Last Epoch How To Skip Campaign + Idol Slots, Passive Point Rewards

Last Epoch how to skip campaign? You’re probably not a big fan of Eleventh Hour’s Last Epoch’s lore, but the gameplay is satisfying once you get a hang of the intricate mechanics such as affixes, Experimental Items, Idol Slots, Passives, and much more. But how to skip Last Epoch’s campaign? 

Surprisingly, it’s pretty simple, but you might want to wait a little bit before you skip Last Epoch’s Campaign and explore the Monolith of Fate’s’ Web of Echoes and Different Timelines. In addition, you can also unlock all your Idol Slots, Idol Slot Rewards, and Passive Rewards in Last Epoch without doing much of the campaign either. So – “Last Epoch how to skip campaign?” – Here we go.

Last Epoch How To Skip Campaign – Summarized

To skip Last Epoch’s Campaign:

  • Progress Last Epoch’s Campaign to Level 15, and you’ll automatically unlock the End of Time Era and the Monolith of Fate to start your end game journey.
  • Start with Level 30-32 to bear the end game zones and monsters.

To get your remaining Idol Slots, and Passive Point Rewards:

  • Progress the Campaign to the Shining Cove in the Imperial Area and complete it.
  • Now, proceed to the Ruined Era and complete the Temporal Coast and at the end of this dungeon on the right, you can use a Temporal Key to complete a quest that will give you 2-3 Idol Slot Rewards. The same goes for the Temporal Archive as well.
  • Now, go back to the Divine Era, jump to the Radiant Dunes, and progress your way to the Observatory via Waypoints to finish the campaign.
  • You could also skip through most of the remaining areas, particularly Heboria, and not fight Lagon via the Lightless Arbor Dungeon after completing Last Refuge. This will allow you to jump to the Risen Lake in the Imperial Era. It’s still a bit of a grind to get to the Temporal Sanctum, but it’s easier than the former.

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Last Epoch How To Skip Campaign

Last Epoch End of Time - Monolith of Fate - Last Epoch How To Skip Campaign

To skip the Last Epoch Campaign, reach level 15 and the Monolith of Fate will be accessible in the End of Time Era.

Unlike most Action RPGs that require you to complete the campaign once to skip the campaign like it’s done in Diablo 4. Last Epoch is relatively forgiving if you’re looking to skip the campaign and move on to the end game at the Monolith of Fate.

Reaching Level 15 is the only requirement to reach the Monolith of Fate at the End of Time and explore the Different Timelines and explore different Web of Echoes. But trust us, you’ll have a really bad time trying to play the game by skipping Last Epoch’s campaign at level 15, because the End of Time is a level 58 Era.

If you do manage to somehow defeat enemies at the End of Time, then you’ll rake up tons of XP and level up faster. But most of the time, you’ll end up dying multiple times. Still, it’s recommended that you grind till level 30 before starting the end game of Last Epoch and making your way to The End of Time and The Monolith of Fate’s echoes.

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Tips For Last Epoch End Game

  • If you’re still adamant about skipping the campaign and starting Last Epoch’s end-game content, then you’ll need to be cautious. If you find any zones with low-level monsters or enemies, your best bet is to clear them out and rake in tons of XP.
  • But if the zone is filled with high-level dangerous monsters, then you should leave that zone instantly because you won’t stand a chance. 
  • Again, the best approach to take on the End of Time and The Monolith of Fate’s echoes’ End Game system in Last Epoch is to start at Level 30. You could start at Level 15 as a hardcore end-game option, but for the inexperienced, it’s not recommended.
  • Make sure to start with a decent amount of Physical Resistance, Void, and Poison Resistance before tackling Last Epoch’s End Game.
  • You could also combine items with Legendary potential on other characters, with your main character’s items without affecting its level requirements as well, which is a plus.
  • After you’ve grinded enough XP in Last Epoch, then you should start taking a look at Quest Echoes at level 60 and onwards.

How To Unlock Idol Slots Rewards and Passive Point Rewards Last Epoch

If you’re skipping the majority of the campaign but still want those juicy Idol Slot rewards and Passive points that buff all your stats by +1, then there are a few shortcuts you can take without touching the majority of the campaign.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need a Temporal Sanctum Key, which can be found easily and anywhere, especially inside chests. And then you’re supposed to proceed to the Ruined Era, which makes sense, where you’ll come across the Temporal Sanctum. But you won’t have access to the waypoint to the Temporal Coast and the Temporal Sanctum just yet.
  1. To unlock all your Idol Slot and Passive Rewards in Last Epoch, the next step is to head back to the Imperial Era and progress the campaign to the point where you unlock The Shining Cove. Again, you need to be around level 28-32 to unlock the Shining Cove and complete this dungeon.
  1. Afterward, head back to the Ruined Era once the waypoint is unlocked and complete the Temporal Coast. At the end of the Temporal Coast, towards the right, you’ll face Orta’ek the Survivor, where the Temporal Key will come in handy.
Last Epoch Temporal Coast to use Temporal Key
  1. Afterward, proceed till you Complete the Sanctum Archive, where you’ll face Chronomancer Julra. And after you’re done with these quests, you’ll obtain 2 or 3 Idol Slots.
  1. After you’re done with this section of the Ruined Era, head to the Divine Era and progress from The Radiant Dunes and the Maj’Elka Upper District. Then, proceed towards the Observatory to finish the campaign without touching 90 percent of the Campaign. Complete the remaining quests here to get your remaining passives and Idol Slot Rewards.
  1. To unlock the remaining Idol Slots, you have to progress to the Soulfire Bastion. In addition, you could also take the route of the Lightless Arbor dungeon. This dungeon will allow you to skip to the Risen Lake just after completing the Last Refuge. This means you won’t have to deal with the Cultists, The Temple, and The Imperial City. And the procedure for the rest is the same.
  1. Complete the Quest in the Ruined Era to unlock idol slots. Afterward, time travel to the Imperial Era and proceed through one or two zones for the Soulfire Bastion to Hebora Trip. (You’ll need a Soulfire Bastion Key to unlock the Soulfire Bastion)

It’s still a bit of a hassle from the Risen Lake to get to the Temporal Sanctum and skipping to the factions, but it’s much better than going through all of Hebora and going up against Lagon, right? 


That pretty much wraps up everything you need to know about how to skip Last Epoch’s campaign, and reach the End of Time Era, and start grinding Late Game Timelines and Web of Echoes at The Monolith of Fate. And with this guide, you can also unlock all of your remaining Idol Slot Rewards and Passive Points without touching much of the campaign, either.

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