Switch OLED Zelda TOTK Edition: Full Hands-on Review

Switch Zelda TOTK Edition

How joy sets in to have a beautiful-looking piece of hardware in your grasp that takes you out of this world. Even more so if it comes as potentially the best-looking thing of its kind. The Nintendo Switch comes to its current life cycle with one of its biggest software releases, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, already breaking records, and the console itself is reportedly getting a considerable boost in sales numbers partly because of the immense acclaim Zelda TOTK has received. Alongside the release window for Zelda TOTK, the Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Edition is also out, which I’ve had the lucky experience of purchasing as a worthwhile upgrade from my oldest Version 1 Switch Pokemon Edition, and I can wholeheartedly say that I am in love with my new pretty-looking switch.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda TOTK Edition Front

To try to give you an idea of the experience of getting a brand new switch, here’s how I looked at the Zelda Oled; Looks and Hardware. Depending on preference, one could figure out if getting the Zelda Oled would be worthwhile for them or not.


Here’s the most significant plus point for the new Oled, The Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda TOTK Edition would look absolutely beautiful as a console, and for me, it’s now the best-looking Switch out there. The system itself comes with custom engravings on the back of the tablet, with the Joycons coming in a gorgeous golden colour on the front and snow-white back. The front of the Joycons also has designs from the game, which go well with the whole colour scheme. The colours may not have too much bright contrast, but the realistic gold colour suits well, and the Switch looks great both from the front and back. For the looks, the screen and the whole body are also revised to have a few convenient changes from the original Switch system, and the whole look gives a very premium feel overall.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda TOTK Edition Back Design

Coming to the dock, it stands out with the newest Zelda Design over a full white colour. The Switch in docked mode comes with a pristine white look when looked at from the back, with the front look showing off all the colours and designs that make it a Zelda-themed console. Comparatively, I feel it is the best-looking console in terms of noticing any console on a table. The Pokemon Let’s Go Edition Switch was a beauty to behold itself, the unique Joycon colour scheme quite nice, but I still found it easy to let it go in return for the Zelda Oled.


In comparison, The Switch Oled is the most modern Switch console with all the upgrades the console has made since the original Version 1. This primarily includes a bigger Oled Screen, one that is bigger and takes the most space on the Switch tablet, as well as a longer battery due to a more efficient processor. There also come a few more changes such as a thicker heatsink railing on the top of the tablet, as well as a fully spread-out hinge at the back. The whole build of the main body is also upgraded from the original build of the Version 1 switch, which was a nice thing to see.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda TOTK Edition Dock Design

A minor change that is not so at all is the new hinge. I’ve mostly used my switch in tabletop or handheld mode; for the former, it was always a bother to set it stable on a table. The new hinge makes it the easiest thing ever now, and the sleek design for it all just adds more to getting the Oled.

For my comparison, it was that after selling off my older Switch which was still in almost pristine condition, the new Zelda Oled would be an affordable upgrade that would land me a brand new Switch system with brand new Joycons, a better and bigger screen, longer battery time and hence a longer play time, and overall a great looking console to have as my primary Switch console on my table.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda Edition Joycons Front Design

It might be less beneficial for people to get the new Zelda Oled if they already own an Oled Switch, as most things are the same except for the design, but it could prove a worthy upgrade for people who currently own a V1 or V2 Switch, more so if it’s the former.

The Zelda Oled is currently available via most retailing websites and stands relatively at the same retail price as a normal Switch. This is because the box would not land you a copy of the game, which is a little disappointing. Regardless the Switch itself is a gorgeous thing, and I find it no bother because obviously I’m getting the Zelda Collector Edition and thankfully that has the game included.

Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda Edition Joycons Back Design

The Zelda TOTK Oled is still available to purchase directly from the Nintendo store as well as from most mainline retail outlets, here are some links if you’d like to do it all conveniently from home:
Nintendo Store: Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Oled,
Amazon: Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Edition,
BestBuy: Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Edition,
Walmart: Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Edition.

For physical collectors out there, the new edition of this new switch alongside the collector edition of the game would make a very nice combo, and if one craves even more then there’s also an option to get the Totk-themed switch case and the Totk-themed Pro- Controller as well. Both of these are also available in ample supply through retailers, at least at the time of this article’s publishing. The Collector Edition of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is still a hard find as the product was heavily scalped and in very short supply before the release date, but it has improved somewhat after the game came out, so people could look to check online regularly if retailers might have it in stock.


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