Batman: Arkham Trilogy – New Suit, New Gameplay…Reviews?


Last year when the reboot movie of Batman came out, it was enjoyed by many. There were a lot of positive reviews towards the cinematography and how the movie was made in first person point of view (remember the Penguin Car Chase). Anyway, the movie and the gaming industry have a connection and due to it, it wasn’t long enough that the new suit was announced.

Last month, the news was out that the Batman: Arkham trilogy is coming to Nintendo Switch and also will include the new bat suit which was worn by Robert Pattinson. After last year’s reboot of the movie, it was only a matter of time before it came to the game, especially considering its success. It was first reported back in October when the Epic Games Store had the updated suit worn by Robert Pattinson in the movie reboot.

Batman: Arkham trilogy is now launched on Nintendo Switch from 1st December onwards and along with it came the new suit from The Batman (2022 reboot). Note that the new suit is only for Batman: Arkham Knight and not the other two games, this was made clear from the initial trailer that was released, now the suit is available not only on Nintendo Switch but on all consoles.

Batman: Arkham trilogy is a series of action-adventure video games developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Centered around everybody’s favorite DC Superhero, Batman, the game is highly famous for its dark and atmospheric tone, interactive story and advanced gameplay. The trilogy includes Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

With the new gameplay now launched on Nintendo Switch, there was scepticism about how the game would feel on a handheld console. All three of the games have different reviews from fans with the favorite being Batman: Arkham Knight which was known to exceed expectations for graphics and gameplay when it came out. However, in the Nintendo Switch version, it is reported that there are some performance issues with multiple enemies, flaws with the Batmobile sections, and even a bug where the game was not being saved after a certain point.

Even with all these flaws, the experience of playing the game is a thrilling one. Like many other games, playing the Batman: Arkham Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch is definitely worth experiencing for devoted fans of the Dark Knight.


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