Minecraft: The Next Big 1.21 Update


The universally popular videogame title in the world had its latest online livestream event just a few days ago going through all the current and upcoming content for Minecraft. Minecraft Live had a few big news drops aside from the upcoming content update to the main game, such as the announcement of another BBC collaboration with Minecraft Education to bring a brand new DLC covering more new educational overviews of the world’s far-off regions. There is also a brand new Star Wars collaboration with a story-driven experience coming soon to Minecraft, featuring a Padawan story route. The Minecraft Community’s Mob Vote winner that brings a brand new mob into the game also crowned the Armadillo which drops new items that can be used to make Wolf Armor.

Much has been shared in the latest Minecraft Live. For now though, just to cover the main game’s next big update coming our way, we’ll go through all that has been shared with fans as of yet.

Adventure and Exploration:

The newest 1.21 update coming our way to Minecraft is said to be directly linked with the adventure and exploration of the game’s overworld. This will come with the brand-new Trial Chambers holding the Trial Spawner, a new hostile mob-spawner that drops rewards after players beat enemies in a base-like area within the game, providing a new combat challenge for players. This will come alongside some new decorative blocks as well as a new hostile mob known as the Breeze. The Crafter will also be added to the game for those who want some more creativity in automatic production. The Armadillo will be the new friendly mob that will allow players to make some Wolf Armour for their four-legged best friend in the game.

The Trial Spawner:

The biggest chunk of the newest update will bring the new Trial chambers for players who want some more surprises for their gameplay. As the name suggests, this area will made up of specific buildings made into different rooms and will be randomly hidden deep within Minecraft grounds, working as mini mazes. There will be some treasure from supply chests as well for players that can explore it all as well as the new Trial Spawner, a block that will give players a battle based upon their party number. Clearing out all the hostile mobs will have it spawn some good items.

These chambers will be filled and decorated with some brand new blocks, copper blocks to be specific, as well as some brand new decorative pieces that players will be able to make with copper once the update goes live. A brand new light-emitting copper bulb is one new upcoming block that lights up the surroundings when it is cleaned and unoxidized. As it gets oxidised, it becomes greener as copper does in the game and in real life and gets dimmer. This is just one example of what the developers are tinkering with for the new decorative blocks coming soon.

Speaking about copper, it might be very peculiar to a few older Minecraft players that an older mob that never made it into the game was also made of copper. Developers also stated that the trial chambers will hold many exciting challenges so maybe it will finally come to the game with the 1.21 update.

Minecraft Trial Chamber

The Breeze:

This new hostile mob will be coming as a part of the trial chambers with the wind as its main arsenal. The Breeze will be able to create gusts of air that can push and damage players away as well as interact with some blocks in the environment making the trial chambers a unique challenge where players will have to be mindful of what’s around them. The Breeze’s main gust can also damage players if they get directly hit by it. However, if they manage to avoid the main gust, it can move further away and create a vacuum of air that pushes everything away and triggers interactive blocks in its vicinity.

The Breeze was also specifically stated to be of a ‘playful’ nature, an intriguing description for the upcoming mob.

Minecraft The Breeze

The Crafter:

The crafter is going to be another part of the upcoming update that automates crafting with Redstone. This will help players have a more compact crafting mechanic for themselves.

Minecraft Crafter

The Armadillo:

Coming to the annual Mob Vote, this year’s list of new friendly mobs was made up of the following three:

  1. The Armadillo: This new little friend comes in warmer places such as in Savannas for its home. What it brings along with it is a new droppable item that players can gather and use in crafting to make Wolf Armour in the game. This comes as a very worthwhile mechanic as taming animals and wolves is one of the most fun aspects of the game for many players, so having some protection for their four-legged best friend in the game will be very reassuring.
  2. The Crab: This new mob comes near shores and in water where it drops its pincer that can be used to increase the Block-placing distance in the game. This would be very handy for players who need some more help in building.
  3. The Penguin: This funny mob is somewhat careless and is found near and within water places as well. What it brings to the game is it acts as a friendly mob that increases the speed of boats, allowing players to explore and travel through seas and water faster.

The Mob Vote was available to players up till the Minecraft Live Stream and even a few minutes after its start. Of all the votes, which were the most votes in Minecraft’s Mob Vote history, more than 40% of the votes were given to the Armadillo. The Crab came in second, and the penguin got the least amount. Hence the Armadillo is this year’s Mob Vote winner and will be coming to the game in the next big update.

Moreover, it’s been very specifically stated that all that is shared is not all; there will be much more coming in the next big Minecraft update coming later in 2024. What more special coppery surprises may the game hold, only time will tell. The Minecraft Live stream also showed some older mobs that were a part of the mob vote that never made it into the game and stated that it may be very possible that they now start adding them to the game, the same way as the frog. So overall, there is much more players can expect for Minecraft in the coming year.

Minecraft now goes even further with its record of being the highest-selling videogame of all time, with the number crossing the 300 million mark. If you’re one of the rare ones who still haven’t tried it out yet but are thinking of it, then you can check and buy Mojang Studio’s game over here.

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