How to Catch Elphidran in Palworld – Elphidran Location Palworld

Palworld Elphidran
Palworld Elphidran

One of 2024’s biggest surprise hits Palworld’s success is continuing well past the early hype periods, with players still fascinated by the game’s mechanics and Pals. One such popular Pal is Elphidran and their variant Elphidran Aqua. We will cover both variants in this guide and guide you to find and easily obtain both Elphidrans in Palworld.

What are Elphidran and Elphidran Aqua in Palworld?

They are Alpha Pals in Palworlds and unlike other Alpha Pals, they are generally not aggressive and do not attack you. Elphidran and Elphidran Aqua are Dragon-type Pals who are large. Elphidran Aqua is the water-type variant of this Pal and has an overall darker tone compared to the normal Elphidran with its dark blue body. Elphidran Aqua as its name suggests, also has a higher water skill stat which makes this variant more enticing for players. Both Pals can be used as flying mounts after you have unlocked the Elphidran Saddle at Level 21. They also drop High-Quality Pal Oil.

Where to find Elphidran and Elphidran Aqua in Palworld?

While Elphidran Aqua can only be obtained by breeding or hatching eggs, Elphidran can be found in the No.1 Wildlife sanctuary or just southwest of the Hypocrite Hill teleport point as a boss fight. Instead of killing the Pal, you should try to capture him after his health drops enough. The boss fight is at coordinates 43, – 279.

Elphidran Location Palworld

How to defeat and catch Elphidran in Palworld?

Do not try to fight the Pal yourself so bring some adequate Pals along with you. As a Dragon-type Pal, Elphidran is weaker against Ice-type Pals so try to bring Pals like Reindrix, Pengullet and Cryolinx. If you have captured Chillet Alpha Pal already then it can be a great candidate for this fight as it is also an Ice-type. While these Pals fight Elphidran and keep it occupied, you can fight the Pal from long range by using guns. Do not use spears or arrows as they won’t do any damage. Stock up on some ammo to unleash your firepower on Elphidran. The boss fight is in a fairly open area so you need to use that to your advantage and keep moving. 

Elphidran Boss Fight Palworld

How to breed Elphidran Aqua?

Elphidran Aqua can only be obtained from a Huge Dragon Egg after breeding Elphidran with Surfent. 

  1. First, you need to build a Breeding Farm. Unlock the schematics with your technology points at Level 19 and gather these resources to craft it; 100 Wood, 20 Stone and 50 Fiber.
  2. You need to gather Eggs, Flour, Honey, Milk and Red Berries to make a Cake. The Breeding Farm generates one egg for each cake you put in the wooden chest attached to it.
  3. Now just assign Elphidran and Surfent to the Breeding Farm, after making sure that one is female and the other is male. 
  4. After a short while, they will produce the egg. Now, you will need to place the egg in an Egg Incubator. Egg Incubator can be unlocked at Level 7 by using Ancient Technology Points that are obtained from the Rayne Syndicate Tower. After unlocking the Egg Incubator, craft one with 5 Cloth, 10 Paldium Fragments and 30 Stone.
  5. After you have placed the egg in the incubator, just wait for a while and you will have obtained Elphidran Aqua.

If you are interested in more breeding combos then check out our Breeding Combos Guide.

Palworld Breeding Farm

How to Mount Elphidran and Elphidran Aqua?

To mount Elphidran, first, you need to craft an Elphidran Saddle which unlocks at level 21. The components required for the saddle are; 20 Leather, 24 Fiber, 18 Ingot and 24 Paldium Fragment.

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