Pokemon Legends ZA Title Coming in 2025

Pokemon Legends ZA

Pokemon Day’s Pokemon Presents stream just concluded, being one of the shorter ones this time around with a little over the 10-minute mark. Starting with updates to the latest titles of the Pokemon franchise, the ending concluded as it has before with a brand new unveiling, and Pokemon Legends ZA is now officially announced to be coming in 2025. It looks like the Kalos Region from the original Pokemon X and Y games is getting remade instead of Unova, and Mega Evolution is returning.

The game is being made by GameFreak, and it shows a reinvention of the Unova Region through one of its most well known places, Lumiose City. The trailer for the title is shown you can view over here;

This is certainly a surprise, and although too early to comment on the fan reception as of yet, considering myself as a devoted Pokemon fan, I am absolutely thrilled. The Pokemon Legends Arceus title was critically one of the best-received Pokemon titles in modern years, and another title coming is certainly with prospects.

Pokemon Legends Z-A:

But it’s not just about that, it’s the fact that Mega Evolution, a fan-favourite mechanic from the older Pokemon X and Y titles on the Nintendo 3DS, is coming back. The game is also looking to take up some old knowledge about another game that succeeded X and Y, Pokemon Z, and to have that be unveiled now as a new Legends title, it brings some really high hopes and theories about all the game could be.

The unveiling has left fans wanting more as there is hardly any information other than what we’ve mentioned already. There could be such unique directions being pursued by GameFreak to add some new content, something similar to the direction of Pokemon Legends Arceus, where there came brand new Hisuian Pokemon with a new gameplay formula, boss battles, Area Exploration and much more. Pokemon Legends ZA could entail these unique ideas, and much more as well.

Pokemon Legends ZA Mega Evolution:

Mega Evolution is one key aspect that even alone is starting high fan hype. It’s the mechanic that was adapted to Pokemon GO and the remakes for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but then dropped. Looking at the signature Mega Evolution sign popping up is one of the best feelings fans could have, and even this idea comes with the thought that there could be brand new Mega Evolutions arriving with Pokemon Legends ZA.

Pokemon Legends ZA Mega Evolution


Zygarde, the Legendary Pokemon that gives the letter Z to the title, is also coming with a unique caret sign, this also gives some ideas about how the legendary Pokemon would be playing a role in Pokemon Legends ZA. More information will be revealed later, but right now, the fact that we’re getting Pokemon Legends ZA with Zygarde and Mega Evolution, and GameFreak developing, it’s enough to completely get lost in thought.

Pokemon Legends ZA also comes as a Simultaneous release in 2025, which hints at an answer about the Nintendo Switch Successor system coming in 2025. The Nintendo Switch Logo was also present in the trailer, so it could be that the game would be released for both systems next year. This also raises the question of how and what would be different about the successor console, would it have some exclusive content only present there and not on the current Switch? Only time will tell.

Pokemon Legends Z-A

The Pokemon Presents Stream was small, but this unveiling was good enough for fans to go by on this year’s Pokemon Day.

We’ll be covering all and any news coming on Pokemon Legends ZA in the future so be sure to check out our website. For more on Pokemon, you can also visit Pokemon’s official website.

Pokemon Legends fans can rest hyped and easy because it is certainly a great day.


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