Helldivers 2 Conspiracy: Super Earth’s Democracy Is Lying To Us All!

Helldivers 2 Conspiracy Theory - Helldivers 2 Lore

Super Earth hides the Truth and we believe in a Helldivers 2 Conspiracy. What makes Helldivers 2 so interesting is the integration of a political ideology into the game’s plot line. The Helldivers 2 Lore is incredibly brash and in-your-face with all the propaganda that is pushed at the Citizens of Super Earth. This meshes well with the visual storytelling, as Helldivers group together to liberate areas of space from enemies threatening the freedom and prosperity of Super Earth.

But why does Super Earth’s Democratic Federation or Government push the agenda of War, violence, and more war? What if we told you that the Super Earth’s Government is a Fascist regime that is trying to exploit Terminds for resources and enslave the Sentient Automatons as seen in the game? Sightings of The Illuminate are on the rise as well. So why are we fighting creatures from outer space? But before we dive into Helldivers 2’s story so far and the Helldivers 2 conspiracy, which unravels the heinous acts of Super Earth’s Democratic Government. Let’s start from the beginning.

Update: The author of this post was sent to the Local Democracy Officer’s station and has been re-educated. The following information is but Bug, Alien, and Cyborg-Sympathizer Propaganda. The Federation overlooked his case and reinstated him as a Helldiver, owing to his Journalism work in reporting the legacy of John Helldiver (Hero of Malevelon Creek).

The Helldivers 2 Conspiracy Theory Summarized

  • The Federation of Super Earth is a fascist regime that spreads propaganda and brainwashes Helldivers and its Citizens to fight against alien species.
  • The Cyborgs or Hybrid Humans were democratized by Super Earth on Cyberstan.
  • The Terminids were genetically modified, and sent to multiple planets to be managed by dissidents, to extract E-710, which is basically oil.
  • The Automatons, descendants of the Cyborgs have come to reclaim Cyberstan and free their Cyborg Ancestors. The Automatons only wish to reclaim Cyberstan and wish to leave Super Earth alone.
  • The Illuminate were pre-emptively taken out by Super Earth once it was discovered that they had weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • The Illuminate were driven out of the Milky Way and Super Earth reengineered their Weapons of Mass Destruction to create their own. But it seems that the Illuminate are making a return pretty soon.

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The Rise of Super Earth and Democracy: Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Conspiracy - Helldivers 2 Lore - Helldiver Defender

Helldivers 2 takes place a century after the first game. Super Earth had finally triumphed against its enemies; being the Cyborgs, the Terminids and the Illuminate, which are yet to make their way into the game. 

Helldivers 2 is a Direct Sequel To The Storyline of Helldivers 1

Helldivers 2 Lore - Helldivers Conspiracy Theory

Super Earth ventured into Outer Space in the year 2084 and claimed that initial contact with Alien Species was peaceful, but the Government of Super Earth deemed that communicating with these intergalactic species could do more harm than good. 

With that said, Super Earth waged its first Intergalactic War. The end goal of the three alien factions was the total annihilation of the human race, or that’s what the propaganda spread by the Ministry of Truth claims. Furthermore, the Ministry of Truth not only encourages men but women and children alike to fight alien species to defend Super Earth.

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The Political Climate Disguises Itself as a Democracy Under The Guise of Fascism

Helldivers 2 Conspiracy - Automaton Propoganda

With a political climate that claims to be entirely democratic, not much is known about the politics of Super Earth other than the fact that the Human Species votes on computer-automated software which then decides the outcomes of votes. Citizens answer a few questions on the Intergalactic World Wide Web, and through some interlinked Quantum Computing Magic, which seems awfully bizarre.

Super Earth claimed to maintain a democracy over the Cyborgs, and Terminids and banished the Illuminate to the outskirts of Outer Space. According to the Helldivers 2 encyclopedia, it was revealed that the Terminids produced a resource known as E-710, which served as fuel for faster traversal in outer space.

Helldivers 2 Conspiracy Theory Dissidents

But that so-called democratic rule doesn’t only pertain to the Alien Species. The Citizens of Super Earth are not allowed to raise their voice or question The Federation or Government of Super Earth. Otherwise, they’ll be sent to the appropriate quadrant. Thus, it’s deemed criminal to scrutinize the authority of the Federation which would result in Termination.

To make matters worse, one of the officers on the Destroyer’s Bridge mentioned that their neighbor whispered to the Federation and pressed charges on a toddler for not paying his respects to the Super Earth Flag. 

All information on the Intergalactic World Wide Web (GWW) is strictly monitored by Super Earth to narrow down any alien sympathizers. These Alien Sympathizers were either terminated or sent to other planets and forced to work on Terminid Farms.

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Even Helldivers Have Been Executed

Helldivers 2 Hellpod Drop

The advent of Helldiver Defenders first started long before Super Earth was unified properly. These intergalactic soldiers were given ranger training and acted as Riot Police. With the unification of Super Earth, these Riot Police Officers were given Special Military, Assassination, and Reconnaissance Training, shaping the Helldivers we know today. 

The most loyal members of Super Earth’s Federation consisting of high-ranking Helldivers have also been executed on account of rumors of sympathizing with aliens. Hesitation to kill aliens is considered treason.

With that said, the Hell pods were first used by the Socialist Regime of Northman’s Creek which Helldived into the Parliament and tried to secede from Super Earth’s Democratic Rule. But things got messy, to say the least as 50 Helldivers were executed. Northman’s Creek was brought into compliance with the democratic rule of Super Earth and was converted into another Terminid or Bug Farm.

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The Enemies of Super Earth in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Conspiracy - The Automatons want Cyberstan but not Super Earth

The Enemies of Super Earth in Helldivers initially consisted of Cyborgs, Terminids, and the Illuminate. The main purpose of Super Earth is to spread its control over to the outer ends of space. When one war ends, another War is started, whether Super Earth wins or loses –something that is admitted by one of the officers on the Destroyer. While the Cyborgs have been tamed and enslaved, the Automatons have stepped into the picture while the Terminids continue to wreak havoc on Interplanetary E-710 Oil Farms.

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The Cyborgs Were Framed In A Terrorist Attack

 The Cyborgs and Automatons

Cyborgs are basically humans that have seceded from Super Earth’s regime and went on a path of tech implants. This was deemed as perverse in the eyes of the Federation and ever since, Super Earth had tried to find a way to conquer the home planet of the Cyborgs, Cyberstan.

According to Super Earth’s Ministry of Truth, the Cyborgs detonated a small-scale terrorist bomb, killing 8 civilians in District 48. And according to the lore, anyone who doubts the official story is deemed a Cyborg Sympathizer. 

Whenever the Cyborgs try to take control of Cyberstan, Helldivers are tasked to liberate the planet and bring the Cyborgs into Democratic order, otherwise, they’d be relieved of their Civil rights. Industrial Complexes were set up, and the Cyborgs try to take control with smaller terrorist attacks, calling the Helldivers slurs such as Pluchard Scum.

The Terminids Were Planted By Super Earth To Farm Oil

 The Terminids and Bugs were used to farm oil

By talking to the various NPCs on the Destroyer Spaceship, it’s revealed that the Terminids were held in captivity and genetically modified to obtain the E-710 oil.

The Government of Super Earth, therefore, created Terminid farms across various planets and forced the residents of the planets known as Dissenters to farm the Terminids for E-710. But things got out of hand and as a result, the Terminids slaughtered the Dissenters and now, Helldivers are sent by Super Earth’s Democratic Government to complete Objectives.

Some of which direct you to destroy Anti-Super Earth messages, one of which clearly highlights the atrocities committed by Super Earth. During the “Terminate Illegal Broadcast Submissions”, you can actually see clear messages like “The government is controlling them, this is all just for oil” 

As you progress through the game, many visual factors unveil what the populace of the Terminid farms in outer space had to endure. These residents living in the outskirts of outer space were termed dissenters, who were exiled into forced labor to farm resources for Super Earth’s regime.

When Helldivers liberate or retake a planet from the “Terminid Threat”, it just means that the Terminids have been brought under control and are under captivity once again to further farm E-710. After each Terminid containment, Helldivers reactivate Oil Pumps which bear the Helldiver Skull on them.

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The Illuminates Were Driven Out of The Milky Way (But They’re Coming Back Soon)

 Supposed Illuminate Sighting
One of the many Illuminate Sightings discovered by players in Helldivers 2

Much like Earth, the Illuminate started out with basic technology that became highly advanced. At the beginning of the 21st Century, these mollusk-like Creatures that call themselves the Squi’th were discovered. Originally deemed as folklore, the Federation acknowledged the existence of these highly advanced creatures. 

Upon discovering that the Illuminate had Weapons of Mass Destruction known as Obliterator Bombs, Super Earth launched a preemptive strike on the Illuminate and scavenged their technology for themselves.

Even Senator John W. Killjoy states that if any alien civilization out there has more advanced technology than us, they should prepare to pay the price. The Illuminate were not willing to use their weapons of mass destruction as the Federation made citizens believe so. But it seems that there have been recent sightings of the Illuminate, hinting that they’re preparing to return to the Milky Way soon in Helldivers 2.

The Automatons Have Arrived To Reclaim Cyberstan and Want Peace: Helldivers 2 Conspiracy

Automatons-Marching After The Fall of Malevelon Creek

And now, onto the story of the Automatons. According to the NPCs, they popped out of nowhere into existence. An NPC officer on the deck close to the spawn reads out a binary code, which was the first intercepted message from the Automatons.

The code being in binary is “01000001 01001000” With this encrypted message finally decoded, it translates into Chinese Letters which read as Gonghe which means “Work Together”  And it’s heavily implied that the Automatons are descendants of the Cyborgs. While deemed as evil, bloodthirsty robots, the Automatons have a different destination in mind, bearing a similar Socialist Star.

It’s speculated that the Automatons are sentient robots, who have come from the far reaches of space to free their Cyborg ancestors from the clutches and enslavement of Super Earth. If you take a look at the Milky Way Map, you’ll see that one of the planets named Cyberstan is completely liberated. And in recent updates, in accordance with the lore, <a href="http://

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Helldivers 2 Automaton Message: Helldivers 2 Conspiracy

Cyberstan is basically the homeworld of the Cyborgs, and the Automatons aim to free their brethren from Super Earth’s clutches. In the recent Cutting Edge War Bond Update, an Automaton message is decoded, which reads as follows.

 In one of the missions, a YouTuber named JustJinxNow engaged with a troop of Automatons that remained neutral and stated the following message,

“Do you know what will happen when you lose? Nothing. We will not enslave you. We will not decimate you. We will not take your home. We will return to Cyberstan and rebuild what you’ve destroyed. We, will, leave you, alone. We will give you the peace that you have withheld from us. But until then. Hurt. Steal. We kill.”

That’s A Wrap For The Helldivers 2 Conspiracy: Not Approved By The Ministry of Truth!

So, that pretty much wraps up the Helldivers 2 Conspiracy theory. Super Earth is actually a fascist regime that exiles anyone who opposes their will. It planted the Terminid threat to farm oil, and when things went South, convoluted the narrative to make themselves look like the good guy. The Automatons only aim to reclaim Cyberstan and rebuild what they’ve lost.

All-in-all, Helldivers 2 is basically a spin-off of the United States, where you’re going up against 3 Factions of enemies. A socialist regime, one with weapons of mass destruction and one with oil. It all sounds all too familiar.

Stay tuned for more on the Story and unraveling conspiracy of Helldivers 2.


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