Pure Oil – 121 Base Power – All-purpose oil that can be used in any type of cuisine.
  • Soft Potato – 124 Base Power – Its mellow flavour makes both body and spirit feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Warming Ginger – 109 Base Power – Spicy ginger that warms the body better than any other ingredient.
  • Tasty Mushroom – 167 Base Power – A juicy mushroom with an abundance of umami flavour.
  • Snoozy Tomato – 110 Base Power – A bright-red tomato. Eat it and you’ll sleep like a baby.
  • Soothing Cacao – 151 Base Power – This cacao bean is time-consuming to process, but its soothing effects make the effort worthwhile.
  • Greengrass Soybeans – 100 Base Power – This Greengrass Isle speciality is easy to process into foods that are great for training.
  • Large Leek – 185 Base Power – Whether this is the kind of vegetable stalk that Farfetch’d like is unknown.
  • Slowpoke Tail – 342 Base Power – A very tasty tail of something. When it falls off, it grows back quickly.
  • Greengrass Corn – 140 Base Power – This Greengrass Isle speciality can be eaten raw. It’s remarkably sweet.


Curry Recipes:

  • Mixed Curry – Any ingredient combination that doesn’t match another curry recipe.
  • Fancy Apple Curry – 7x Fancy Apple.
  • Simple Chowder – 7x Moomoo Milk.
  • Beanburger Curry – 7x Bean Sausage.
  • Mild Honey Curry – 7x Honey.
  • Grilled Tail Curry – 8x Slowpoke Tail, 25x Fiery Herb.
  • Solar Power Tomato Curry – 10x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Fiery Herb.
  • Dream Eater Buttery Curry – 18x Soft Potato, 15x Snoozy Tomato, 12x Soothing Cacao, 10x Moomoo Milk.
  • Spicy Leek Curry – 14x Large Leek, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Fiery Herb.
  • Spore Mushroom Curry – 14x Tasty Mushroom, 9x Soft Potato.
  • Egg Bomb Curry – 12x Honey, 11x Fancy Apple, 8x Fancy Egg, 4x Soft Potato.
  • Hearty Cheeseburger Curry – 8x Moomoo Milk, 8x Bean Sausage.
  • Soft Potato Chowder – 10x Moomoo Milk, 8x Soft Potato, 4x Tasty Mushroom.
  • Ninja Curry – 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 9x Bean Sausage, 9x Large Leek, 5x Tasty Mushroom.
  • Drought Katsu Curry – 10x Bean Sausage, 5x Pure Oil.
  • Melty Omelette Curry – 10x Fancy Egg, 6x Snoozy Tomato.
  • Bulk Up Bean Curry – 12x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Bean Sausage, 4x Fiery Herb, 4x Fancy Egg.
  • Limber Corn Stew – 14x Greengrass Corn, 8x Moomoo Milk, 8x Soft Potato.
  • Inferno Corn Keema Curry – 27x Fiery Herb, 24x Bean Sausage, 14x Greengrass Corn, 12x Warming Ginger.

Salad Recipes:

  • Mixed Salad – Any ingredient combination that doesn’t match a salad recipe.
  • Fancy Apple Salad – 8x Fancy Apple.
  • Bean Ham Salad – 8x Bean Sausage.
  • Snoozy Tomato Salad – 8x Snoozy Tomato.
  • Slowpoke Tail Pepper Salad – 10x Slowpoke Tail, 10x Fiery Herb, 15x Pure Oil.
  • Snow Cloak Ceasar Salad – 17x Tasty Mushroom, 8x Snoozy Tomato, 8x Pure Oil.
  • Gluttony Potato Salad – 14x Soft Potato, 9x Fancy Egg, 7x Bean Sausage, 6x Fancy Apple.
  • Water Veil Tofu Salad – 10x Greengrass Soybeans, 6x Snoozy Tomato.
  • Superpower Extreme Salad – 9x Bean Sausage, 6x Warm Ginger, 5x Fancy Egg, 3x Soft Potato.
  • Moomoo Caprese Salad – 12x Moomoo Milk, 6x Snoozy Tomato, 5x Pure Oil.
  • Contrary Chocolate Meat Salad – 14x Soothing Cacao, 9x Bean Sausage.
  • Overhead Ginger Salad – 17x Fiery Herb, 10x Warming Ginger, 8x Snoozy Tomato.
  • Immunity Leek Salad – 10x Large Leek, 5x Warming Ginger.
  • Dazzling Apple Cheese Salad – 15x Fancy Apple, 5x Moomoo Milk, 3x Pure Oil.
  • Ninja Salad – 15x Large Leek, 15x Greengrass Soybeans, 12x Tasty Mushroom, 11x Warming Ginger.
  • Heat Wave Tofu Salad – Greengrass Soybeans, Fiery Herb.
  • Greengrass Salad – 22x Pure Oil, 17x Greengrass Corn, 14x Snoozy Tomato, 9x Soft Potato.
  • Calm Mind Fruit Salad – 21x Fancy Apple, 16x Honey, 12x Greengrass Corn.
  • Fury Attack Corn Salad – 9x Greengrass Corn, 8x Pure Oil.

Dessert Recipes:

  • Mixed Juice – Any Dessert combination that doesn’t match a dessert recipe.
  • Fluffy Sweet Potatoes – 9x Soft Potato, 5x Moomoo Milk.
  • Steadfast Ginger Cookies – 14x Honey, 12x Warming Ginger, 5x Soothing Caco, 4x Fancy Egg.
  • Fancy Apple Juice – 8x Fancy Apple.
  • Craft Soda Pop – 9x Honey.
  • Ember Ginger Tea – 9x Warming Ginger, 7x Fancy Apple.
  • Jigglypuff’s Fruity Flan – 20x Honey, 15x Fancy Egg, 10x Moomoo Milk, 10x Fancy Apple.
  • Lovely Kiss Smoothie – 11x Fancy Apple, 9x Moomoo Milk, 7x Honey, 8x Soothing Cacao.
  • Lucky Chant Apple Pie – 12x Fancy Apple, 4x Moomoo Milk.
  • Neroli’s Restorative Tea – 11x Warming Ginger, 15x Fancy Apple, 9x Tasty Mushroom.
  • Sweet Scent Chocolate Cake – 9x Honey, 8x Soothing Cacao, 7x Moomoo Milk.
  • Warm Moomoo Milk – 7x Moomoo Milk.
  • Cloud Nine Soy Cake – 8x Fancy Egg, 7x Greengrass Soybeans.
  • Hustle Protein Smoothie – 15 x Greengrass Soybeans, 8x Soothing Cacao.
  • Stalwart Vegetable Juice – 9x Snoozy Tomato, 7x Fancy Apple.
  • Big Malasada – 10 Pure Oil, 7x Moomoo Milk, 6x Honey.
  • Huge Power Soy Donuts – 9x Pure Oil, 6x Greengrass Soybeans, 7x Soothing Cacao.
  • Explosion Popcorn – 15x Greengrass Corn, 14x Pure Oil, 7x Moomoo Milk.
  • Teatime Corn Scones – 20x Fancy Apple, 20x Warming Ginger, 18x Greengrass Corn, 9x Moomoo Milk.
  • Petal Dance Chocolate Tart – 11x Fancy Apple, 11x Soothing Cacao.
  • Flower Gift Macarons – 25x Soothing Cacao, 25x Fancy Egg, 17x Honey, 10x Moomoo Milk.

And here you have it, a full list of the current Dish Recipes in Pokemon Sleep and a full guide on how to make the most of Cooking Dishes in the game.

We hope that this full guide is useful for anyone who plays the game. For any updates in the future to Pokemon Sleep, we’ll be sure to cover them so viewers have the full picture ahead of them. As Pokemon Day 2024 arrives, there is hopefully plenty of new Pokemon content to come ahead for Pokemon Sleep and other Pokemon games in the future.

For more on Pokemon Sleep, check out the unique mobile title’s official webpage. We’ve also covered various other Pokemon topics on our website like the best things about Pokemon Legends Arceus, what makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon unique, Full Power Guide to Pokemon GO and much more, so if you’re a fan, do check them out.


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