Helldivers 2 Devastators Location and How to Cheese Them

Helldivers 2 has its fill of enemy types divided between the terminids and the automatons. A particular enemy type that forces you to either run and gun away from him or strategise your approach towards him is the Devastators in Helldivers 2. Since enemies in Helldivers 2 do not have health bars above them and no names, you might be wondering what enemy the game wants you to kill as part of your personal order and how to best rack up the kill counter against them. For the fight to protect liberty and justice, read on.

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Who are the Devastators in Helldivers 2?

Devastators are the huge slow enemies that have impenetrable armour around them with only their weird heads poking out of it with their red eyes. It should not be a problem to spot them however you may confuse them with other similar enemy types. Just remember that these automatons only wield machine guns and do not use fire or chainsaws. In higher difficulties, Rocket Devastators can also pop up who have rockets attached to their backs and use them for explosive firepower.

Tip: You can mark the enemy with R1 and their name will be displayed above them if you are confused over enemy types.

Devastator in Helldivers 2

Where can I find the Devastators?

While it is obvious that the Devastators are only found in the left region occupied by automatons, it is best to choose a specific mission type to help you finish off your personal order to eradicate these machines on time. We recommend using the mission, ‘Eradicate Automaton Forces’ to your favour and give this enemy type hell. You can keep an eye on nearby Bot Drops to kill these enemies before your teammates get a chance, but be careful as you might decimate yourself.

automatons area in helldivers 2 where you can find devastators

How to kill the Devastators?

Our favourite way to kill a Devastator is to use the Anti-Material Rifle to kill these bots as it can be unlocked at just Level 2 and gives you the right precision and power needed for this enemy. You can also utilise the Marksman Rifle which is also a good fit to kill Devastators. Instead of wasting your ammo by trying to break down this impenetrable armour, it is recommended to get a good distance and use a rifle like the Anti-Material Rifle to aim at the head and deal damage to it. This is the fastest way to deal with Devastators. However, if you find yourself in a pinch, you can always go the brutish way and rely on your grenades or an Orbital Strike to down this enemy. You can also rely on your Assault Rifle to do the deed however it will take a ton of enemy and might be hard to focus the bullets on its head due to recoil. You may also have to deal with Rocket Devastators and the best way to deal with them is to first target the rocket launchers on them before going for the kill. The rockets deal massive damage so be cautious and do not rush in for a kill before dealing with those first.

helldivers 2 killing devastators

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