Helldivers 2 Hunters Location and How to Cheese Them

Helldivers 2 Hunters
Helldivers 2 Hunters

Hunters is an arachnid enemy in Helldivers 2 which is part of the terminids located on the right side of the world map. They are one of the most hated enemy types and rightly so. If you are looking for the best way to deal with these buggers and how to identify them then you are at the right place. While they may not look as tall and overbearing as some automaton enemy types, Hunters can make you regret underestimating them after tearing away at your flesh as a pack overwhelms you.

What are Hunters in Helldivers 2?

Hunters are arachnids that generally attack you in packs. They are super agile so it can be hard to keep your distance away from them. They use four scythe-like legs to crawl. Their outer body is overall white but has orange-looking wings near the face. A subtype is the Pouncers who jump long distances to catch up to you which can be a big issue because of the unpredictability.

Helldivers 2 Hunters

Where to find Hunters?

Hunters can be easily found in all missions you execute on the Terminid’s side of the map which is orange (on the right). Hunters do not attack alone and accompany other enemy types which may be bigger or smaller than them. So if you run into any bug infestation then it is very likely that you will encounter Hunters. You can go for missions that target Bug Eggs as these areas will be swarming with Hunters and will make it easier to complete the Personal Order targeting Hunters.

Terminids side in helldivers 2 to find Hunters

How to kill Hunters?

You should not underestimate Hunters as even one hit from them takes away a quarter of your health and can slow you down enough for other bugs to swarm you and rip away. You must keep your distance from these bugs as using O+O to jump away into prone may save you from many automatons but can be the death of these bugs as you will be easier prey against them in this situation. Fire away with your assault rifle at these bugs to kill them and it should be easy to kill a swarm of them considering their short health and if you are a decent distance away from them. If you find yourself amidst a larger swarm and do not want to risk reloading then you can also make use of a Machine Gun and empty its mag at the Terminids. As the Terminids move in swarms their movement is fairly deductible enough that you can use well-placed grenades to finish off the whole swarm. Using grenades is a good strategy against Hunters when you need your primary weapons to deal with bigger enemies. One of the biggest ways that players die from Hunters is when the bug attacks them from behind when they are focused on bigger enemies. Therefore, you must keep a check on them and communicate with your teammates to cover each other’s backs.

Killing Hunters in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 just received an update making it easier to connect to matches, fixing most of the issues associated with their servers. Stay tuned to EsportsNext for all content concerning Helldivers 2.


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