Nintendo’s Signature Innovation: Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is Nintendo’s latest traditional Side-scroller title on the market. The new title is receiving a widespread positive reception by critics and players alike for its innovative gameplay.

Coming after more than a decade as another proper Mario Side-Scroller videogame, Wonder brings about some new innovative tweaks to the classical gameplay mechanics the franchise is known for. The same old works such as Pipes leading Mario to new areas, Power Ups, and fast-paced scrolling, almost everything has been given a new manner of gameplay through the newest aspect of the game; the Wonder Flower. As the signature new addition, though not the only one, that literally puts wonder into the game’s title, this new Power-Up gives many new ‘wonder effects’ that change both the world and the character. Based upon these various changes that the new item brings, the main gameplay element receives a complete revamp overhaul full of some surprising elements.

This new aspect of the game is the essential innovative element that can be considered as the signature innovative element Nintendo is known to put into their games. And the outcome is certainly a wondrous new videogame title for the Nintendo Switch.

Play in Wonder:

When someone now asks, “What’s the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. Wonder like? Is it like the same old Mario running through to the end of the Area?” Well, sure, but not really. See now Mario can roll his way to the end of the area, maybe crawl through to the end of the area, maybe even break through and cross the end of the area.

It’s no longer a simple matter of running to the end of an area, as that main gameplay element has been given so much more innovation. The surprises the game holds through the new gameplay are what players are getting fun out of and are continuously pushing through the game from one stage to the next. The same element, the Wonder Flower, but the outcome is different every single time.

Nintendo’s veterans Shiro Mouri and Takashi Tezuka were the lead individuals of the development team that made their return for this game. The aim was to integrate a new sense of mystery and surprise into the usual Super Mario Bros. gameplay the series is known for. The outcome works in the same sense that any videogame sequel might need to get a step further from the previous game, however, it is only at Nintendo where the polish and the experimentations work as well as they do. The sense of ‘fun’ is distinct from other games, yet familiar in the sense that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is another Nintendo title.

The Gameplay dynamic consistently changes with each new interaction of the player with the Wonder Flower. All sorts of objects within the game that are usually static can start moving. Characters and items can change shape. The perspective can change completely. The usual behaviour of the game’s various pieces may start working weirdly. The variety of the changing aspects of the gameplay is something that’s not seen in most video games, and it certainly needs an overview from the ground up to achieve a working and positive reception as one of the essential parts of the gameplay element.

Fans and critics alike are currently applauding the game, and it’s looking like the game will be joining as another great Nintendo videogame title on the market regardless.

If you’re interested in the game or what Nintendo holds for its customers, here’s the game’s main website page.


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