Helldivers 2 Sales Cross 8 Million, Feb 2024’s Europe’s Best Seller

    Money money money~

    Helldivers 2 sales.

    Howdy, fellow defenders of managed democracy that might be a lie in Helldivers 2, y’all know the game’s crossed 8 million sales, right? Well, ain’t that just peachy for the players and devs alike? Just goes to show if ya stick to a gameplay loop that’s fun and friendly for players, they’ll buy your game. Craaazy times we live in, we’ll tell ya. With such an impressive milestone in the bag, let’s break down why Helldivers 2’s success is such a big deal.

    Let’s face it, for all the nimrod bigwigs, this should be a wake-up call for dialing back on the corporate greed. Helldivers 2 just has the it factor, folks. Only a select few games like Helldivers 2, have this kind of appeal. Time to understand it. Here we go!

    Why Helldivers 2 Sales Should Matter To Other Devs And Business Executives?

    Helldivers 2 sales are soaring because it's awesome.

    Helldivers 2 sales numbers are the perfect slap in the face to the kinds of idiotic executives who don’t know a thing about what gamers want. Take, for example, David Zaslav, the head honcho at WB Games, and his posse of like-minded out-of-touch lackeys. Did y’all know what the official stance is in response to tanking sales of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League? Get this: WB Games wanna insanely adopt live-service model fully in every game going forward.

    Granted, there’s a whole can of worms with that game, which you can read about in-depth in our Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League review. Using a beloved I.P. (The Batman Arkham games) in a way that is just chasing trends and disses the legacy it’s built is not something gamers will tolerate. Conversely, if you build something new and original like Helldivers 2, it’ll pay dividends. Helldivers 2 is fun and entertaining, offering users incentives like the free battle passes that should be the norm. Seriously, it really should!

    Couple that with the excellent game design of Helldivers 2, and is it any surprise the game’s topping sales charts? Like, holy hell, not only are copies of the game selling craazy numbers, but people are still playing it in droves, too. Steam concurrent players for Helldivers 2 are eye-opening numbers. It’s so popular that the Arrowhead Game Studios had to deal with complaints about Helldivers 2 servers at max capacity. The devs had to launch a Helldivers 2 update to kick 120,000 squatters out of the servers. It’s not a coincidence people are high on Helldivers 2.

    The Many Reason For It’s Success Is That Nothing Feels Forced In Helldivers 2

    This game's freaking phenomenal.

    Helldivers 2 sales are magnificent, but business folks need to take a good long look at the why. The reason the players have taken to Helldivers 2 is that this game gives options and freedom to play however one prefers. You won’t be forced with timed seasonal content or pay–to–win scenarios. Plus, even though its design is co-op multiplayer, you can still play Helldivers 2 solo. There are tough and challenging enemies you’ll struggle with, but also have a blast learning how to kill’em. Psst~ we’ve got a great guide for finding and demolishing Bile Titan in Helldivers 2, that you might wanna look at.

    There’s all kinds of wacky and goofy shenanigans with friendly fire in Helldivers 2 that’ll have you be angry but laughing hysterically, too. The guns in Helldivers 2 are diverse; we’ve even divided all weapons in Helldivers 2 into tiers list and how to get them. Then there’s the intricate strategic offensive stratagems and defensive stratagems that’ll modify your playstyle, too. The point we’re making here is that there’s plenty to do in Helldivers 2, and the more you play, the better the experience gets. Yet, if there’s something you’re struggling with, you don’t have to grind for it.

    The game, not once, forces you to do any of the side-missions like say, farming samples in Helldivers 2. But if you do, you’ll get rewarded for it. The devs haven’t stopped there; they’re introducing new content to make the game feel fresh, too. Things like mech-suits in Helldivers 2, and teases of the diabolical Hive Lords are what keep the players sticking with the game. Hopefully, it’s now easy to see why the sales of Helldivers 2 globally and Europe in particular have set records.

    What Are The Sales Numbers For Helldivers 2?

    So, all the info dump was a long-winded way for us to say Helldivers 2 sales are justified. Here is the exact position in Europe that’s noteworthy for fans of Helldivers 2. A reminder that these rankings are based on the mix of digital and physical copies of the game.

    • 1.) Helldivers 2 is king in February 2024 in Europe’s top 10 video game sales chart.
    • 2.) EA Sports FC 24 kicks its way into second place.
    • 4.) GTA V cannot be denied at number 4, at least not until GTA 6.
    • 6.) Red Dead Redemption lassos the 6th slot on the sales.
    • 8.) It Takes Two is a timeless classic still beloved by many is in the top 10. Go figure.
    • 10.) Finally, Need For Speed: Heat finishing up the lap to close the top 10.

    Final Thoughts

    Well, that’s gonna do it for our take on the why and how Helldivers 2 sales are skyrocketing. Hopefully, the message it’s sending doesn’t fall on deaf ears, and business executives at gaming companies take notice. Otherwise, there’s gonna be hell to pay; just look at the layoffs of 2024 to see what we’re talking about. Anyway, we’re having a blast with Helldivers 2, but how about y’all? Are ya having fun, too? Tell us about your experience with the game and how would you rate it in the comments below.

    We’re gonna sign off now, but before we do, take a gander at our end-game builds for Helldivers 2, and let’s compare notes. Welp, until next time, people, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming!


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