Hisuian Exclusives: Best Idea Behind Pokemon Legends Arceus

Hisuian Pokemon

The Ancient Land of Hisui, which went on to become the modern Sinnoh Region of Pokemon, was the setting for all that comes to fans in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The game provided a redo of a so-called remake that was alongside Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with numerous changes to make it an independent title itself, which players and fans deem the Legends title. It quickly gained massive popularity and a very good critical response from critics and fans alike, who praised the new formula of mainline Pokemon games, the gameplay that came alongside it, and the overall build. Although with a few negative responses for the graphical overview which lacked many aspects of a 2022 Nintendo Switch title, fans still produced a devoted following for the game which even now has transformed into a wanting for a new Legends game with its new Pokemon formula, new exclusive Pokemon like Hisuian Pokemon, and much more.

To take just one of these unique aspects, the Hisuian Versions of Pokemon from the game went on to become one of the most beloved and liked things about the game, players are happy to have re-invented designs of older existing Pokemon that come along with new Typing, look and lore. Some, such as myself, consider this and the idea behind it one of the best aspects that Pokemon has brought to its video games and media.

Hisuian Pokemon:

Husuian Pokemon, taking name for their exclusive presence in the land of Hisui, is half relatable to previous Pokemon games that have often introduced new Pokemon. Hisuian Pokemon are rehashes of older existing ones just certain thematic changes that better fit the feel and the lore of the world they’re put in. For example, Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon took their idea from the land of Alola, hence they shared their characteristics with the land. Similarly, Hisuian Pokemon took an older theme that better fit a land that was filled with dangerous Pokemon who still roamed and were masters of the region instead of people. There are many Hisuian Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Exclusive Hisuian Starter Evolutions:

However, there is one thing that changed with this game that hasn’t even happened before. Pokemon Legends Arceus is the first game that has brought older Starter Pokemon from previous games as starter Pokemon, and have rehashed their designs to fit exclusive Hisuian Final Evolutions into the game, which is one of the most liked things about the game.

Hisuian Pokemon

Top this off with giving a more serious and more dangerous allure to Hisuian Pokemon to fit the atmosphere of the land of Hisui, Hisuian Pokemon and Pokemon Legends Arceus is potentially one of the coolest and more interesting games to come out in the Pokemon mainline games line.

The Hisuian Pokemon Idea and Impact:

The Trait of these Pokemon is somewhat different as it introduces a brand new feel to the Pokemon series, one that hasn’t been done before. This is one reason why the game feels truly fresh. The gameplay of the game comes with exclusive new signature moves and a redo of how Moves and Move Effects work as well, which gives a change to the gameplay on top of the new formula where people have to hide instead of Pokemon. There is also the aspect of the brand-new Boss Battles, something that comes in line with the theme of Hisui. These battles are considered a new manner of gameplay that has players take on Pokemon that move and attack and give a Sandbox gameplay introduction for players, and this is also proven to be a welcome addition.

The Breath of Life:

This gameplay also came with the aspect of building a little more depth to the game where Boss Pokemon would hold many different animations and movements, something that is set up differently from basic battle animations and overworld animations. This would breathe a little bit of life into them, which now truly seemed like living monsters that are as majestic as they are dangerous. Having the chance to catch and add these to a player’s party roster of Pokemon truly feels like a satisfying thing to achieve now. An example of this aspect can be taken with Hisuian Lilligant, the Pokemon takes a whole new look from its normal version, and as a boss, it holds spectacular animations for its attacks that it uses by dancing like a Ballerina. Having it as a party Pokemon feels much more satisfying after experiencing it as a Boss on Legends Arceus.

Hisuian Pokemon Origin Forms

The Lore:

The lore also, is potentially a prime reason and aspect for why Hisuian Pokemon stand different in the version lineup from others. Taking the example of Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, their lore comprehends a darker turn which although isn’t new, still gives depthtful insight through different media such as how they were debuted to fans and through the Hisuian Snow Short Anime Series. Exclusives also paved the way for developers to attach new Type Matchups that would be safe to add as the game wasn’t being considered with a competitive Pokemon Tourney attachment in mind, so they had plenty more room to add whatever they thought players would want, and that is exactly how it went.

It isn’t just simply that newer Pokemon are put into the world and named as such. The Pokemon themselves with their lore, their animations, their Type Matchup and much more, now breathe life and justify the region itself.

Prospects for Future Pokemon Games:

The aspect where it’s not just a brand new region with similarly named Pokemon attached to it is one of the best things to have inside Pokemon. The manner to give life to brand new monsters, through dedicated and well-thought ideas behind them, to give them an intriguing background story, mesmerising animations, interesting Type Matchups, Signature Moves and more are just a few of the many ways The Pokemon Company can repeat for future Pokemon in future games to give them a fresh and fun feel and a truly new experience in Pokemon. The older formula although itself liked by many, it can be made into a threshold that is equally filled with the older formula mixed with the new, and the outcome would be as good as Pokemon Legends Arceus if not better.

Newer Pokemon titles have consistently been some of the most successful videogame titles in the industry and they look to continue to be so, however, meeting the wishes of fans that would like a revamp of what mainline Pokemon videogames are would certainly be welcome by them and critics alike. And if the reception has anything to say about it, Pokemon Legends Arceus was considered one of the best Pokemon games on the Switch and one of the best new Pokemon games to be made, so the direction that developers took when making Pokemon Legends Arceus and Hisuian Pokemon is one that will not make them go astray from success and acclaim.

Whether we will get another Legends game or any other new Pokemon title, if it comes through this manner that Legends Arceus was achieved through, it will surely be one that will be a great experience for fans and gamers.

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