Hive Lords in Helldivers 2? Coming Soon! Helldivers Beware!

Hive Lords are coming soon in Helldivers 2, and it appears Errata Prime is the first destination. Players are experiencing a new prompt known as “Tremors Detected”. The New Major Order tasked all Helldivers to finally contain the Terminid Infestation on Errata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. The New Major Order tasks Helldivers to activate Terminid Control Systems that poison the Terminids.  In addition, some Helldivers have reported feeling sick after returning from Fenrir and Errata Prime. Classified autopsy documents have revealed that the Hero of Malevelon Creek, John Helldiver, has died of Termicide Poisoning.

With a few days left, too, things seem a bit sketchy over at Errata Prime. We believe that the Terminid Control Systems are being activated for an upcoming threat that hasn’t been seen since Helldivers 1. Hive Lords are returning in Helldivers 2.

Anti-Super Earth Update Summarized

  • The New Major Order is aiming to deploy Termicide via Terminid Control Systems.
  • Players have to liberate and complete all objectives to Liberate the Barrier Planets Meridia, Fenrir III, Errata Prime, and Turing.
  • Players have spotted Molts or supposed carcasses of Hive Lords in Helldivers 2, previously seen in Helldivers 1.
  • Helldivers have also experienced Tremors, which slow them down, indicating the possibility of hibernation Hive Lords.
  • Hive Lords are coming soon to Helldivers 2.
  • The Hero of Malevelon Creek, John Helldiver, has died of Termicide Poisoning and Super Earth’s Federation is trying to hide the documents.

Helldivers 2 Termind Control System — Major Order

Helldivers Terminid Control Major Order Update

The latest Major Order has tasked players to deal with the Terminids once and for all, or that’s what the Super Earth Federation claims. TCS towers have to be activated on Errata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. On completing the new Major Order, players will be rewarded with 50 Medals. According to the Super Earth Federation, the installation of Terminid Control Systems will finally quarantine the Terminid Threat once and for all. But that seems too good to be true.

The objectives are pretty simple. All you have to do is head over to the Terminid Control System and input the prompt over at the different Terminid Control Silos and defend the point from the onslaught of Bug Breaches. After the timer’s up, all you have to do is extract and the Terminid Control Systems are activated.

Task: Activate Terminid Control System on the following Barrier Planets

  • Errata Prime
  • Fenrir III
  • Meridia
  • Turing

Reward: 50 Medals

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Helldivers 2: Helldivers have Spotted Hive Lords’ Remains and Molts

While the new Major Order aims to contain the Terminid Infestation on barrier planets once and for all, it seems that we’re being led to believe that the Terminids will be gone for good. Things seem too good to be true right now. We’ve got access to new Mech Suits, a balance update that has reduced the armor durability of Bile Titans and Chargers, making them easier to kill. But this seems to be a set-up for the Game Master Joel to lure us into a trap– which is supposedly coming sooner than The Illuminate.

Things seem to be sketchy at Errata Prime. Players have spotted Molts or Dead Carcasses of what appear to be large Worm Creatures, which could be hinting at an upcoming threat in Helldivers 2.

More sightings have been seen of not Skeletons, but Molts of large worm-like creatures. Considering they’re Molts, it means that the actual creatures will be radically larger than what we’ve seen in the game so far. From the morphology alone, it’s been speculated that these are Hive Lords from Helldivers 1. But how are we sure that they’re going to make their way into the game soon?

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Helldivers Experiencing Tremors on Errata Prime? New Major Order Helldivers 2

Tremors Detected on Errata Prime - Hive Lords Helldivers 2
Tremors Detected on Errata Prime

During the recent Major Order in Helldivers 2, players that have been completing objectives and progressing the new Major Order for the installation of Terminid Control Systems. But with the recent update, weird Map Hazards have been starting to pop up, with a big light prompt appearing, telling you’re about to be destroyed by a Meteor. This might be a hint at the Illuminate, but we’re digressing here.

Coming back to Errata Prime, players have experienced a new Prompt known as “Tremors Detected” This temporarily staggers and slows down the player, after which the player can move properly again. We think that these new Map Hazards are preparing us for Special Bosses that might be making their way in Helldivers 2. It appears that we’ll be getting Hive Lords in the game, that burrow through the ground and pop up, decimating Helldivers.

This could also be a reference to the movie, “Tremors” where large sand worms would pop up from the ground, destroying everything in their path and killing everyone in the process. The Game Master, Joel, has been doing this frequently, by leaving small clues around planets. This was previously done right before the Mech Suit update popped up, where we saw destroyed Mechs and Vehicles on different planets.

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When Are The Hive Lords Coming in Helldivers 2?

Hive Lords Molt - Hive Lords Helldivers 2 (1)
Another Sighting of a Hive Lord Molt

Now, the Tremors on Errata Prime in addition to the Molts of Hive Lords are a big red flag, indicative of their arrival in Helldivers 2. Whether we win or lose the Major Order, one thing seems to be clear. Hive Lords are coming.

If we win the Major Order, the arrival of the Hive Lords might be delayed to a certain extent. Furthermore, the Tremors could be a sign that the Hive Lords are hibernating under the sands of Errata Prime and are currently in a weakened state. If we lose the Major Order, the Hive Lords may make their way to the front lines quickly, threatening Super-Earth in the process. Therefore, it all depends on the outcome of the new Major Order.

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Hive Lords Helldivers 2: Boss Battle Setup Prediction

Helldivers 2 Boss Battle Setup Prediction

According to the Helldivers 1 Wiki, The Hive Lords had a Role known as Master, and their weapons were Poison, similar to the Hunters and the Bile Titans. Hive Lords could very well create new tunnels if not dealt with promptly, creating new bug breaches for more Terminids to emerge from the ground.

In the original game, the Hive Lords were supported by a troop of Elites. This means that we’ll be dealing with Chargers and Bile Titans supporting the Hive Lord. As the Hive Lord weakens while players wipe out Chargers and Bile Titans, weaker enemies will possibly spawn. Meaning, that we’ll get Hunters, Stalkers, Scavengers, Bile Spewers, Brood Commanders, and Warriors, protecting the Hive Lord.

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Super-Earth is Risking The Lives of Helldivers: John Helldiver Has Died of Termicide Poisoning

Helldivers 2 - John Helldiver has died of Termicide Poisoning - Hero of Malevelon Creek
Rest in Peace John Helldiver. Gone but not Forgotten

John Helldiver, known to hold back the entire Armada of the Automatons temporarily at the Battle of Malevelon Creek, has sadly passed away. While the official story has been concealed, it appears that Classified Documents have been leaked.

John Helldiver Autopsy Report - Leaked Document - Helldivers Conspiracy Theory
John Helldiver Autopsy Report – Helldivers 2 Leaked Document – Helldiver Conspiracy Theory

John Helldiver took part in the new Major Order and was exposed to Termicide while deploying Terminid Control Systems on Fenrir III and Meridia. It’s baffling to see that the Helldiver Defender, who held back the Automaton threat just with his right thumb and no weapons, fell prey to the noxious effects of Termicide. John Helldiver was born on 4, May 2164, and died on 8 Feb 2184. You were one of the strongest of them all, John Helldiver. You’re gone, but not forgotten.

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While this is a speculation of the Hive Lords in Helldivers 2, it seems possible that they’ll make a comeback pretty soon. Game Master Joel has been dropping little hints, and we think it’s a sort of preparation or training for the upcoming Boss Threat.

That’s pretty much a wrap for everything we know about Hive Lords in Helldivers 2. Gear up, liberate the Barred Planets, and work towards the safety of Super Earth, because a bigger threat is coming via the Terminids. But that’s not all. The Illuminate are expected to make a preemptive invasion, something that Super Earth did back during their initial contact with the Illuminate.

Stay tuned for more news, rumors, predictions, theories, guides, and how-to’s at eSportsNext. 

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