How To Farm Samples Helldivers 2 (Common, Rare, Super Samples)


How to farm Samples Helldivers 2? Arrowhead Studios Helldivers 2 kicks things up a notch with more additional points or credits known as Samples. Like Requisition Slips which are needed to buy Stratagems in Helldivers 2 and Medals are needed to grind Helldiver 2’s Battle Pass known as War Bonds? But what are samples used for in Helldivers 2, and how do you get them? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out in this guide for a Helldivers 2 Sample Farm.

The cherry on top of this run is that not only will you get a hefty number of Super Samples, but you’ll also grind some Super Credits and Medals. So you get to kill three birds with one stone.

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How To Farm Samples Helldivers 2 – Summarized

Here’s how to farm Samples in Helldivers 2 whether it’s Common, Rare, and Super Samples in Helldivers 2.

  • To Farm Common and Rare Samples in Helldivers 2:
  • Start Defense Missions over at the Automatons Territory in Outer Space.
  • You’d want to start the missions known as Retrieve Enemy Personnel to maximize the number of Common and Rare Samples.
  • Avoid enemy patrols within enemy territory and ping the area with your Scout Passive UAV. Common and Rare Samples will always spawn near enemy territory.
  • You can easily collect 20-30 Common Samples and 10 Rare Samples in under 16 minutes this way.

To Farm Super Samples in Helldivers 2:

  • Hop into any mission of difficulty level 7 or higher. 
  • Track the mini-map to find a small, circular, silver blob or rock. This might take a few minutes.
  • After you’re done narrowing down a Super Sample, pick it up.
  • Beware, there are some Bait Super Sample rocks as well, where tons of enemies might spawn.

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Types of Samples

Helldivers 2 gives you three different types of samples to collect as you explore outer space and spread Democracy. These samples are used to unlock your Ship Modules and upgrade your Stratagems to make the most of their abilities and unleash hellfire on Terminids and Automatons.

  • Common Samples
  • Rare Samples
  • Super Samples

Helldivers 2 Sample Farm (Common and Rare Samples)

So, the best way to get started on farming samples is to start Missions over at the Automatons side of Outer Space. Find an easy Automaton Defense Mission which will normally be titled as Retrieve Essential Personnel. Make sure to equip the Light armor to speed things up, as Light Armor gives you a stamina and speed boost, along with a passive that allows you to ping and scout for UAVs and enemies.

How To Farm Samples Helldivers 2 - Super Samples Helldivers - Super Uranium Helldivers - Rare Samples Helldivers - Common Samples Helldivers (4)

The specific loadout you’re using won’t matter for the most part, as it’s going to be a run-and-gun strategy for farming Samples in Helldivers 2. These Defense Missions will normally take around 14–16 minutes to end, despite the timer indicator stating that it’ll end in 40 minutes. But 14–16 minutes is all you need to get things started, even if you’re playing Solo.

How To Farm Samples Helldivers 2 - Super Samples Helldivers - Super Uranium Helldivers - Rare Samples Helldivers - Common Samples Helldivers (4) - Light Runner Armor

As you solo Helldive into the Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission in Helldivers 2, you want to run around the perimeter and scout for any enemies using your ping or passive UAV. There’s a guaranteed chance that a cluster of samples will spawn together. Just keep running around the perimeter and look for more and more common and rare samples in Helldivers 2 Defense Missions. 

As you increase the difficulty level of Defense Missions in Helldivers 2, farming samples might get a little difficult as more and more heavy-armored Automatons and Tanks might start spawning, but with a little bit of flexibility and the use of Defense Stratagems like the Shield Generator Backpack, things might get a little easy.

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The higher the level of difficulty, the more common and rare samples will spawn in enemy territory. In addition, the deployable shield might also help when running Light Armor in higher-difficulty missions. Keep in mind, that you don’t need to complete the objective to farm samples. Just hop into the Defense mission solo, collect your samples and when the timer runs out, extract or exfil, and you’re good to go.

All-in-all, you can farm around 20-30 common samples in around 16 minutes and around 14 rare samples in just one Solo Defense Mission in Helldivers 2. 

Most of the time, you’ll come across clusters of Rare Samples grouped near enemy territory, so that wraps up everything you need to know about farming Common and Rare Samples in Helldivers 2 via Defense Missions in the Automaton Territory of Outer Space.

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How To Farm Super Samples or Super Uranium Helldivers 2

Farm Super Samples Helldivers 2 - Farm Super URANIUM Helldivers 2

To get your hands on Super Samples on Helldivers 2, there’s no definitive mission. You can pretty much hop into any mission in Helldivers 2 but make sure it’s difficulty level 7 or above. As stated before, you need to run Light Armor, as the passive Scout ability will allow you to avoid enemy patrols and find isolated enemies and enemy territory where Super Samples are most probably bound to spawn.

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There’s also a small trick to find Super Samples in Helldivers 2. When spawning into a level 7 or higher difficulty mission, you need to check out your mini-map for a particularly small silver blob or rock. That’s where most Super Samples usually spawn. Though, it’s hard to distinguish Super Samples on the mini-map, once you learn to spot super samples on the mini-map in missions, you’ll be able to collect them on the fly.

Scout for Super Samples or Super Uranium on the mini-map

You might even run into a false Super Sample Rock in Helldivers 2. Instead of finding Super Samples, you’ll come across a horde of enemies. The game master Joel in Helldivers 2 likes to mess around with players, we suppose.

Farm Super Samples -  Super Uranium
The Super Samples or Super Uranium is marked on the mini-map as silver blobs or Monoliths

Additionally, you can also use the UAV Beacon, which increases your Radar Range to around 40 percent. This can be pretty helpful to spot Super Samples after you narrow them on the mini-map. It normally takes around 4–6 minutes to triangulate Super Sample Rocks on the Mini-Map. The UAV Beacon will help, as the Super Samples are marked as a place of interest by the Beacon.

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Tips To Farm Samples Helldivers 2

Tips To Sample Farm Helldivers 2
  • Equip Light Armor with the Scout UAV Passive to ping enemy patrols and avoid them.
  • Use the UAV Beacon Enhancement to increase the radar range by 40 percent. This will mark common, rare, and super samples on your mini-map as they count as points of interest.
  • Rare Samples will usually spawn in clusters of 4-4–66 samples.
  • For the higher-difficulty missions, when trying to farm Super Samples, make sure to equip the Shield Generator Backpack Stratagem to protect yourself from any enemy fire.
  • You don’t need to complete the objective to farm Samples in Helldivers 2. Farm your samples and extract from the mission, and that’s pretty much it.

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That pretty much wraps everything you need to know about farming Common, Rare, and Super Samples in Helldivers 2. Now, go ahead and get those beefy Ship modules to overhaul your Destroyer Spaceship and fine-tune your Offensive Stratagems as well.

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