Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth Delivers THAT Romance (Spoilers)

THAT Romance is happening in FF VII Rebirth.

Wow, it is a great time to be a gamer, especially if you’re from the 90s and seeing the Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth romance in a new light. Trouble is, with things like these, there’s gonna be celebrations as well as meltdowns in the shipping fandom after the revelation of the canonical love interest of Cloud. Either way, seemingly now that the dust has settled, we’re gonna give our two cents on the matter.

Obviously, spoilers ahead! Especially if you’ve not played it yet. In fact we recommend a bunch of primer games to play before Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Now, sit back, relax, and let’s put on our Sherlock hats, and let’s get talking!

Why Is THAT Romance In Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth So Important To The Fandom?

THAT romance in Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth is a wish fulfillment for the shipping fandom.

Welp, there’s no getting around the subject, so we might as fire away. Final warning for SPOILERS! Don’t blame us later, capeesh? Now, to many, the popular romance and love triangle between the main trio of Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and Aerith Gainsborough is a touchy subject.

Probably because the fan base desperately wants Cloud, the quintessential Mr. edge-lord template, to find his happiness. In all seriousness, though, Cloud’s been through some traumatic events throughout his time as a soldier from the Shinra Electric Corporation. After leaving the organization, he opposes them and, during the process, encounters even more ghosts of the past. *Coughs* Sephiroth *Coughs* *Coughs* Zack *Coughs* *Coughs* Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion *Coughs*.

Anyway, the point is: Our boy Cloud had steeled himself and closed off personal connections to function. His emotional awkwardness is understandable. Now, the only way he’s coming out of his shell is through the outreach of two breathtakingly gorgeous ladies, Tifa and Aerith. If you’re unaware, Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth is one of those unique games with the hottest and coolest heroines in video games to romance. Possessing charmingly sweet personalities and kick-ass fighting skills, no wonder the fandom’s crazy about’em.

THAT Romance Was A Long Time Coming

Tifa X Cloud shippers rejoice!

So, then, you’ve seen the pictures and played Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth yourself and seen which romance is canon. The winner is Tifa Lockheart, folks. Yep, the shy and cute ravenette who’s Cloud’s childhood friend is the one for him. The truth is, it was always gonna be this way. Aerith, though, clearly a strong contender for the best girl title, was more destined as a friend for him.

The truth is, it was always bound to happen because some things have a feeling of destiny to them. If you look at the history that both Cloud and Tifa share, it’s clear that they were meant for each other. The effort you put into getting to know their dynamic and choosing the right dialogue for Cloud to become close to her, the chemistry between the two is through the roof. Their shared loss during their time after Cloud joins Avalanche is proof of their bonding.

It was Tifa who brought black Cloud from his feral anger. She was not afraid of talking directly to him without mincing words. Likewise, treasuring every moment the two shared together, Tifa kept the flower that Cloud gave her in a touching gesture of hope. Tell us that’s not one romance in the making in Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Remake and Rebirth. Cause it sure as heck looks like it to us.

The Golden Saucer Date Is The Cherry On Top

The Kiss between Cloud and Tifa was well worth the wait and confirms the romance of Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth.

So, now that we’ve put things into somewhat of a context let’s address the very moment that everyone’s buzzing about. You know the one, it’s making us gush and fawn over, too. Take the event during the date on the golden saucer with Tifa. Provided you’ve maxed out your relationship score with her, you’ll see the culmination in a sweet, tender moment. It’s honestly such an elating sign of affection and romance in Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth.

Basically, Cloud moves in for a hug but then plants a kiss on Tifa, too. It was shocking to see, to say the least. But after mere moments of the gesture, Tifa eagerly returned the gesture. We’re not gonna lie; even though there wasn’t anything spicy like in our favorite steamiest dating simulator romance games, that moment was utterly satisfying. It took us a while to realize we weren’t dreaming either, and that this was all true. We still feel the sting from pinching ourselves, but it was worth it.

It put to rest any and all debate about the ambiguity between Cloud and Tifa’s dynamic. Not to mention throws a wrench into the arguments for those who were championing for Aerith to be with Cloud. Yeah, it’s sad to know, but that’s the official stance now. The proof is that on your date with Aerith, despite the romantic subtext and the date itself, Cloud merely embraces her, nothing more. So, yeah, apologies for no other romance canonicity in Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth.

Final Thoughts On THAT Romance In Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth

Welp, that’s a wrap, folks. Now you know our thoughts on the romance between Cloud and Tifa as the canon one in Final Fantasy 7 (FF VII) Rebirth. But that’s just us; tell us about your own feelings and opinions on this ship. Do y’all agree with our assessment of the dynamic between Cloud and Tifa? Or are y’all totally against the idea? Either way, we’re looking forward to reading your input, so don’t forget to tell us all about it.

Oh, and if you’re struggling with the notoriously difficult boss fight in Final Fantasy 7, don’t worry. We’ve got a guide to help you locate the Tonberry King and the strategy to get the Pristine Tonberry Crown. You’re welcome, interweb! On the down low, be on the lookout for more similar guides in the future real soon. They’ll help you reach those elusive trophies for all you completionists out there. Well, that’s gonna do it for today, so until next time, happy gaming, y’all!


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