Nintendo Switch 2: Rumours and Leaks Abound

Nintendo Switch 2

It is one of the most popular topics right now that exactly what will be the successor of the Nintendo Switch. It has been the talk of the industry for a while now that Nintendo could verily be prepping to announce their newest console as the Nintendo Switch reaches its 7th-year lifespan, with plenty of rumours and apparent leaks from various sources that claim they have some internal information from the company itself. Whether it is true or not, the one thing that is sure is that everyone is wondering about the Switch 2 and how would it perform compared to Nintendo’s current console which is now the company’s most successful console in its history, the Nintendo Switch selling almost 140 Million units and amassing more than 1.2 Billion Software Unit Sales so far according to Nintendo’s own IR Information page.

This is an article that goes through all that people currently know and are claiming to know about the Switch 2, more specifically the unnamed successor console that Nintendo will be looking to announce, a statement that’s being backed by the long-running lifespan of the Nintendo Switch which is finally declining in sales and looking to retire now.

There are plenty of things people want to talk about for the new console. Will it be similar to the Nintendo Switch act as a hybrid home and hand console, or will it be something completely new? Exactly how much power will it have to run future Nintendo titles? Will it have a Screen and if so, what will be its size and resolution, its framerate and quality? If it comes as a portable console will it have good battery life? There is everything and anything that fans and gamers would want to know about the successor console for a company that has been the most successful it has been in the Industry, so much so that it has found a knack for standing independent from the competition from other companies such as Microsoft and Sony.

Hence it is not just Nintendo fans who want to know what Nintendo has planned for its future, gamers around the globe are wondering what the new console is, how will it fit into the industry, and whether the Switch 2 will lead the same route that the current Nintendo Switch took or will it be trying to gain the upper hand with more similarities to other current next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Information and Source:

The primary source for these leaks and info about the Switch is from an X/Twitter profile, Centroleaks, which is the primary source for many Pokemon and Nintendo leaks in previous years. They’ve been accurate and only go through information that is viable to be believed in, and mention otherwise if any info seems untrue or unconfirmed.

Although still technically unconfirmed via any official source or info, on the basis of the info from Centroleaks and their backlinks and via other platforms that share this source, the following points are right now believed to be accurate about the Switch 2 Successor:

  • The Switch Successor will be similar to the Nintendo Switch hybrid model.
  • The Switch Successor will have a screen that could be an LCD.
  • The Switch Successor will have a custom-built Nvidia Chip and will be released by the end of this year.
  • The Switch Successor will have backwards compatibility with Nintendo Switch games, and current Switch games will all hencewise get a big boost to performance based on the upgraded power of the Switch Successor.
  • The Switch Successor will likely be announced and shown in March 2024, next month.

Switch 2 Hybrid Model:

For the new hybrid model, the information talks about the Nintendo Switch 2 console being a tad bit larger in size than the current switch, with the screen being larger as well. The hybrid manner of hardware for a console has been quite the seller in the last half decade and it has been adapted in various ways by other companies as well like the Steam Deck from Steam and other portable PCs and more, hence the successor would highly profit off of the same hardware build that would allow it to be used in various ways and places.

Switch 2 Screen Size:

The news for the screen and the hybrid model was also shared with similarity to it being like a Nintendo Switch Pro instead of a proper successor console. Centroleaks reposted the following Tweet to give viewers an idea about the size of the console and the screen:

Switch Successor Chip and Power:

For the custom-built Nvidia chip, the source comes from Eurogamer which conjoins it with the release window of the console later this year via the following Eurogamer Article. This talks about how the current Nintendo Switch console holds a custom Nvidia chip and the convenience that comes between Nintendo and Nvidia to collaborate for the future console. Nvidia itself has been leading the tech industry for its custom GPU chips and would be capable of making a new chip that would be perfect for the Switch 2.

Backwards Compatability:

The Backwards compatibility for the Switch 2 was talked about via another Eurogamer Article which comes with a mix of predictions as almost every other previous Nintendo console has had backward compatibility for its predecessor’s games, and it wouldn’t change right now with the huge success that software titles for the Nintendo Switch have made. Allowing that huge of a lineup to be playable and available on the Switch 2 would bring a huge benefit to the sales demand for the successor. Moreover, due to current Nintendo Switch games usable on the Switch 2, they would all bring a boost to the game performance as compared to the Nintendo Switch. This aspect is one of the critiques of the current Switch console where the performance issues of various games and the power of the Switch console were heavily talked about and pointed upon, hence it would be the perfect solution. The Switch 2 will obviously also start its lifespan with a huge lineup of software in this manner as well, and it will only benefit the company and the successor console.

Switch 2 Reveal and Announcement:

The news about the announcement is also a safe bet as much as it is believed to be a leak, as the announcement in March would perfectly align with the newest news about future Nintendo Switch games of the year, and it will directly coincide with the jump from the Switch to the Switch 2, and Nintendo’s shift from the current Switch to the Switch successor as well. Nintendo Directs have been the main primary method of the newest info about games and more, and rumours around a Nintendo Direct later this week or this month are ample as well, with Centroleaks also believing it to be the last Nintendo Direct for the Switch. This will thus allow the following Nintendo Direct to officially start the news for the Switch 2. The reveal and the showcase of the Switch 2 happening in March will help it get set for the later release this year as well.

Pokemon has been Nintendo’s partner since the beginning and its titles have been included in Nintendo’s exclusives. With the talk about Pokemon Day arriving with many news and reveals in store for fans, the time lapse between Pokemon Day’s news and reveals would also directly coincide with the Switch 2, and it would be the perfect time to announce games that could come on the Nintendo Switch as well as the Switch Successor.

For Nintendo Fans, it will be an interesting month of February and March regardless as there will be plenty of information and announcements looking to come for the Switch and Switch 2. It looks to be an important time and step for Nintendo which would be keen on deciding the first look for its future console that would lead the company to as much success as the Nintendo Switch did in the last 6-7 years.

Switch 2 Nintendo's Future

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