DOTA 2 The International Final 8 Teams Decided


Road to The International has been concluding in the past two weekends for DOTA 2 and the final eight teams going to the yearly event have finally been decided.

This time around The qualifying rounds that make up the final bracket of DOTA 2’s The International were given a long break in between, with the main event coming next weekend on October 27th. It has been the same way for the past two weeks as teams have had the weekdays to themselves to polish and improve themselves before leading up to the weekends to push The International through its Playoffs.

Here are the final eight DOTA 2 Teams going to The International:
1. Team Spirit.
2. Team Liquid.
3. LGD Gaming.
4. Azure Ray.
5. Gaimin Gladiators.
6. Virtus Pro.
7. BetBoom.
8. nouns.

Team Spirit’s run through the Road to The International has been exceptional with the squad scoring wins throughout their matches in their group as well as leading up to the upper bracket of the playoffs. Their final step was however relatively close, as Virtus Pro did take a win to make their upper bracket run a 3-game matchup. Team Spirit came through and their roster is now set up to be two-time TI Champion hopefuls.

Team Liquid has amassed a great following for themselves and they have not let their fans down by scoring a 2-0 win over Talon Esports to push them to The International. Their run in their group playoffs was credible too, showing they still have what it takes to become champions of this year’s TI.

LGD Gaming has once again secured their slot in The International for the 11th time. They have already achieved a Top-6 stance, and are not looking to slow down. Their last final win over 9Pandas was a clutch 2-0 and are looking to prove to be very skilled and strong opponents in DOTA 2. y’ of their roster is also a contender of becoming a two-time hopeful if they manage to take the trophy home back to China this year.

Azure Ray, a surprising underdog team from the CN region has redeemed itself to be a worthy contender, securing their win against nouns to pass for TI. Their slot alongside LGD Gaming makes the CN region place high this year as one of them will come at top-3 of The International.

Gaimin Gladiators have been coming through the past year with surprises one after the other, the biggest being the massive skill that has helped them win competitions and matchups one after the other. By the start of the Road to The International, they stood as the strongest DOTA 2 team this year, if not one of them. Their Playoffs Bracket run did seem a little shaky, but then their lower bracket run saw them 2-0 Evil Geniuses, and then once again 2-0ing 9Pandas. They are looking to keep the streak going as they quality for TI and might prove they’re capable of handling the pressure.

Virtus Pro has been a strong EU team that has given a challenge to every opponent they have faced. Their match with Team Spirit in the upper bracket of the playoffs was close, and although they came out with a loss there, they secured their win against Entity convincingly. It’s more impressive because Entity is the team that previously had just won with a 2-0 score against Tundra, the reigning champions, taking them down from the throne. Virtus Pro looks hungry going into TI.

Betboom has always been an underdog throughout the year, but their work and dedication have shown fruit as they won against Keyd Stars and Talon Esports in the lower bracket to push them into TI.

nouns faced a hard loss against Azure Ray in the upper bracket of the Playoffs, dropping them to the lower bracket to match against TSM. TSM was looking like a worthy opponent, but nouns upped their game and won twice in a row and are going to The International. The NA team is looking to give a good fight.

The past two weeks have been very competitive, the first one in the Road to The International being a relatively safe decider of the playoffs bracket. Teams showed what they were made of and entered the eliminators this past week. Matches over here were heated, as no team wanted a loss because it might verily make it change into their ticket home. This is why the current final eight-team roster of The International is proving to be the best of the best that Competitive DOTA 2 has to provide, nothing less than what The International requires.

The stage is set for another year of the best and highest-skilled DOTA 2 matches. Although with a smaller prize pool this time around, each member of each team is right now using this weekday break to sharpen and polish themselves as the highest tier DOTA 2 players, teams working to be the best they can be.

The International will commence this weekend on Friday, October 27th, and it will be an exhibition of one of the most popular and thriving esports scenarios in the world.

Check out DOTA 2’s official website for more. If you’re a fan of some materialistic goodies for TI, the Secret Shop is also up and running. Exclusive Gaming Chairs have also just been announced with this year’s TI theme which interested viewers can check over here.


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