Helldivers 2 Error Code -1: Server Connection and Loading Errors Persist

Helldivers 2 Error Code -1 - Helldivers Server Connection Issue - Helldivers 2 Loading Loop - Helldivers 2 Stuck on Loading Screen Helldivers 2 Error Code -1

It seems that Helldivers 2 is still facing some massive server issues even after properly launching. Many players are stuck on the Helldivers 2 loading screen with a never-ending loading loop. The capacity of Helldivers 2 servers was increased with a new update to 700,000 players, but it appears that the new update has introduced some strange bugs that are preventing players from joining the servers. So what is Helldivers 2 error code -1? And are Helldivers 2 servers down? 

Helldivers 2 Error Code -1: Helldivers Servers Down?

The r/Helldivers discord is currently in uproar as the new update has introduced a few issues into the mix, which the developers are aware of. It’s nice to see that the developers are being transparent about the issues and they’re trying their best with the current influx of players. Some players are having a blast playing the game, while others can’t seem to log into the game.

The Helldivers 2 Error Code -1 after the Defrosting Helldiver screen might be because there’s a login rate limiting issue that prevents multiple players from joining while they’re trying to log in at the same time. Unfortunately, there’s no current fix for Error Code -1. So your only option is to go outside and touch some grass until it works again.

Users have reported that after the Helldivers 2 Defrosting Helldiver screen, they’re not met with a particular error code. Just that they get a -1 on their screen which is absolutely confusing. We’re waiting for the Helldivers 2 developer team to address and investigate the issue. For now, many players can’t even keep tabs on future updates on the official Discord, as even the Helldivers 2 Discord server has reached its max server capacity – which is pretty ironic if you think about it.


Helldivers 2 is still facing server connection issues. Maybe the servers are undergoing maintenance, or maybe the servers are down. It’s speculated that the login rate limiting issue might be the reason why players are getting the Helldivers error code -1. We’ll keep you updated as soon as the developers issue a statement regarding the issue. In the meantime, you can read up on the Helldivers 2 mech suit release date here.


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