Last Epoch Connection Issues And Server Status – Explained

Last Epoch Connection Issues? What’s Last Epoch Server Status currently? Are The Last Epoch’s Servers Offline? Eleventh Hour’s take on the RPG hack n’ slash genre is seriously worth the salt. The game takes inspiration from Diablo, but nails movement and fluidity. And in terms of character builds and complexity, it puts Path of Exile on its knees. But with a boom in hype, Last Epoch online play is currently unavailable for most players.

Last Epoch Server Status and Connection Issues – Summarized

  • Judd Cobbler, Game Director and Co-founder of Last Epoch, stated that Last Epoch’s servers had been stress-tested before launch.
  • Upon launch, more than 150,000 players tried to connect to servers.
  • Last Epoch’s team has been transparent with the community.
  • Last Epoch Server Connection Issues Has Been Resolved
  • Eleventh Hour took down Last Epoch’s servers at 11:30 PM CST to deploy a hotfix.
  • Last Epoch’s Server Status is currently online as of 12:30 PM CST.

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Last Epoch Server Status – Servers Back Online

Online Play has been unavailable for most players as Last Epoch’s server went down for quite some time. To be fair, Last Epoch is a game developed by an indie company with around 90 employees, so this was to be expected. To check the server status of Last Epoch, visit the official Last Epoch Discord for consistent updates.

Last Epoch Servers were taken down at 11:20 PM CST for one hour to work on a hotfix and went online at 12:30 PM CST Right now, Last Epoch’s servers should be back online. If Last Epoch Online Play is unavailable, you can make the most of offline mode too.

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Last Epoch Connection Issues Explained

Judd Cobbler, the game director and co-founder of Last Epoch, featured in Last Epoch Patch 1.0 update, made a post on the r/LastEpoch Subreddit, stating that the servers have been stress-tested and that they have a decent overhead for server capacity.

Upon launch, this post aged like sour milk, with Last Epoch server connection issues popping up. Within minutes upon launch, more than 150,000 players crowded servers. Basically, the new player base DDoSed the servers, known as the Hug of Death DDoS. 

Recently, Judd Cobbler made a follow-up post and stated that he didn’t expect Last Epoch to blow up to this extent. The scaling efforts of Last Epoch’s servers were put to the test, and they crumbled. With reassurances being given out, Judd said they’re trying their best to scale Last Epoch’s Server Connection Issues.

On the flip side, the best thing about Eleventh Hour’s take on Last Epoch’s server status is the consistent updates being made on Discord. Last Epoch’s development team has been extremely transparent, communicating with the new-found community, and making a log of updates every 30 minutes or so.

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Why Were Last Epoch Servers Down?

byu/moxjet200 from discussion

According to Judd Cobbler, the developer and CEO of Last Epoch, they don’t know what’s causing the issue. Reassuring the community, Eleventh Hour is investigating the issue and trying to get things up and running for most players. With the hotfix deployed, the game is working for most players but some players are still experiencing connection issues.

For the most part, Last Epoch should be playable for most players. Online Play should be available, but if you still can’t access online play, make the most of offline mode. Stay tuned for more updates, guides, and news at eSportsNext.

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